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...Perhaps I'll throw my lots in. Why not?
I hate fat walls of text, so it *looks* like I've typed a load, but...


Name: "Marx"
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Hybrid Type: Zerg

Description: Hauntingly similar to humans, Marx is rather slender. Slim but tall, his body measures at about six-and-a-half feet tall. His particular build is build for speed and stealth rather than outright brute force, so his carapace is much thinner than that of the other experiments and thus cannot take anywhere near as much punishment. However, his slim build size and incredible speed allow him to close distances much faster than others, and razor-sharp claws coupled with retractable spikes on his legs allow him to fend for himself rather ably at melee combat. Most curiously however, is his remarkably human appearance. His face is nearly unmarred by his experimentation, and when his claws and spikes are retracted, his body is very human in shape. If he were given some baggy clothing and slight facial adjustment, he'd look almost human. Inhumanly orange eyes aside, of course...

Personality: Rather calm, he seems to be more bent on escaping with his life rather than taking vengeance on those who warped him into his new form. Curiously enough, he seems to possess much greater remnants of his life than that of the other experiments, and is even capable of advanced speech and reading, as well as manipulating and wielding firearms to a competent degree. If asked, Marx does not seem to be knowing what he says or doing, but replies simply that he is doing these things on something bordering on instinct.


Name: Devon Sterson
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Occupation: Scientist

Personality: Seems to alternate between both cold and calculating as well as warm and compassionate. Despite the general attitude over the work others seem to feel, he takes to it with an unnatural passion and gusto. He possesses an alternate personality known to him simply as "Cliptrick", who acts against his whim and will for the sake of seeking its own purposes.

Description: Physically more frail than most, Devon holds a more thin build than the average Terran. Despite this, he's quite able and strong for his weight class, but its far from being inhuman or truly usable. Clicking at a few inches short of seven feet tall, he possesses green eyes and shortly cropped black hair, aside from a pair of thin, lengthly strands at the back. He's also weakly psionic, unable to manifest his abilities outside of minor physical bonuses to speed.

If possible, he starts off with a small, automatic pistol courtesy of both paranoia and his alternate personality's sway over him.

Name: "Cliptrick"
Personality: Vicious, devoid of morality and unnaturally curious, Cliptrick is simply an alternate personality of Devon. Where the former would not wish to trespass on issues even at potential great gains, Cliptrick holds no such restrictions. Often kept repressed by Devon, the two are almost in constant internal strife. If one were to focus and listen in on his mind, you could often hear Cliptrick snarking away at his jailer, trying to let him take control.

Description: For the most part, there are no physical changes should Devon's personality invert. Due to the fact that Devon's personality is dominant, his psionics immediately lock up should Cliptrick take control, and thus are unable to be utilized. However, should the two willingly work in concertina, what little abilities he has can be used at their fullest extent. This results in an insane reaction time, as well as a significant amplification of their physical abilities. It isn't enough to compete physically with a half-decent piece of powered armor, but bringing in his amplified speed and reaction time, this teamwork could make the pair into a rather significant threat.


I have a thing about psychological characters, and rather enjoy using them. I'm willing to scrap Cliptrick, but Marx and Devon have to be together if their backstories I've built are to work. (Read as: If things don't fit, poke me.)

Subject: Prince
Age of Origin: Unknown
Sexual Origin: Unknown
Hybrid Status: Zerg
Psionic Potential: Confirmed

Observation(s)/Notes: We have observed that the individual was able to seemingly able to control certain Zerg strains with ease such as the Zergling and having a harder time with the Hydralisk; though is limited to both the size of the strain and the numbers that could be controlled on whim. Just studying this… thing, has shown us what the Subject is capable of doing and how this could be applied to some kind of controlling mechanism in controlling various strains by the Dominion military against the Swarm, Protoss, and Insurgents. So far the notes have been truly fascinating! We all knew that it was psionic signatures that could control the Zerg as well as sever them from their very own collective Hive Mind. Though what we were surprised with was that the Subject used not only his or her own psionic signature and energy but some kind of genetic anomaly that allowed this… establishment! We don’t know how the Subject does it if it’s in Its cells or what. The next report shall come in soon.

Physical Structure: The Subject no longer resembles any known human being in the galaxy though some similarities are still present such as the mouth of the structure and the eyes and even the hands were resembled to be more human than Zerg though it was apparent that the genetic structure of the Zerg changed this being. Through observation we spotted two sets of mandibles around the jaw.We have managed to find razor sharp claws on both hands and the feet, though they are shorter on the feet while four inches long on each finger with no claws on the thumbs. The carapace is light around major joints on the body to provide mobility while there are thicker portions of armor near the joints and soft tissue that has not hardened. Now, the most notable feature would have to be several tentacles on the back of the Subject that are covered in many barbs and if used correctly can punch through armor if enough force is applied.

Mental Structure: Surprisingly we do not know much about the Subject In the way of mentality. But it has been speculated that the Subject is intelligent in certain areas while curious in others. There is also a sadistic personality that we believe to have been intact during the changes from humanity to abomination. The actual mental function of the Subject can be sporadic at times and can border between calm and focused and curious to feral, monstrous, and relentless. This one need a close eye at all times on as this one seems to have obtained an savage intellect as well as the one it managed to partially retain while human.

Personality: Through a series of mental evaluations we have concluded that the Subject is sadistic in nature while overall pretty curious about its own environment when we allowed it to be out during testing. There is a calm overlook that disguises an aggressive emotion that wants to be manipulative and controlling.

Concerns: There is one thing that has us worried and that’s the fact that we tried to communicate with it and it worked. The Subject spoke in a fluent tongue though a savage one thanks to the experiments. There are no emotions that could be read on its face though we could hear all once it speaks. The other day we tried some experiments in the Subject’s controlling nature and it managed to control the Zerg like an Overlord could and even a Queen at a minor extent but it’s not just psionic in nature… it’s genetic. So we shall muddle with the Subject's memories and allow it to start anew since we believe we could give it a different mindset that better suits our need. The rest is given to you.



One Experiment down, Four Dominion left to go.
Actually... I'll add in another Experiment as well.
Hmm... Not quite sure as to how much 'prince' should be able to control other Zerg... Several strains at once seems a bit... Overpowered, considering that the Zerg are basically the only enemies for now.
Everyone else checks in, besides the drone mechs made. No pure Zerg for this one, too unpredictable... Also, Morph, I'd hate to say it, but maybe just keep the aspiratiling as a zergling, or even, to most, one of the jumping ones from HOTS? Idk how I feel about weird cross breeds and such...
I'll start with the first post after I do my homework. ^^;
Okay, SB, I was just working around on a concept that I can tweak. I can say that so far the Subject can only control weaker, smaller strains at once. It should eliminate any real overpowered feeling unless no one knows how to deal with such a situation but I'm optimistic that they can deal with a few Zerglings or even an Hydralisk.

Also, SB, I still have about five more characters to make. C:
I'll go ahead and make the Protoss hybrid tonight and make the four Dominion tomorrow. C:
tis fine will do a rework for that in just a bit. could Raine at least have the chameleon ability?(she won't know how to use it at the start)
Sure thing. Chameleons are always good. C;
Final edit to Raine has been made.
Name: Jason Hatori
Gender: Male
Hybrid type: Zerg
Physical Description: Looks surprisingly human. Standing around 5' 10", typical build for a Ghost (Slim but toned muscle.) Skin is mostly untouched with only a vague hint of a scar on his cheek and above his right eyebrow. His face gives him a rather calm appearance. Between his shoulder-blades is a retracted weapon (Needle Spine-throwing organ), along with a strangely-toned skin (pale, hint of brown/purple) covering said spot. His forearms also have the same color skin as that between his shoulder blades, but it yet to be determined what his forearms hide.
Personality: Typical Ghost behavior was noted (Secrecy was common, isolationist, determined, persistent, insensitive), however, also noted was manipulative behavior, choosing to be sympathetic, happy, excited, ect. when it worked for him. Polite, a rarity among infested, but violent tendencies still remain. He almost could pass for a more humane Ghost, aside from hostile and sadistic tendencies. He remains calm and reserved, even when threatened.
Backstory: Very little is actually available on the infested Jason, but the Ghost Jason has quite a good record with infiltration and assassination. Stretching back all the way from the Confederacy, Jason has a high rate of success in his missions. He disappeared during a mission on the Outer Rim, and after several months, showed up out of the blue. He maintained his role as a Ghost (In which no one spotted any irregularities, considering he was gone a lot of the time). He continued with his job, but unknown to the Dominion, he was providing info for his new master.
At one point or another, he has been caught by Umoja, and been shipped off to be destroyed. The Dominion recovered the Ghost, intending to bring him back and transferring him to a Dominion Base so that he can continue his work. Recently, however, they have discovered that he is indeed Infested, however, his skills have made it so that word hasn't gotten out of his infestation. Now, being transferred to another place, he may have another chance to escape and continue working for his master.....
^Shotgun blast to the face XD
^ Spines to the face. Or broken shotgun bits :P
The creature had little recollection of what had happened… everything was a blur. It remembered pain, bits and pieces of it slowly dying away, it’s vision taken from it, and it’s senses confused. It felt weightless, as if it was floating on air. It remembered feeling, feeling pins and pricks. Along with the slowly spreading sense of nothing. It’s thoughts were empty, and for the time, it didn’t even know that it had thoughts, didn’t know it even technically existed.

For all intents and purposes, it truly was, simply an animal, acting on instinct. Whatever kept it floating was comforting, and there was no hunger, no thirst, no worry. No whispers in it’s head, no voice to command it. It was empty.
At least, until the first prick that hurt.

It startled awake, eyes opening and long, bony hands pressing against the glass tube that held it captive. Tubes and wires hung from it’s body, and underneath it’s body, it noticed small spheres of… liquid? They were the same color as itself, and there was a point where it’s body started to liquify, and slowly turn into those spheres. The feeling of nothingness came from there… It quickly began to formulate complex formulas inside of it’s mind, quickly coming to a solution, and looking past the glass, at the shocked and seemingly horrified creatures on the other side, clothed in white, staring at it. It wondered, what was wrong? Why was it here? Why now, could it even think, when it could not before? This was all so odd… but as the spheres began to reform and shape themselves, floating through the liquid to attach themselves to it’s body. Slowly, they began to form almost a larger sphere, and it began to direct the growth of muscles and veins, dissatisfied with it’s body’s current layout. Large legs, with two knees, began to form, and it seemed… normal, as if at one point in time it had made similar ones before. Naturally, the large, stubby toes were to be replaced with sharp claws. It didn’t know why, exactly… but the claws made it feel safe, secure. Suddenly, a sweeping feeling came over it, and tiredness enveloped it’s consciousness.

The next time it had awoken, the tube had shattered, and a pain was burning in it’s chest. The world around it was dark. Something jagged had found it’s way into it’s center, and it was mounted to something stable- the only way to remove it would have been to get up, and forcibly remove it. Intimidating growls and roars echoed throughout the room as it tried to get up, causing it to flinch, and look around, shocked and scared. What could have made such a noise? Surely it couldn’t have… could it?

Forever seemed to pass, between the pain, the struggle to find good footing and hand holds, and then the extremely discomforting hole in it’s chest, but there was not much time before it had begun to close… interesting. The eyes it bore on it’s head were proving useless in this environment. Quick adaptations were to be made, to ensure it’s survival. The eyes began to close, one by one, their mass and that of their mechanisms were recycled to form other sensory organs. Slits formed on the side of it’s face, along it’s cheeks, taking in air. It shook it’s head in discomfort as a barrage of new smells assaulted it’s new senses, taking a few deep breaths to try and get used to it. Slowly, it approached something that sparked a deep, buried memory inside of it…
Blood… Meat… Food.

It’s jaws slowly snapped open, and quickly began to tear apart the flesh inside, engulfing chunks nearly the size of it’s head easily, feeling much better, with the exception of how… dirty it felt. The drips of blood stained it’s skin, and a long tongue flickered out of it’s maw, beginning to catch anything it had missed. Bones cracking and joints groaning, it stood up on it’s new legs, slowly beginning to walk. Where? It didn’t know… there were so many smells all around it. All were similar, some more than others, though all found a place in it’s mind. It would survive, and learn…
I plan to evolve, after all.
People were talking about it. It didn’t like that. Nor did it deserve what happened next. All it knew was darkness before it forgot everything; everything that made it, it. The pain and torture was intense as it racked through its body constantly during a never-ending change in body and mind. Each fleeting moment was one of hatred and agony but only the body remembered those feelings as metal and glass stuck in its body relentlessly. Broken minds resulted and then forgotten in medicine with only a fraction of what it felt like.

Savage and feral it felt. Salvation and horror it was. All things were forgotten like time and memory itself.

It awoke in a tube, on the lifeless metal with wires and gizmos attached as it remembered metal and glass sticking against flesh and bone, tissue and muscle. Blood oozed from the open wound as flesh began to mend itself as clawed hands scraped the metal floor. With each scrape left a groove for which the claw belonged to. Tentacles clung to a nearby wall as it slowly rises from the depths of the sunken environment it woke up from. The scenery was dark and unforgiving as it soon discovered that its eyes were useless in the dark. Soon it began to smell and hear. Amazed by how well it felt and soon it smelled new blood and new flesh. A new, savage, feral feeling started to take over and it was scared yet curios and excited. Wires and gizmos trailing behind it making a whipping noise as it ran

It was some time later. Claws poised to sink into a dead carcass of a creature that was pale and hairless it didn’t take long to devour the pitiful creature that it took a delightful liking into. The feeling was grand and the darkness didn’t matter anymore. It had awoken and was hungry for blood and flesh and bone. This new grainy substance has ravaged the body apart and white cloth strung everywhere with that red liquid splattered against the same metal flooring and it had enjoyed tearing apart this pale creature. Every second was like pure pleasure trickling down its throat as the thought seeped down into its mind.
Twitching. Straining. Writhing. Cracking. The creature, within its own tomb, wanted out. It wanted free. It wanted to move. Its fists bang against the glass, threatening to shatter it in its panic? Anger? Discomfort? It cared not what it felt, only wanting to escape.


The struggles stopped. The creature quietened, ceasing its struggles. In a moment of panic, it had forgotten what it was, how it worked. It looked at the pod glass, looking at how it was fractured. It looked at it with a cold and calculating intelligence rather than that of a raging anger of a wild beast. It attacking the pod glass once again, causing the fracture to spread further.

It remembers more about itself as it breaks free. It knows it needs out, that its master required him to find more places to expand, to search for more servants and signs of the Great Beasts. The attack halts again as he stops, remembering its purpose. It then attacks once more, the final blow shattering the glass and letting it loose. It grips the sides of the pod, getting out unsteadily.

It takes its first step out, noting the darkness around it, feeling comfort about the shadows. He felt safety from not being able to be seen. He-


He gives a confused look, and shakes his head. He opens his mouth, not to talk, but he clicks his tongue, the sound carrying around. He mapped out the area as he clicks his tongue. Finding two others already awake, along with bodies around the area, he approaches a body. Taking only what he needed, he consumes the meat of the person, and stands up, clicking once again.

Escape. Now.

The voice called again, and he looked to comply. He searches for some way to get out of the room. He glances from one end of the room to the other, clicking his tongue once again, as well as smelling the room. He smelled something over his skin before he realized he was wearing a suit. Unbidden, memories rise to his thoughts and he runs through the process of checking his suit systems.


He licks his lips, tasting blood and some of the flesh of the body. He shivers, and continues checking his suit. He gives himself a grin as he realizes his suit is still intact, although some parts of it are functioning incorrectly. He knew he would have to jury rig something up sometime soon, and he would have to do it when he had parts available. Among many things he now remembers, he remembers his name; he has all he needs to start getting information. When he gets out.
I groan as I groggily come back around, keeping my eyes shut as I move my arms, then my legs, and finally my head, testing each and every joint and bone for breaks. Feeling nothing but bruises, I slowly open my eyes on the HUD in my helmet flickers back to life, first giving me a power readout for my armor, then the surrounding area, specifically the hallway I'd been walking down. All I could find was that the Life Support systems were fully functional and the gravity was, at best, weak. Maybe that's just in the hallway. Last thing I remember was blacking out right after some kind of explosion.

That really was all I could remember, besides having been heading back to my room for some shut eye. Looking around, I find my shotgun a few feet from where I must have landed, though with my HUD, I could only see a few feet away anyways. Standing up, I shakily work my way to the weapon, picking it up and running a practiced eye over it for damage, walking up and down the hall a bit to regain my motor control abilities. Clip looks good, barrel is undamaged, feed is, opening the weapon, I check the firing mechanism and loading mechanism, good. Now, let's test out the COMs... Opening a frequency on the security channel, I speak into my mic.

{Testing, testing. Security HQ, this is Rave in hall B47, do you copy? What in the hell is going on?} While waiting on their reply, I start checking on the people around me, engineers, other security personnel, crewman, and making sure they were alright. Then I heard the skittering sound down the hall. Bringing the butt of the shotgun to my shoulder, I level it in the direction of the sound. {Security HQ, this is Rave. Reason to believe test subjects and feral Zerg are loose. I'm in hall B47. Do you copy?}
I was surrounded in something, a warm blanket, but it did not feel like one, it felt more, fluid. Wait it was fluid, water? No, it felt much to different. Wait if it was a fluid, I was going to drown! That spark of terror woke me from partial unconsciousness and into reality. I opened my eyes and realized I was enclosed inside some kind of container full of liquid. That sent another note of terror and then my vision went red and then it felt like I was going into autopilot. I felt a sort of primal rage go through me and I felt the shattering of glass as my claws easily crushed it to pieces. And then I everything went red as the terror and rage gained complete control.
10/30/2013 02:08 PMPosted by SlnderBurito
besides the drone mechs made. No pure Zerg for this one, too unpredictable...

Just to make sure you saw this, Mecha.
I know.
Warmth. That was all it knew at first. It was pleasant, comforting. Shrouded in complete darkness, the entity slumbered peacefully.


The shrill scream tore through it's mind, driving it into full wakefulness immediately. Right on its heels came a bombardment of surprise, terror, desperation. The entity's eyes shot open, its head whipping around frantically. It was submerged in some sort of green fluid, its thrashings whipping the fluid into a froth, obscuring its view of its surroundings. Its fists impacted against something solid, and it repeatedly smashed the obstacle until it gave way. Sensing freedom, the being thrusted itself forward.

Cold air washed over its stony hide, searing its lungs as it gasped in surprise. Tumbling wildly, the creature flailed about helplessly as it floated through the air, trying to catch hold of anything with which to anchor itself. Throughout, waves of terror and panic bombarded its mind, making it hard to think.

Finally, another obstacle brought its uncontrolled flight to a rather sudden stop. A harsh growl filled its ears, and it took a moment to realize that the sound came from its own throat. The obstacle had crumpled around its shoulder and side, leaving it embedded in its cold surface.

As it's blurred vision began to clear, it searched intently for any kind of threat. The room was washed an eery green from the light set in the base of the broken tube from which it had freed itself, but save for a couple of floating tables and chairs, it was empty.

The creature frowned. Table. Chair. Where did it know those terms from? It understood their meaning and form, but it couldn't explain their origin in its thoughts, anymore than it could explain its own origin. Before the scream and bolt fear that had aroused it to consciousness, there was nothing but darkness.

A fresh wave of panic flooded its mind, making it flinch and growl again. Now was no time for such idle questions. The fear that it was experiencing was strange. It felt........foreign, as though it wasn't apart of itself and originated elsewhere. Where there was fear, there was danger, a threat. And while the creature's expanding thoughts were certain of very little at that point, it was certain of one thing.

Threats were to be eliminated.

Planting its fist against the wall in which it had embedded itself, it wrenched itself free and sniffed the air in preparation for the hunt.
I let off a quiet moan as I start to stir coming to slowly.
"What happened?" I ask aloud not really expecting much of a response from anyone. I get up slowly moving limb checking to make sure I didn't have any broken bone nor that my mechanical arm was damaged beyond use. Finding that I had no broken bone and only a few cuts and bruisies I grab my rifle and look around the area trying to figure out what happened. As I search I start to hear some comm traffic coming from Rave.
{Rave can you confirm that the expierments and feral zerg as free?}
There is a certain point when every creature is left with only one option: panic. There are a variety of responses to panic, one greater than the variety of living creatures. Willow had no frame of reference, as she could not remember having ever panicked before. In truth, she could not remember doing anything before, which was rather panic-inducing itself.

Thus, she huddled in a corner and trembled.

She could hear the Others, somewhere nearby. She had no memory of them, she had never seen them, nut they were there, all three of them. They were in her mind.

And they were closer, now. They were coming closer. She felt the shock of horror and pain as one died, a terrible stabbing feeling that seemed to wrench her soul from her body. She felt not only her own agony and loss, but the pain of the Other as it died, and the pain of the other two. She was consumed by a tide of rage, and moments later she felt another touch, a brief connection to a strange, foreign mind. Then it was snuffed out.

She continued to panic. The Others were coming. They would protect her... she hoped.

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