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The world was dark, it’s sun having died long ago. It was a place devoid of life, a shell, of what was commonly thought to have been a world much like Earth. The former solar system was made up of similar spheres of rock and dust, floating aimlessly in the vacuum of space. It was here that a large vessel searched for something extraordinary.
The Galaxy’s End. Dominion Minotaur-Class Battlecruiser tasked with observing and researching the Extra-Terrestrial threats that plagued the Terrans since their arrival in the Koprulu Sector, and hoped to return with some new method of securing the Dominion’s survival. It had a crew of several thousand, and carried many more experiments. It’s crew worked tirelessly to keep the ship on it’s course throughout space, in the nationalistic search of new assets to aid in the ongoing fight with the Zerg and Protoss.
Captain John Cardinal looked at the dying solar system from the bridge, distant stars seeming to look back at him. The door to the bridge opened with a hiss, light pouring in. The captain tended to keep the lights dimmed, with the exception of the monitors needed by the navigators and helmsmen to fly the ship. At times, when he was dozing off, it helped to have new light get in his eyes, so he could attend to more captainly matters. The intruder to his peaceful and relaxed bridge was none other than his Head Scientist, Dr. Albert Macross. He had a very boney, skinny frame, balding head, grayed hair, and a small beard growing on his face, his round-rimmed glasses shone in the light of the stars. The voice escaping from his lips was raspy, as if he hadn’t drunk anything in days. “Captain, we have the next status report. The subjects are in cryostasis, and will be for at least another 48 hours.” The captain nodded, sighing softly. The experiments Albert was referring to were not the kinds that he would have preferred to have heard about first thing in the morning, but as it were, it was still good news. “Great job. Tell the Science Staff that they’ll get priority at lunch today. You guys have been working hard.”
Albert smiled and left the tablet he was carrying on the chair the Captain was sitting in. Kicking back, placing his feet on the panel in front of him, covered in various gauges and dials. He opened up the tabled and looked back at the Scientist, now starting to walk out. “Hey Al.” The older man turned around, raising an eyebrow. “Tell your kid to go first in line today. It’s been hard for him these past few weeks, He needs some time to relax.” The doctor’s face lit up, and he exited the Bridge.
“A.I. give me a status update on Cryopods 1215-1337.” He said, listing off the numbers in the report that Albert had just left. A calm, robotic female voice came over the speakers in the back of his chair.
[All Subjects Are Stable. Pods Requested Are Well Within Standard Cryopod Protocol.]
John nodded, smiling. “Good. That is all.” He continued to read the report, and between the large words that took him a few minutes of searching in the tablet’s built in dictionary (thank God for technological advances), and reading the same report for every single subject, the good captain had dozed off.
In his dreams, he saw his family, running away from a shapeless form, alarms going off all around him, fires and bodies surrounded him, as the wreckage that had been his home was torn apart around him. He was startled awake by alarms ringing in his ears. Looking down at the control panels below him, he looked around in shock as red lights flashed all around the bridge. “Helmsmen! What is going on here!?” Several of the crewmembers below him exchanged glances. “SIR! We’re reading something nearly off the charts in terms of energy! It’s about to hit it’s climax, and we’re not sure what’ll happen when it does!” His look was one of terror. The crewmen looked at him in panic. “Sir! What are we going to do!? Sir..! SIR!” He blinked, trying to get his thoughts together. As he contemplated his actions, the entire ship shook. It was only now that he looked out of the bridge, looking out as a high pitched, mechanical screech came from everywhere around them, over the intercoms, and then, slowly, the lights in the front of the ship started to go dark, as lights slowly started to die throughout the ship. Section by section, the lights started to go out. As the bridge lost power, the only light was from the stars above. He looked over his ship, and a very startling, terrifying noise alerted everyone in the bridge. A small noise, like a scratch, was audible to all of them. The light from the stars glinted off of the cracks, now forming on the thick windows keeping the crewmen from the cold grip of space.
More cracks began to appear, slowly, and horrifyingly. The crew started to scramble to the doors, trying to pull them open, but they were unable to budge without power. It only took but a few minutes for the windows to give way, and for the cold grip of space to carry those that were unlucky enough to have been so close to it, barred away from it by mere inches of simple glass. The Computer, with the intention of keeping as many crewmen alive as possible, with it’s last bit of power, shut down the blast doors on all of the windows in the ship, as well as diverted the emergency generators to maintaining the life support systems. Gravity wasn’t as important as that was, it determined. It would have to trust the crew to be able to restore everything else on the ship.

You have two main options here. You may either choose to be a Human Crewmember, or an Experiment.
As Crewmembers, you can be anything from an Engineer, to a Chef. A scientist, a guard, whatever occupation you can think of that a Battlecruiser would need. Your skills come with what you can salvage, and your occupation would obviously make things a bit easier for you to do certain things.rather than others. You will wake up where you where when the blast rocked the ship, after an unknown amount of time has passed. You will have next to no recollection of what had happened, besides the power going out, and soon after blacking out.
As Experiments you will find yourselves cold, in bodies you're not used to. Your memories will have nearly been wiped, and as you emerge from your cryopods, you will remember only your names, and that at one point in time you were once human. Zerg Hybrids will find a form of exoskeleton covering most of their bodies, as well as a rapid regeneration ability, and Protoss Hybrids will find surgically attached tendrils to them, as well as a form of 'sixth sense', able to detect danger, though not to precisely pinpoint it.

Your Sign Ups should include name, age, general physical description, a small idea as to their personalities, occupation (Experiments should just list their hybrid state [Zerg/Protoss]). Character Lists shall be put up once everyone signs up.
hmm ... I'll work on something in a bit ... I think you might have given Steel a way to make his 'Infested Firebat' ... should be fun though :P
Name: Rave

Race: Human

Age: 26

Occupation: Securtiy/Merc

Skill Set: Advanced CQC training, Wilderness survival skills, Combat Lifesaver, Hand-to-Hand specialist

Equipment: Shield blade, twin SMGs (http://seargent-demolisher.deviantart.com/art/Chimeran-Reaper-SMGs-253817407), M-128 semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun (http://skorpion66.deviantart.com/art/UI-285-Shotgun-318729255), Halo 4 Venator armor painted white and forest green

Appearance: 5'10", blue, spiky hair, ice blue eyes, 195 lbs, thin, but deceptively strong.

Abilities: Shield Bearer, Supressive Fire, Charge, Incendiary Rounds, Plasma Coating, Enhanced Reflexes (Passive)

Personality: Calm and calculating, but also compassionate. Not to quick to trust strangers

Back story: Rave was born on an unimportant planet known as Roxis X. The only feature of note was the rich mineral nodes that were hidden in the crevasses between the mesas that made up most of the planet surface. The cities on each mesa preferred to live independently of the other mesas, resulting in many nations of varying sizes depending on the size of the mesa. Rave was born to a family who lived in the third most powerful "country," in a high end hospital. The mesas all fought for control of the mineral nodes, as whoever held the most nodes held the most sway with the Dominion representatives there on the planet.
Rave was taught how to fight from a young age, his father a decorated veteran of the Crevasse Wars, and taught how to use all the firearms the military issued, but focused mainly on close combat weapons like SMGs, shotguns and carbines. When he turned 18, Roxis was annexed into the Dominion and he was given an opportunity to enlist with the Dominion military. He served with them for six years before going freelance as a mercenary.

If something needs removed, I can do that.
Final edit to char

Name: Raine
Gender: Female
Hybrid type: Zerg
Physical Description: 5'5", long auburn hair, lithe and athletic, looks to be about 16 but is really 18, Sapphire eyes that turn gold when angry. Normally Gold colored carapace with silver swirls and other markings covers a good portion of her body but she retains a slender feminine figure. Deep and intelligent eyes despite their color. She is spliced with a Raptorling but with the additional ability to control the pigments of her skin and act as a chameleon.
Personality/Insanity: Calm, kindhearted, strangely able to stay level headed in most situations, enjoys helping others especially the other experiments that are relatively lucid, Hates the dominion for what they have done yet at the same time almost thanks them, Shy about how she feels.
Backstory: [Data Corrupted]
Name: Autumn.
Gender: Female.
Hybrid Type: Protoss.
Personality: Prone to protective and proud behavior when lucid*. Murderous and feral when not lucid*. Feels a connection to her "family," and won't harm them even when unstable. Not particularly clever. Easily enraged, likes to go straight after enemies. Not the greatest at recognizing unwinnable fights.

*Usually not lucid.

Physical Description: Large. Muscular. Long claws. Blue eyes. Skin is pale grey.

Name: Mark.
Gender: Male.
Hybrid Type: Protoss.
Personality: Prone to protective and proud behavior when lucid*. Murderous and feral when not lucid*. Feels a connection to his "family", and won't harm them even when unstable. Very clever and cunning at all times. Respects the powerful, oppresses the weak.

*Usually not lucid.

Physical Description: Somewhat short. Thin. Long claws. Green eyes. Skin is dark grey.

Name: Willow.
Gender: Female.
Hybrid Type: Protoss.
Personality: Unsure. Faithful to her "family," yet appalled by some of their behavior, for reasons she is unable to put her finger on. Somewhat timid yet friendly when lucid*, suspicious and dangerous when not.

*Usually lucid.

These three are connected by a sort of localized Khala. They share a strong bond. The females appear biologically connected, and Autumn and Mark also are related. Willow and Mark have no apparent relation. The subjects are very strong and fast, and possess limited psychic and telekinetic capabilities.
Name: TS132 "Dirk"
Age: ?
Description (Human): 6' 2", Scale-like chameleonic skin, retractable razor-sharp claws, Adjustable body (like a changeling but more limited) Can shift between humanoid and 'feral' forms
Description (Feral): A zerg canine/feline like creature, 7' nose to butt, 3' of strong prehensile tail w/ barbed tip, 4' tall at the shoulder, 6 limbs (the front pair are true hands, the back two are true feet and the middle pair are a hybrid), Armored carapace and the other normal Zerg stuff. Still has chameleonic powers.
Personality: Fractured and unsure of himself. Split between the shattered memories of his past and the very present feral urges in him at the moment.
Zerg Hybrid

Name: Eric Sharp
Age: 32
Description: 5' 8" short cropped black hair that's been dyed with streaks of blond and red. Almond brown eyes. A wiry, not very athletic build.
Personality: Brilliant. Incredibly proud and disgusted with his work at the same time. (he was forced into the job by the Dominion) Tends to act as professionally as possible, but often forgets himself when he gets into something.
Occupation: Scientist
Name: Luna
Gender: Female
Hybrid type: Protoss
Description: Steel-grey eyes, tend to glow when she uses her abilities. Skin has a slight bluish-green tint. Unusually small, but still appears mostly human.
Personality: Emotionally unavailable is putting it lightly. Tends to remain quiet and in the shadows. While she is capable of speaking, she prefers not to. Feels very attached to Malen, and stubbornly refuses to leave him.

[request that she be able to communicate telepathically. Not full mind-reading, essentially would only be able to hear 'surface' thoughts in the immediate vicinity, as well as utilize a telepathic 'scream' when frightened]

Name: Malen
Gender: Male
Hybrid type: Zerg
Description: Dark skinned, with very bright yellow eyes. Very large build, nearly twice the size of a marine in full combat gear. Large, sharp spikes project from his knees and elbows. Fingers have been replaced with over-sized claws.
Personality: Cautious. Is intensely interested in finding out why he is the way he is. Feels very protective of Luna, but doesn't know why.
Since it seems that we have an abundance of experiments, I would like to volunteer to be the security forces more or less as a whole.


The figure rocked back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. His arms held his legs tightly against his chest, giving him the appearance of a broken child. he spoke quickly and breathlessly "The shields are down the power is out they are free the shields are down the power is out they are free the shields are down the power is out they are free the shields are down the power is out they are free the shields are down the power is out they are free."

The blast doors on the far side of the room slide open an inch. The man looked up and the speed of his muttering increased. "Theshieldsaredown thepowerisout theyarefree. Theshieldsaredown thepowerisout theyarefree. Theshieldsaredown thepowerisout theyarefree. Theshieldsaredown thepowerisout theyarefree."

The doors opened another inch. Then opened an entire foot with a metallic squeal. A clawed hand reached through the opening and pushed. The door held firm for a moment then gave ground with a squeal like that of nails on a chalkboard.

The man's chant turned into one long whimper. The thing stumbled into the room, an overlarge appendage dragging behind it. Its misshapen head turned to look at the whimpering man. It took a step forward. "I... I re... I remember yyyyyyyou." The creature took another step forward. "Yyyyyou looked at meee every day. I wassssss ssssleeping, but I sssssaw you. Yyyyyou watched meee change! YYYOU! YYYOUR FAULT! YYYOUR FAULT I'M LIIIIIIKE THISSSSSS!"

It lifted it's misshapen appendage. "YYYYYOU PAYYYYY!"

Gauss spikes roared through the air, separating the creature into two uneven pieces.

Two marines entered the room with the precise strides of trained military, weapons up and safeties off. The ends of their barrels moved in practiced motions as they cleared the remainder of the room. "Clear!" Barked one. The other one replied immediately after. "Clear. You pick up the Doc. I've got the door."

The first marine knelt by the scientist and opened his armor's visor. "Doctor Frohmet, we are here to help."
SB, I'm going to assume that there are both Zerg and Protoss aboard the ship as there are both Zerg and Protoss hybrids aboard the ship. I'm just asking because I had an interesting plan planned out that could actually be quite fun.
No Protoss are aboard the ship. Any that are, are technically dead, and have been harvested by scientists for experimentation.
What about Zerg my good ol' Watson. C:
Zerg, there are plenty of. C:
Excellent! C:<
I actually have this idea that I had from reading one of those sequel chapters that sometimes show up on the back of a book.
Which is..?
Let me set up the application for you first. Would probably be brought up tomorrow since I have to make two posts for this these one people on another site and then I gotta do some more backstory on this one character. Though I could put in the experiment in here first.

Never mind, I wont be able to put in app today.
made an update to Raines char sheet ... note me on dA or come to the chat room if you wish me to change anything without clogging posts here.
Name: Jen
Gender: Female.
Hybrid Type: Zerg.
Personality: Kind and generally she tries to avoid however due to her being so radically changed she may become extremely unpredictable if scared or angered and feral urges may cause her do things she would not normally do if they are strong enough.
Description: Thin and slender. Her head structure looks like that of a Mutalisk from the Brood Wars (which was more reptillian esque)The only thing human left on her face is her eyes which still look like that of a human. Her arms are long and thin and multiple of her fingers have morphed into the structure for a bat like wing leaving her with only 3 functional fingers on each hand, each endig large claws, when the wings are all folded up. Her torso is also rather slender and part of the wing membrane connects to it. Her legs are double jointed and end in two large claws on the front and one on the back. She has a long prehensile tail which ends in a slender spike.

Name: Pincher
Gender; None
Species Zerg
Strain: Drone
Personality: Operates mostly on instinct and with what little thinking skills he has.
Backstory: A Drone born in the Broodwars, he has mined many minerals and in fact his genetics have been used as a basis for newer Drones. Eventually captured after he was ordered to scout near a Terran base and was captured so they could gain more info on Drones. Was named Pincher by the scientists due to the fact that in his cryotube he subconciously pinched.
Mecha, he said Hybrids only.
Name: Jennifer Ivanivich
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Occupation: Security
Skill set: Ghost training, telepathic, expert marksman.
Weaponry: C-10 canister rifle, combat knife, Slug thrower pistol, flash bang grenades.
Appearance: 5'11", slim, attractive, neck length brown hair, blue eye color. Wears standard armor with a few adjustments for improved optics and range. Has one mechanical arm (left arm), one cybernetic eye (right eye).
Personality: Free spirited most of the time though becomes incredibly focused on getting the job done.
Backstory: Jennifer went to the Dominion Ghost Academy and graduated fourth in her class. She tended to be very free spirited while in the Academy which had eventually cost her an eye and an arm early on in the Academy and also earned her bottom rank in her class. Wanting to redeem herself she pressed herself hard through recovery and through her training sessions to work back up from the bottom. After graduating she maintained her free spirit but also kept the determination to prove herself. This was her first real assignment of actual importance and she is set to do anything that will make her mission successful.

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