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...It's cold.

Haunting orange eyes surge open, their owner's body thrashing in discomfort. The cold was numbing and brought a horrible ache, but it did little to staunch the sudden urge for movement. The being's hands fly about its prison, eagerly searching out a weakness- anything it could exploit to escape this hideous cold. With a gesture wrought of half luck and half instinct, its hands find themselves pressed against the glass of its container.

Pausing in confusion, it takes but a single moment to observe the pair of objects before it. Unfamiliar feelings assault the being, which could only be described as fear, wonder... and horror? With an echoing roar of effort, it turns its talons against the glass, forcing their tips through the hardened material with the strength of its legs. And but a moment later the lone layer separating it from the warmth it sought fractured, the glass shattering and spilling out into the room around it. As its impromptu flight took place, the being couldn't help but gaze at the small shards, their ever-slow flight paling against its own speed.

Colliding with the wall adjacent to its prison and assaulted by the sudden onslaught of heat, the being barely had time to register the glass shards, now moving much swifter than before. Most of which bounced off its hardened carapace, but a single, lone piece tore a small gash in its face. The hybrid simply failed to register this; it had already collapsed in exhaustion, darkness claiming its mind once more...


"The f-?"

The all-too familiar swear was washed over by a much louder beep, the sound of Devon's workstation's power supply surging, its elderly UPS trying their hardest to keep up with the sudden lack of support and audibly alerting him. The amount of sudden horror that this brought upon him could easily be compared to stepping on a spider mine, the possibility of his life's work dying before him turned to be something more than a haunting nightmare, a true possibility at the time.

As sudden as he blinked, the entirety of the ship simply decided to go dark. Of course, this also included the power that was being supplied to his computer. All the lights went out, which really didn't help his already unfamiliar, zero-gravity situation.

"No-no-no-no-no-no-no!" With a cry of panic, he desperately attempts to take the computer down softly, trying his hardest to save his work before the loss of power could possibly damage it. It was difficult enough typing obscure commands into the terminal, but now in zero gravity? Barely before the power supply died, he managed to take the floating terminal offline.

Of course, luck never shined in his favor anyway. The sudden draw from the overly-large, now floating power supplier caused its batteries to heat up significantly. With no space to expand safely, its containers decided cracked and rupture in unison; spraying the room with a rather unhealthy dose of sulfuric acid. And as anyone who worked at a chemical plant could ever attest to, nasty compounds have a god-awful habit of finding their way to places and organs they really shouldn't ever try to get to. Like eyes.

With a scream, Devon slams his hands over his eyes and kicks off from the ground on instinct, catapulting him across the laboratory he normally puttered around in during this cruise. With a crack, he hits the wall opposing his room.

Stop panicking you eedjit, a calm, sharp voice in his mind says, using an old jibe between the two; There's an eyewash station just over there, and they don't need electricity to work.

The sudden cold voice tore through his panic, and he kicked off the ceiling towards the small pair of bottles near the entrance of his room. He collided with a shelf on the way, no doubt spilling more caustic substances into the air and adding to the growing haze of pain, but he managed to make it without further incident. And after a moment of furiously pumping saline solution out of the bottle and into his eyes, he opens them once more and gazes at the floating mess that could once be called his room, eerily lit by fading lights and small phosphorescent solutions.

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Nut they were there? That's funny XD

IC: The scratching sound continues, though to say it was getting closer would be inaccurate. It seemed more confused and lost than on the hunt, which was just fine with me. Meant I wouldn't have to worry about it. One of the people around me had started to wake up and now crawled away from the sound, muttering something about not wanting to find out what it was. {Negative, all I've got is sound at this point, but the readout in B47 is that all the emergency power's been routed to life support and gravity is weak, so jumping will probably result in hitting your head on the ceiling.}

The scratching suddenly stopped and was replaced with a sniffing sound, which lasted about thirty seconds before a growl came from the darkness and the sound of a bounding Zergling coming towards me replaced the confused and lost scratching. This only caused the engineer, who was still crawling away, to crawl faster as I pumped the shotgun to load a round into the chamber, watching for the Zergling. Or at least I was until I heard something knock it over and start tearing into it. It's screams were more than enough to confirm it was one of the experiments. And I was pretty sure it was going to come after me next. {Yeah, the sounds aren't very reassuring.}
{Damn it... Once your able to meet me at the armory.} I say as I check my rifle making sure there was a round in the chamber before I start sprinting towards the armory. I keep my ears tuned listen for any possible hostiles.
{Right, that's...what, three levels up from me? That could be difficult.} Backing the direction that the engineer had crawled, I keep the shotgun leveled and aimed down the hall towards the sound of the feeding creature. Each step was carefully measured and my ears were tuned for even the slightest sound. I hadn't heard the second creature moving, which lead me to believe that the second one was an experiment. Glancing behind me, I see the engineer frantically beckoning me towards the doorway to the stairs. At least, right before a clawed hand reaches out and grabs him.

With a yelp of surprise, the unfortunate man vanishes into the darkness, where he quickly begins screaming. His screams are cut short by the sound of a fanged mouth ripping his throat out and I swallow nervously, reminding myself that the stairs weren't exactly a better option. {I think I'm gonna need back up down here...} Stopping where I was, I made sure there were no doorways on either side of me before backing up against a wall, sweeping back and forth, waiting for one of the experiments to show it's self. Another person, a crewman, crawled to where I was and leaned against the wall and whispered to me.

"Is it safe? Will the one that got Bill leave us alone?" I shrug and put a finger to where my lips would be if I wasn't wearing my helmet. The sounds of eating continued in the stairwell but had stopped down the hall, which caused me to turn my immediate attention to that direction. If I listened hard enough, I could just barely make out the sound of something slinking towards us. Great, now I get to make noise with no knowledge of how many of the specimens and experiments are free... Waiting until I was sure it was just out of site, I pull the trigger, the loud bang the shotgun made extremely loud in the silent darkness.

I could tell the rounds connected because there was a wet squishing sound as the slugs hit the experiment, then the thump of a body hitting the ground. Pulling the crewman behind me to try and keep her alive, I approach the fallen body and put the barrel to it's head, pulling the trigger again to make sure it stays dead, it's skull, blood and brain matter splattering all over the floor. Content it was dead, I return my attention to the stairwell, where a startled screech had come from when I'd shot the now obliterated experiment. Moving forward slowly, I mentally facepalm as I remember the tactical flashlight on the shotgun's side and I turn it on, shining the light towards the doorway.

The up side was that the thing that had grabbed the engineer must have fled up the stairway. The downside was now I was looking at the amount of blood the thing had thrown all over the doorway while feeding. {Jennifer? Yeah, we're down one confirmed engineer and who knows how many scientists that were in the rooms with the experiments.} I keep the crewman close and damn near spin around and blow off a marine's head as he grabs my shoulder.

"That was mighty loud just now, merc. Nice job though." I nod and repeat the motion indicating the stairway. Setting my mic to subvocalize, I deactivate the outer speakers for the time being.

{There's still one...somewhere in the stairwell. I scared it when I killed that other one, leads me to believe it's one of the more timid experiments.} The marine nods and turns on his shoulder flashlight, bringing his gauss rifle up and stepping through the doorway, followed by the crewman, then me. Our lights briefly illuminate the eviscerated remains of the engineer and I mutter a small prayer in Latin, following the marine up the stairs. I set the com channel back to the security one. {On my way up with a marine. Be there as quick as we can. Confirmed on the experiments and Zerg being free.}

Nut they were there? That's funny XD

Blast it.
Prowling through the wide labyrinthine corridors in which it found itself, the creature kept every sense on high alert. The bombardment of terror and desperation had settled down into a pervasive feeling of fear, making the being uneasy. Sniffing cautiously at each open doorway it came across, it continued on its search.

Not for the first time, the creature looked down at its hands in puzzlement. For reasons that it couldn't quite identify, everything about its body felt strange. From the grayish-brown, stone-like skin to the massive, slightly curved claws, everything felt alien and awkward. Moving through the corridors wasn't easy either, as the creature's massive size made for a tight fit in some places. At least twice now it had been forced to pry open the large metal doors that blocked its way, and at least once it had gotten stuck.

Sniffing the air, the creature growled softly. A faint scent played through the small slits that served as nostrils. Something was injured, the scent of blood was faint but palpable. Furrowing its brow, the creature advanced as quietly as it could.
It had barely opened the door before it’s feet fell out from under it, starting to float in the air. How… interesting. It would have to quickly adapt, in case something chose to try and make the most of it’s temporary vulnerability. It’s claws sank into the metal plating that lines the walls and feelings, making a face considered a frown. It felt that there were easier ways to move in this environment… using its large claws, sinking them into the walls and ceilings was so… energy consuming. It began to formulate new plans, growing tiny, curved, serrated edges along it’s current claws, simply dragging them backwards, grinning, satisfied with the performance of it’s experiment.

With this new method of propulsion, the creature skittered across the edges of the halls, webbing it’s way towards the faint mental signatures it felt. It began to stick to the shadows and ceilings, the feeling of safety obviously spreading while it was there, knowing it would be unseen. There were a few groups of smaller creatures, casting glances at the creature as they floated along. Their glowing eyes, and scrambling limbs seemed to convey their weaknesses and faults. It seemed that they could not evolve, like it could. What a shame. Looking at itself, it slowly frowned again. If only it could aid these creatures… they seemed to struggle to no avail.

It quickly darted away, continuing on it’s journey throughout this alien environment. This place of darkness gave it time to think, time to learn about it’s surroundings. It didn’t know this place, didn’t know what it was, why it was here… however, it knew that danger lurked, and that it would have to learn how to survive quickly. It felt itself nearing… something. Different than the creatures it had encountered before. Their mental signatures felt different… much more… active. It could smell them from here, smelling more like the metal on the walls than the flesh and blood creatures that it had just passed. More observations were necessary to continue.

And after that, I would be able to determine whether or not to devour, or simply observe… observing and evolving, my current imperative.
Where did this mission decode to go all to hell. I mean there was supposed to be safety procedures and protocols that would have kept the specimens on ice, right? I think to myself as I look for a way around the locked door. As I search I hear the scratching of claws on steel not to far off and start to grow uneasy.
"Damn it I'm not dieing here, not now... I start to look more frantically for any means of escaping the on coming experiments. I notice a ventilation shaft just large enough for me to fit through on the lower left hand side of the door way and start to work on prying it open.
{Copy that. Trying to get through a door in my way} The sound of me trying to pry open the grate and the claws of one of the experiments could be heard in the background.
{Copy, we're coming quick as we can, but this stairwell isn't exactly safe. There's an experiment hiding somewhere-} I cut my sentence short as I spot a pair of glowing eyes two levels above us, my flashlight having caught them just right. "Straight up!" Almost in unison, my shotgun and the marine's Gauss rifle come up and my flashlight illuminates something that could only be described as formerly human. A rigid, black colored and spined carapace ran down it's back with a barbed tail running another two or three feet behind it. It's hands were barely recognizable, a black carapace on them as well with claws where it's fingers used to be. The face was covered with the same carapace and was slightly elongated, a snout having started to form.

I couldn't see the rest, cause my eyes having fixated on it's claws, still dripping with the blood of the engineer. "Fire." Between the slugs and the gauss spikes, there wasn't much left of the thing's top half, the rest fell back down the bottom of the stairwell, which suddenly lit up with the sound of scrambling feet, most of which were clawed, all of which could be heard over the com. "Ah hell, move!"

From that point it became a mad dash for the next landing, two flights of stairs ahead, with me, the crewman, and the marine desparately trying to maintain the lead. If we didn't, we were brunch. The marine paused for a moment and tossed a shredder grenade down the way we'd come then resumed running. Three seconds later it went off and the screeches of wounded and dying creatures and then the stairway crumbling, trapping anyone still alive down below on the same level as the Zerg and experiments. Slowing down, I shone my flashlight down to see orange and blue eyes looking up at me, some in anger, others in fear and yet more in anguish.

Shaking my head, I follow the other two up the last flight and through the door, forcing it closed behind us as the sound of clawed and bear feet came from further up, and turning around, checking the hall carefully for any further enemies. {Stairway's a no go. We made enough noise to get the attention of a good majority of the monsters and Zerg near them. We'll find another way up.} I nod to the marine and take a step forward as the screeches of the two levels of experiments and Zerg spotted each other, causing me to jump. Then they hit the door and I jumped again, not expecting it.

The marine laughs. "That door'll hold. We can take the aft stairs up to the armory. Should work." I nod and beckon him forward. We resume our trek to the third level, being a lot more careful about the amount of noise we make. The crewman, her face taunt with fear, was thankful to be with us and not alone.
I pry the grate open just in time to slide into the vent as several hybrids and feral zerg come up to the door. One manages to make a rather large gash in my leg as I entered the vent. I mutter a few curses as I exit the vent on the other side of the door.
{You'll have to hold the armory with out me. One of the blasted things made a gash in my leg. Last thing I want is the sent of my blood drawing them to the rest of you.} I say as I limp over to a wall adjacent from a set of lifts and stairs. I lower myself against the wall making sure I had cover on both side and above me before making an impromptu bandage to stem the bleeding from my leg.
I grunt into the com, waving the pair into an empty break room and closing the door, sealing it until we were ready to move on. {One step at a time. We just stopped off in a break room to rest up. It's fairly holdable for now. You should do the same, maybe rest up and let it heal some.} Stepping back, I look around and sigh in relief. There was food and water to last for a few hours. Speaking with the marine, we agree to rotate shifts for a bit and then I sit on the couch across from the crewman, him grabbing a stool and sitting near the door, watching and listening while I debated on whether I wanted to eat, sleep or just relax. Looking at the tired girl, who was laying down, I sigh.

"So what's your name?" She took a moment to realize I'd been speaking to her then replied tiredly.

"Anna Bishop. You?" I chuckle and lean back.

"Rave." She lifts her head and gives me a quizzical look, clearly confused.

"Just Rave?" I nod and take off my helmet, my spiky, blue hair sticking out in the light provided. Shaking her head in a confused manner, she lays it back down and is soon asleep.

{Crewman Bishop is asleep and my marine friend is on watch. How bad's the wound?}
{I've managed to slow the bleeding. Hiding in a pile of crates right now near the what looks like the main lifts. I think it will only be a matter of time before one of them catches my sent and get hungry enough to try to get me.... } I let of a small sigh as I keep watch of the entry way to the pile of crates that I had.
{I...I... I don't want to die... Not yet... Not here...}
Making a decision, I stand up, putting my helmet back on and picking up my shotgun and reloading it. Sharing a quick word with the Marine, he opens the door and I step out, marking the location of the break room on my HUD's map before heading further down towards the aft stairs. {What level are you on? I'm coming to you.} Making a split decision, I stow the shotgun on my back, turning on the flashlight on it, and instead activate the shield on my shield blade, activating a smaller flashlight on the side of my helm, the device popping out of the side and coming on.

What it illuminated was startling. Three dead experiments, killed by gauss spikes, but the owners of said rounds were no where in site. Moving slowly and carefully, I continue down the hall, my eyes watchful for anything.
I crawl forward and look towards the marking near the elevator.
{I can't tell. I lost my headset when the explosion happened and I don't have a flashlight. It might be level seven... You don't have to come for me....} I sigh into the comm shaking my head at myself. I sounded like a complete weakling. I wasn't preforming how I was trained to. I was simply being human.
{Listen Rave just stay where you are. It's very possible that someone else is heading towards where you are and they might be able to help you more than I could.}
I pause for a moment and tap my chin, looking around for the number before smiling and spotting this levels number a little ways down the hall from me, and it read seven. {Don't talk crazy. Besides, you're hiding out on my level as it is, so hold tight. It just might take a bit of searching to find the lifts.} Continuing down the hall as cautiously as before, I keep the blade up and read, listening carefully for the telltale sighn of something feeding or searching.

He clicked again, mapping the door out, finding any damage on it that would help him escape. He would force the door open, or break it if he needs to, and find some of the crew. He reaches for the door, his fingers slipping through the door and getting a grip on it. The screeching of metal sliding on metal hurt his sensitive ears until it became muffled.

Screech. Crash.

He advances through the door, seeking out whoever would be on the ship. Finding someone would help him start on gaining trust, and from there, he would find his way off his ship and back to his master. There were things needed to be done on this ship as well, and as soon as it was done, he could ensure there would be blood from-


He licks his lips, smelling fresh blood, recently split. He changes how he walks, going from a soundless walk to a louder walk, risking alerting other experiments in order to let people know he was approaching. He heard the scratching of claws, and knew something had heard him, and was making its way toward him. He picks up the pace, heading toward the smell of blood while hearing the sound of something else most likely racing him toward the same smell.


The sounds of the other were getting louder, but he hears words, panic and scared. Rounding the corner, he spies a few crewmen, some bleeding on the ground. He opens his mouth, speaking to the crewman: "Hurry, the experiments are loose! I'll try to delay the ones that are coming." He pivots on his heel, moving now toward the sounds of whatever experiment would show its presence.
I slide a crate forward covering the hole most of the way as I wait for someone or something to pass by.
{Well just give me a heads up when you are near.}
Ta-thunk. Ta-thunk.

The creature growled softly in irritation to itself, its heavy, bony knuckles making far more noise than it would have liked. Following the scent of blood, it had yet to encounter anything, which was starting to worry it. Every now and then it would hear echoes of sounds, growls and screams, and something that it identified as gunshots, though like many things how it knew that was still a mystery. However it knew this information, it did know that these sounds indicated that this strange place was inhabited by something other than itself.

Rounding a corner, it sniffed again. The scent was stronger here, coming from down the hallway. Chuffing curiously, it caught sight of some boxes in a nearby room and stalked towards them.
Hearing the heavy footsteps in the hall I quickly lower the sounds on my comm and peer through a gap in the crates trying to see what was making the sound.

I catch a glimpse of a massive lumbering hybrid walking towards the crates. I stifle any sound from myself as I ready my rifle. I wasn't going to fire at it unless I had to and I wasn't even sure the round would do anything to it.

I knew it was a matter of time before something found me. Now this lumbering hybrid that looks like it had the armor plating of an ultralisk and spikes on it's knees was what found me...
Rounding a corner, I spot the giant experiment and duck back around, cursing myself for not paying closer attention to the sounds. It wasn't like the footsteps were silent. Guess I got too busy listening for the ones that were trying to be sneaky. Turning off my external speakers, I speak into the com. {Jennifer? I might be a little delayed. There's a fairly large experiment between me and the next room.}

Large was an understatement. The thing could barely fit through the halls from the look of it, but it also seemed to have more direction than most of the other experiments, like it was searching for someone. Peeking around the corner, I shake my head and sheath the blade, drawing my shotgun again. {How close to this hulking thing are you?}

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