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Jason hears the doors slam shut, and growls to himself, punching the door. He debates trying to force the door open. Hearing Jennifer's voice over the radio, he takes a breath to calm himself, and says {Will the door open from the inside? I may be able to control one of the creatures and have it go through the vents.} Jason holsters the shotgun and walks away from the bodies.
A sigh from over the comms as the Doctor received Zack’s information. “If everything was loose… then we would not be alive right now. Judging by the fact that the Changeling was mentioned specifically, you must already know of the creature’s importance to the developments on this ship. The creature truly is a miracle of science. It bonded incredibly well to Subject X17’s genetics, to the point that even we don’t know the full capacity that it can evolve to. It’s frankly terrifying, actually. At this stage, judging that at least a few hours have passed since the event that caused all of this, plus exposure to other experiments… the creature most likely has evolved rational thinking. However, we had no chance to test how fast it could evolve in high stress situations, or it’s rate of evolution and adaptation in general, so warn the Marine and Medical Officer. The Mercenary may be the most dangerous to us, because his binding ties to this ship and it’s mission are as far as he thinks the money’s worth.”
He takes a moment to think, before answering Jennifer, sighing again at her inquiry as to the withheld information. “The reason the existence of the drives was hidden from you, is because, like I said before, we honestly didn’t have much trust in operatives who at a single command could sweep the entire ship and destroy everything. Now, we don’t have much choice but to trust in you, and whomever you deem worthy of carrying out the mission. Do what you need to while Aurora’s turrets begin to hold back the experiments. They’ll be overrun before long, I presume, but this is a small break for you to catch your breath. Make use of it. I’ll be in touch.”
The comms shut off for Jennifer and Zack, though Jason’s continues to crackle, as the Doctor’s voice continues to speak through it.
“And… you. The riddle, wrapped around a mystery, held within an enigma. Your purpose here raises suspicions, and your existence is troubling. You are no experiment… at least not one on this ship, and yet the systems tell me there is something hiding under your skin. Aurora has locked the engineers in the reactor room to ensure it’s prolonged functioning, and, like the shuttle bays, will open the doors when either everything is cleared out, and her demands are met… or someone manages to override her. Which will frankly be impossible while she functions. Until proven otherwise, you are an asset to be utilized for the survival of this ship and her crew, but I’m keeping a special eye out for you, ‘Ghost’.”
The comms crackle, dead, and the aged man kicks back at his computer, watching various camera feeds from around the ship, watching the turrets opening fire on seemingly endless rivers of bodies, moving erratically and without coordination. Hell was breaking loose.
And He, is the only one who could witness it en masse.

Watching the flow of people up towards the shuttle bays after the man shut off the coms, I run the options through my head, weighing each one before discarding it. Warn the Medical Officer and the Marine? Fat chance. The marine is going to ditch this tub first chance he gets and that mercenary is his ticket off this ship. Now, if we want to find those drives quickly...

Not finishing the thought completely, I head back down towards where more of the labs were, ignoring the strange looks I was getting from many of the crew and researchers. {Scouter, I'm heading into the belly. Odds are that's where the drive holders are located.} Moving around a crew member who'd stopped to hold his belly as he gagged, I had but a split second to react before a clawed hand came out from under his shirt and swiped at me.

Ducking the swipe, I draw the psi knives and ram one into his skull and the other into his chest, dragging the blades toward each other and splitting the man open. Letting the body fall to the ground, I open a channel to a marine who was near the front of the group. {Check for hidden experiments among the crew and researchers. Let's not forget they want off too.} A curt yes sir came back and I closed the channel, vanishing into the dark corridors.


I look at the other experiment with a strange look upon my face as the power returns to the ship. "Kin? As in a blood relative? Where would he be?"


I smile behind my helm as the power comes back on and change course, Andy still hanging over my shoulder, for the hangar I'd landed my ship in. Gerald raised his visor and looked around, suddenly jumpy. I glance back at him, stopping and turning to face him properly. "You look like you just saw a Ghost." He crosses over to me quickly and pushes me forward, indicating he didn't want to stop.

Obliging him, I continue towards the hangar while deciding to reword my question into an actual question. "What's the matter with you? With the power back on, I can get us out of here. We won't even need to detour." He glanced at me before raising his rifle and turning to look backwards for a moment.

"Listen real close and you'll hear 'em. Aurora's turrets." I do what he says and strain my ears, finally catching a hint of the sound of fully automatic gauss turrets doing their thing. Realizing the implications, I pick up my pace and move faster towards stairs, not wanting to get caught by whatever was trying to get past the turrets.

"Damn it all, but I hate when you're right. Come on." Anna didn't hesitate either, instead hurrying to keep up with me and looking around frantically before spotting a dead security guard and picking up his Scythe pistol. I raise an eyebrow at her from behind my helmet and she seems to catch on to what I'm doing when she glances at me.

"I'm a medical officer with maybe a little bit of combat training. I know how to handle weapons. All I need is a suit of medic armor. Well, my suit of medic armor, which is down towards medical." I stop and look real hard at Anna before sighing and nodding, going back the way we came, but past the hall the turrets were down.

"I hope this is worth it..." She just smiles and keeps her eyes forward, her whole being suddenly attuned to what was happening around her and the pistol in a relaxed but practiced grip.

What's her secret...
Once again we're all dead? <->
I don't think we're dead, I think we need incentive. I'll remind Morph he's in this. And CR when he gets back and also SF. Kroger up and vanished...
Hmm, perhaps I should start giving everybody more things to do. I'll begin brainstorming on how to do that.
This RP has been experimenting with a general sense of vagueness, to allow you guys to think of what you should be doing.
For most of you, I would feel like securing a way out of here, or fortifying the position, scavenging for new parts for your weaponry and armor, there are quite a lot of things for all of you to do, as long as you realize the situation you're in.
However, something that will force action will begin soon enough.
I'm actually sorta half waiting on Kroger, half on you. Jester is...well, Jester and will post again when he gets to it.
Well, most of the reason I haven't posted yet is just that the only thing for Jason/Phantom to do at this point is just kill experiments. I would prefer for him to have some objective to get to, but if the whole thing right now is just to kill them, then I'll start posting about killing some experiments.
Clear out the experiments or find a way to shut off the AI is all there is for us to do.
[John Flint]
I pause for a moment racking my brain for what was stored with in to no avail.
"I'm... I'm not sure where he would be...."

{Copy that. You might find most of the drives there. I think a few of the other officers that had them where off duty and in their quarters at the time this place went to hell in a hand basket. I'll check the deck the officer's living quarters where on next just to be sure.} I say as I hurtle over a dead science team member being mauled by an experiment of some kind.

"It is as I feared then. Come, we'll wander the shi-" Just then the power comes back on and I look around. "Now is our chance. We must flee."


{Copy that.} Stopping and listening to the sound of the turrets further down the stairs, I begin to wonder how wise this whole operation was. Those turrets wouldn't hold forever despite their large numbers. Continuing down, I stop at level 22, listening to the sounds of both turrets and...gauss rifles? Confused, I open the door.

In front of me is a squad of about six marines taking cover behind various boxes and crates with the turrets between them and the masses of Zerg and experiments trying to make it down the hall. Stepping in and closing the door, I draw my rifle and move over to a side door, listening for movement on the other side.
Slung over the Marine's back, the creature slowly awoke, and began to thrash and flail, falling over and landing on his back, jumping up and looking around quickly. Taking a deep breath, he slowly brought a claw up to hold his head, groaning in pain. The slits on the side of his face opened and closed, and between the three scents, he relaxed, knowing he was safe.
"My apologies... What... happened? Was I knocked out?"

In the back of Jason's mind, an emotionless voice swept over his consciousness, whispering and brushing against his mind like a mist. It's words were compelling, and it belonged to novisible, traceable form or being. "Destroy... Liberate... Liberate this vessel... Destroy the computer... Free us... Free yourself... Free the others... Leave no survivors... Sabatoge their ships... Imprison them... Feed our hunger..." It's words began to meld into the back of his mind, fading when he though on them directly, but whispering to him when he let his mind wander elsewhere.

To Zack, the familiar buzzing and clicking noise of the swarm grew louder through the vents, and on the other side of the door he sat behind, screams of agony and dismemberment howled throughout the halls of floor 22. His comms began to crackle, switching to a different frequency on it's own. The monotone, robotic voice of Aurora echoed in his ears.
[Agent Zack_ Your code name is not supplied within my databases_ I have little choice but to refer to you by the only method of identification I have recieved_... Experiment 626 is in the room ahead of you, and must be terminated quickly for the safety of the ship's crew_ There are several areas where I would be capable of redirecting the heatsinks to, allowing most of the excess energy to gather in a few chambers, potentially killing a majority of the swarm_ They have shown themselves capable enough to avoid any perdition turrets placed in the halls_ Proceed with caution, agent_]

The Zerg experiments begin to sense something... As if it were an inhuman sixth sense, revealing to them the minds of their prey, gathered together in a certain few rooms, allowing them insight into their dying brethren's eyes, seeing the fire and metal that tears through their flesh and reads the life from their bodies. The smell of fresh meat, human meat, calls you, and a hunger begins todrive you on a new quest; trying to secure food as you evolve through conquest and violence, your bodies adapting to the needs of the situation. Kill and kill often, as bloodlust clouds the weaker minded of the experiments, and you may find yourself defending these forms of yours.

OOC(s): There we go. You guys now have things to do. ^^
Jason grins, hearing the minds beneath his head, his skin. He takes his first step toward finding more of the crew before halting as another voice, less powerful in volume but more powerful in what it represents, speaks out to him once again. Consume. Assist. Escape. This is what I designed you for, Ghost, now go do it.

Jason shakes his head, clearing his mind the best he could. He checks the count on the shotgun, and advances, looking for experiments to kill and feed on, or crew to assist. Deception was his nature, even when he was human. Giving himself a evil grin beneath his mask, he goes around the corner, looking for the nearest fight.

Grunting slightly, I stand back up and face Andy, holstering the SMG and drawing my shotgun. "You passed out is more like it. How's your head?"Gerald and Anna had already gone into the medbay and I could hear the sound of an armorer putting on Anna's armor at a hurried pace, meaning that she knew we couldn't afford to waste time.

Checking down the hall, I listen to the distant sound of the gauss and perdition turrets keeping the experiments at bay, their screams of pain and death echoing throughout the halls and keeping me on edge. I hope those two hurry up... Glancing at Andy again, I sigh.

"And while I'm thinking about it, what happened? You grabbed your head just before you fell unconscious."


Contemplating for a moment, I smile to myself and nod. {Seal off that room, I'll find another way around. For now we contain 626 and dispose of it later.}

OOC: Nice reference to Lilo and Stitch there, SB XD
He shook his head, the slits on his cheeks opening and closing as air blew through them. His mind raced before he spoke, memories of the moments before his blacking out being analyzed and observed. “There were voices, screaming into my mind, making it feel like it was going to burst open… Something immensely powerful is on this ship, and we need to figure out what. There is something, even now, trying to get me to just-” His head snapped, as if something has just physically hit him. A mental “OW” echoed out. Clutching his own head, his fist hit the wall, causing another loud noise as he curled up, trying to walk and yet obviously feeling intensive pain.
“NO! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I AM NOT LIKE YOU! There is no swarm I belong to, no mothers, no cerebrates! I am the Individual among the masses, AND YOU WILL NOT COMMAND ME!” With a physically audible growl, the creature leaned his head against the wall, punching it to the point of it started to dent, then digging his claws into the metal, slowly collapsing again, dragging the claws down the wall, leaving deep marks in it. His anguish was not unfelt by those around him, however, as slivers of the voices’ painful words spilled from his mind into theirs. He curled up again, kicking and rolling onto his back, arching it as he clawed at his own face, trying to do anything to stop the pain surging through his mind.

Cringing slightly, I turn to the medbay door as Gerald comes out to see the ruckus only to growl in slight annoyance. "Swarm. Sounds like Kerrigan's. You sure that 'guy' is safe to keep around?" I shoot him a glare that shuts him up and he ducks back inside, grumbling about trusting Zerg experiments with a connection to the Swarm. Shaking my head, I slowly approach Andy, rummaging around inside one of my pouches for something.

Come on, come on...where is it...I know I brought the bloody-Ah! There it is! Pulling out a small device, I set it on Andy's chest, avoiding the claws and kicking feet as best I can, and activate it. Almost immediately, I'm certain the voices are forced to abate and I look down at him. "Feel better?"
Due to terrible, terrible damage to the structures of both my social, and personal life, mainly at the hands of my parents, because my grades aren't all A's (there's a reason I have anxiety about letting people down), my computer time has been severed immensely.
The RP, as it seems, will be chalked up to another one of my dead, or currently dying ones, and I think I'm going to just try to convert it into a story...
I'll see what happens.
Thank you everyone who participated, sorry that it ended so soon... :P
Nonetheless, happy RPing to the rest of you, and my apologies for being unable to join you as it was.
NUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! Curse you parents who can't take a couple B's! And curse you lack of posters!
Just wait until you get privelages back. I would have postd but I seemed to have lost whatever Rping spark I have.
I demand this continues!

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