The Korhallian Tales

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The cramped, dark, interior of the dropship shuttered softly as Robin slowly eased the thrusters. To her right, she could see the cities of Mar-Sara drifting slowly away as the ship ascended higher and higher into the atmosphere. To the left, the pilot could see the stars, twinkling in the way only stars could. The only disturbance to this peaceful setting was his co-pilot, who as currently taking a nap in his chair. The young man she recruited as her co-pilot, only said that he was a drifter, and would fly the ship half of the time in return for a ride, with black hair and dark blue eyes. Strangely enough, he carried only a spear, and a blanket both of which were laying about in cockpit.

With a slight sigh, Robin pressed the intercom, brushing aside a strand of dirty blonde hair. "Thank you all, for taking the cheapest shuttle to Korhal, I'm the pilot, Robin. I'm going to tell you all that there are no bathrooms on board the ship, none of you have any excuse to come anywhere remotely near here and start flirting. The last guy who did that was thrown out of the airlock. If you need to stretch, then please ask for permission from the people you will be smashing in the face while doing so. The only person who deserves enough legroom to stretch or take a nap is me, and the copilot. If the need to use the restroom is actually present, please use the plastic bag in the seat in front of you. If you are allergic to latex, then tough luck."
Robin urged the accelerator as the dropship was in the final stretch. The drone of the ship covering what she was saying up until they reached space. "If there is a zerg or protoss, in the seat next to you, please don't panic. They paid for this ride the same way you did. If there is any maiming or infesting going on, I'll be forced to use the old drop commands from the great-war. And that not only eliminates the troublemaker but those who are unfortunate enough to sit next to the idiot. So kindly, for your sake and your neighbors, please don't screw around."
She straightened out her uniform, consisting of an loose shirt and pants, before saying. "Lastly, entertainment for this ride. Unfortunately, this bird has no TV, no Books, no videogame systems or the like. All acts of pleasure are going to be derived solely from yourself, and the people around you. This does not mean any physical acts. I'm going to assume that all of you are criminals of some-sort, and at least have one interesting story you can tell. The person who tells the most interesting tale gets no ship-fare, and a drink after we arrive, is that fair? Now come on, who wants to tell the first story?"
(Concept of the thread in bold.)
Basically, I can't be on enough regularly to do an RP. This is a more self sufficient thing. Every character in this particular thread will tell a(or many) story(Stories?). Any character from a previous RP, within reason, can be on this ship. (No one evil enough/reckless enough to kill everyone on the ship) The stories can be serious or just plain nonsensical.
This was inspired by the Cantebury tales.

Please follow this format for passengers.



Reason for being on the ship: (Optional. Could be a subject of a story though).

Thread of Origin:(If there is one.)

I would like to request that people write in third person. However, if you can't write in third person to save your life. I guess that can't be helped. Assume that your character is accepted as long as the other Rpers don't shake their heads in dismay.
Character list-

Name: Robin Edwardson
Age: Twenty five.
Reason for being on the ship: Pilot of the ship. Without her, everyone would die in a fiery explosion.
Thread of origin:- This one.
Additional notes- Can't dance for her life. Except when the "dance" in question is dodging missiles in a spacecraft.

Name: -"Everyone calls him Co-pilot"-
Age: Seventeen?
Reason for being on the ship: Wandering around the various worlds, avoiding an oddly named person he calls Shadow, who may or may not be a hallucination.
Thread of Origin:(Everyone will know)
Additional notes: Sleeps all the time. Quirky and unpredictable when not asleep.
Avoid the copilot. Avoid the copilot at all costs. Has Robin seen him do an FTL jump while walking yet?

On another note, I might post something when I have time. Probably after I finish writing my app for LVH.
This actually looks really cool. Nice work, Heaven! I'll try to get something up!
Good concept. I may submit something if I have time.
Some people were interested in this. So I felt this may be my last impact on this forum. Consider this my second to last post excluding the one in the bar.

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