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Xer the original post to you is below, just the first paragraph saying hi and letting you know I got your message.

I have infiltrated your dimension to seek the one named, "XER".

Hey everybody, I didn't know this section of the forums existed until I was directed here by the fellow ^ there. So, just saying hi and letting him know I got the message. Nice to see there is an RP board in the sc2 forums, I really had no idea.

So this thread is not an entire waste I might as well start something here. While I'd love to do a joke-based thread similar to the posts that lead me here, I did read the sticky and noticed it says fan fiction.

So I think I'm supposed stay within the SC universe?

Let me know and I'll update this post with a theme for everyone to RP off of.

10/27/2013 07:06 PMPosted by Zarkun
We're resorting back to established SC lore for the most part, but we'll take anything from Science Fiction Fantasy to medieval fantasy. We love it all.

In that case, I'll use my own world, because it is a sci-fan and I have been a GM for tabletop games pretty much my whole life so it will do.


Welcome, beleaguered travellers to the planet Aurah set in the system known as D.R.A.G.E.

You find yourself in a clean hotel room on an investigative task given to you all by Colonel Gim.

In order to join this game all you need do is post. I'm going to try doing something a little loose here and just let you all fly and see what happens. Try your best to make it coherent, and first players use the starting setup I give you in this letter.

My trusted confidantes and team of interplanetary investigators, Nem the 'Rhino' has been on the loose rampaging over a loss of credits (money) on a bad drug deal. The drug is known as STINT and it's highly toxic to most humanoids.

As you know, Nem is a large reptoid so be careful! He didn't get that nickname for nothing. I want you guys to find him and bring him to justice.

He was last seen somewhere in this hotel, here in Sector 5 of the planet Aurah.

- Col. Gim


  • After the first responders post you play off of the last poster and make it up as you go along. Have fun!
  • You are now in play
    We're resorting back to established SC lore for the most part, but we'll take anything from Science Fiction Fantasy to medieval fantasy. We love it all.
    The name of this newcomer is...
    awkward, from my point of view.
    Hello fellow Trevor. How are you today?
    hmm ... hello newcomer. you may enjoy my rp by the name Gate to Infinity or ThaneKrios' rp War Pigs. Perhaps even smylez' rp A-32. hope you have a good stay.
    Welcome and be warned;
    There are a number of entities here that will attempt to... steal your personal affects. Your soul and kidneys are excellent examples.

    We are not accountable for any thefts or the entities that commit them. Enjoy your stay.
    Initiating Game. (Newcomers read from Setup at the top.)
    Having arrived safely at the Hotel and rested, I begin searching for clues, my trusty revolver at the ready just in case.
    Zarkun discovers a broken syringe in the closet of the room. It has a sticky green liquid coating the sides of the fragments of glass -- Stint, without a doubt.

    'Binng~' a sound chimes at the door, signalling that someone wants to come in.
    I glance at the door before closing the closet again to keep it from getting contaminated and then approach the door, leaning against it. "Who is it?"
    A women's voice carries crisp and clear through the intercom. "Venne'ta. Open the door, it is about the investigation," it says in a thick slavic accent.

    You can hear the faint tap of high heeled shoes on the other side of the door.

    "I too, am with the Colonel."

    The viewing screen:

    Sure enough through the viewing screen you can see the appearance of a women with dark red hair, wearing a beige one-shoulder gown, she is slightly taller than average and seemingly unarmed. Her arms are half crossed as she taps impatiently with her heels. Dusty green eyes stare straight into the camera giving the effect as though the woman were looking right at you through the wall next to the door.


    [Remember anyone who joins, you too are in the room with Zarkun. Please refer to SETUP in the OP for details.]
    I frown slightly and a hand strays towards my revolver as I contemplate my options. Awfully convenient you show up right when I find a clue... Opening the door and moving my hand away from my revolver for the time being, I bow. "Welcome. I expect you were briefed?"
    Venne'ta steps coolly across the threshold of the door, as you bow she stays erect momentarily before returning a stiff and slight curstey; while not awkward it seems an unnatural move for the stately woman. Her green eyes stay locked on you the entire time.

    "The Colonel, yes, he briefed me, but now, we both must go downstairs there has been--is this all of you?" she cuts in suddenly glancing around the room, then without waiting for an answer she continues, "Quick, come. There has been a shooting on the third floor and we might just catch him in time. I am sure it is him, who else could it be?"

    The woman before you says all this rather hurriedly, with a touch urgency in her voice. Though her accent is thick her common (english) is clear and understandable.

    If you asked who she means:

    "Yes, yes, Nem."

    If you observer her closely:

    Now that she is in the same room as you if you've been watching her movements every now and then a solid object appears under her gown around her waste, she is possibly carrying a weapon there.
    Over her left wrist she has a COM (like a phone and digital wallet rolled into one) that at first glance looks like a golden ring bracelet.


    This game is loose, so I'm not the sole storyteller or GM, anyone who posts after the last poster can take over the story. So for example, when I posted that someone was at the door, anyone posting after me could have pretended to be that person at the door, instead of me, and made something up.

    As long as it is playing off what is already established.

    I would even go so far as to say you can play my characters if I am not around. Although for other players you might want to make sure you have their permission. If you yourself are a player who doesn't mind others taking over your character, you too can let everyone know that you give permission at the bottom of a post, like I've done here.

    [Remember anyone who joins as a player you are automatically with Zarkun. If you are playing an NPC your first post should be meeting up with Zarkun and the general party. Please refer to SETUP in the OP for details. ]
    Speaking out of character for a moment, I think it might help you to review some of the current RPs or read some of the ones waiting to start, such as War Pigs, Gate to Infinity, and Obscurity. While this is fun, I don't quite think you've caught on to how this all works.

    No I get it, the way you've been playing with me is like a table top. You've been treating me like a GM or single player, and waiting for my input to continue the story, right? (to solve the plot etc.)

    I'd prefer to run a more open game, more of a 'let's write the story together' kind of thing (that's why no character sheets or etc.), but if it doesn't work out then I'll be happy to GM this little game with you as is.

    Is that what you meant?
    Well, sort of. You see, we respect the DM greatly in their RP because while we bring the story alive, he gives it direction and tells us what's around the corner; enemies, friends, items, that sort of thing. You're doing great, but this won't get far with just me posting.

    I understand Gming, I have done it almost my whole life. I figured because this is a forum and there are so many people I'd try a more open concept game. But if it doesn't work out, no one else joins, I can GM normal for you, if you prefer. (Like we have been doing so far.)

    If you're not interested in the game any further that's ok too, I don't mind. I started the thread just to let Xer know I got his message. I made it into an RP because I enjoy RPing, and why waste a thread right, but I won't take any offense at all if you're disinterested. I'll just close the game in that case.
    It's not that I'm disinterested, it's just that only two people, one RPer and a DM, posting,'s not exactly conducive to the kind of RP you're looking for.
    Alright, I wasn't looking for anything specific I would have continued with you, but you know the forums here and I'll go with what you said and close the game off. Thanks for taking part though! See you around :)


    Game is closed.

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