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I quietly move my hand up to the comm barely catching what Rave had said.
{I'm in that crate pile it is heading towards. I think it can smell my blood... Forget about me Rave just get yourself back to a safe area.} I say very softly into the comm mic.
It sniffed the air, feeling... Heavier. Was there gravity in this section of the labyrinth? It was much harder to move. It was now making a clicking noise as it crawled up on the ceiling, as it's claws forced their way into the metal linings of the halls. It came upon a pile of rubble, similar creatures to what it had seen before scrambling in futility to scale the near vertical wall that had been made recently. Once again, it felt pity. At the same time... It felt hunger. It slowly crawled towards the group, attempting to take a bite out of one of the creatures, extending it's neck from the wall it clung to, meeting fierce retaliation. It's jaws, thin and small, couldn't even fit the creature's meat in it's mouth. That would simply not do. They turned to it, and it felt a form of... Unnerving. It was annoying, a filthy feeling that it wanted to go away. It stayed on the wall, out of the now ferocious and violent creatures' reach.

They scrambled and, much like how they tried to go up the wall, to follow this path, they now clawed in futility at his wall. He began to crawl back up to the ceiling, out of their lines of sight. Immediately it felt better, and millions of different solutions to it's eating shortcoming came to mind. It felt it's back quickly, finding large bone plates extending from it's spine. Perhaps... It could use something similar?

It's jaws began to grow, becoming large and fan-like, extending out wards from it's face, retaining the vertical slit of a mouth. Bone plates, sharpened at the tips, began to grow, in two rows, interchanging, one on the outside of it's jawline, one on the inside, like a zipper. It closed it's new jaws, letting out something akin to a purr as it's mouth closed naturally and perfectly. The new changes to it's jaw structure allowed it to open it's mouth with such... Force. Looking down, the creature noticed the... Pack, as it were, still focused solely on the wall that it had been on before. Such single minded creatures, apparently. Silently crawling behind a straggler, it's jaws came together with a pop, severing through flesh and carapace like a meat cleaver, and it engulfed the piece whole, moving for two more bites before fleeing once more.

Satisfied with this new evolution, it continued on it's path, eventually coming to a closed door. Trying to pry it open seemed to do nothing worth noting, and it couldn't get it's jaws in a position to exploit them. However, air ducts lining the ceiling and walls looked fragile enough, and a quick tug made that theory a fact, as it's claws ripped off the grate covering the large air shaft, quickly crawling into the cramped space. It's body became more narrow as it crawled, adapting to the new environment, and beginning to pick up the trail of those it had been following beforehand.

It could barely contain it's excitement as it looked down, seeing something leaning against one of the walls. It stuck to the shadows again, making no form of sound. Looking around the corner, it saw what could only be considered a monster. Jeez, the thing was MASSIVE. It was like something on steroids, then given steroids, that got ripped, then had more steroids.

Back to the hiding fellow, though. The creature just sat, waiting for it to make it's move, dark skin melded into the darkness, peering eyes looking down at the figure.
{Negative. I don't leave team mates behind.} Leaning out, I decide that rather than risk a fight I don't know if I can win, I'll create a distraction. Looking around, I find a set of lost glasses on the floor nearby, probably dropped and lost in that weird explosion. Picking them up, I find a good angle and throw them into an adjacent room, hitting something metal and producing a loud clang. Take the bait...
{Damn it I'm injured. I'll slow you down and draw more of the damn things to our location.} I say cringing as I hear the noise from something.
{Please tell me that was you.}
OOC: Was supposed to post this last night, but my Halloween spirit got the better of me.


Doctor Macross typed away on the computer, using his office's back-up generator to power the machine. Fortune had favored him well. He and his son happened to be in there when the power went out, keeping them within the thick walls of his large office. However, his luck wasn't large enough to have any means of escaping. With time on his hands, he could probably find a way to escape and restore the power to the ship. But, the crew men could handle it. Using this opportunity to spend time with his son was more important to him then fixing a simple power problem. That was what the other scientists and engineers on deck were for.

He swiveled on his chair, turning his eyes away from the screen.

"Max! Come over here and we can play some computer games together!"

The still silence brought forth no response from his son. Macross rose from his seat, smiling a bit. It seemed that his son wanted to play hide-and-seek again.

"Alright, Max. We can play this one inside....."

He counted the numbers down out loud, grabbing a flashlight near him. As he was closer to finishing, noises were faint in the distance. Yelling was heard as crashing sounds occurred with them, but they soon became silent.

Idiots. The last thing we need is broken equipment.

"Four. Three. Two. One! Here I come!"

The flashlight pierced the darkness, revealing the occasional fallen piece of unimportant equipment. He slowly checked every hiding place around the office, but to no avail, the small child was not yet to be found. Worry filled Macross' eyes as he was unable to find him.

"Max..... Please come out. You're worrying me...."

His flashlight soon passed over the door, revealing where the boy went. The door had a part of a blanket sticking out. The soft material was cold to the touch, but it showed the small stain it had received earlier from lunch.

"Dammit, Maxfield....... I told you to stay.... I..."

Macross' fist found its way to the door. Pain spiked through his knuckle, but he proceeded to repeat the process until it started to feel numb. Fear filled his body as the realization that his son could be in extreme danger. Playing ignorant to the events occurring to comfort his son has paid him dearly. For all he knows, whatever was beyond the door could have killed Maxfield already.

Growling softly, the creature turned its head in the direction of the noise. Every sense straining for danger, it sniffed the air cautiously. A new scent was in the air, newcomers. Tensing its muscles, it cast a critical, yellow-eyed gaze around the corridors.

"Raow!" it barked, the deep-throated, gravelly sound echoing along the metal walls. Falling silent, it waited, then chuffed again. Nothing.

Turning its attention back to the boxes, it nudged one with its knuckles. Satisfied that they were no threat, it pushed them aside. Pushing its head into the small room, it rumbled in surprise.

Laying on the ground behind the boxes was a human, sparking a vague yet familiar memory in the creature's mind. The scent of blood was strong around it, its leg covered in red and white. A soft rumble rolled through the creature's chest as it quietly studied its find, uncertain of a threat or not. It certainly dwarfed the human, but the long, black object that it held in its hands sparked more vague memories, making it certain there was more to this prey than there appeared.

Lowering its head, it began sniffing at the human, wondering if perhaps it was the source of the constant fear and unease that plagued it.
I regained my senses to find that my face was in something wet and sticky and there was a nice meaty taste in my mouth, it was delicious. As I withdrew my face and got a good look at what had been presumably my meal I realized that something was not right. It was a human in what appeared to be some kind of coat. Even though it had tasted delicious something about it felt just, wrong. Then I remembered, I was human. The thing was that I knew that humans had no natural weaponry that could do what my feeding had done, did I use some kind of tool or weapon to cut him open like that? As I pondered this important little question I began to slowly shift my weight from one arm to the other which brought me to another question, Why am I on all fours? I stand up stand upright on my legs though it definately felt rather uncomfortable. I began to slowly walk the room which makes me curious, where was I? I was obviously in some kind of building or ship as the steel enviroment and large tubeish containers like the one that held me showed but I had no recollection of being brought here, in fact no recollection of anything at all.

As I began to rack my brain for memories I step on something and I feel a rather dull pain from some part of my body unknown to me. I look towards the ground to find the source of my distress and my blood chilled. I had stepped on a tail, which belonged to me, with inhuman, clawed feet, which belonged to me! I panicked and I began to realize that something had happened to me. I gently touched my skin with my fingers and realized that it had been replaced with a bony armor, and that my fingers had been reduced in number and switched out for large black claws. As I ran my serpent like tongue over my teeth I felt serrated daggers designed to cut flesh. A second later my mind was jarred from my condition to a loud banging that seemed to be coming closer by the second and while I pondered whether it was help instinct told me to run away, which I did by leaping up to a vent opening and ripping the cover off before running into it on all fours.
Mecha, you don't remember being human you dolt /facepalm

IC: Growling in quiet annoyance, I sprint into the room I'd thrown the glasses into and pick them up, throwing them further down the hall. Unfortunately, rather than hitting something metal, like I would have preferred, it hits another experiment, which screeches in anger. Scrambling for somewhere to go shortly after, I get behind the cupboards in the room and sling my shotgun, instead reactivating the blade on my shield blade.

The sound of large clawed feet soon began moving this way, moving with the purpose of eviscerating whatever had hit it. {Jennifer, I hope you can run. When whatever that thing is spots the other experiment, they'll clash. Think you can sprint around the corner on the other side of the one sniffing you?}
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Mecha, you don't remember being human you dolt /facepalm

As Experiments you will find yourselves cold, in bodies you're not used to. Your memories will have nearly been wiped, and as you emerge from your cryopods, you will remember only your names, and that at one point in time you were once human. Zerg Hybrids will find a form of exoskeleton covering most of their bodies, as well as a rapid regeneration ability, and Protoss Hybrids will find surgically attached tendrils to them, as well as a form of 'sixth sense', able to detect danger, though not to precisely pinpoint it.

Your argument is invalid. Now apologize.
I'm not apologizing, the name can wait until an appropriate time. Besides, I admit I made a mistake, that, however, doesn't change, nor require the change, of most of my post.
You still insulted him for no reason. You owe him an apology.
I really don't believe I do. I admitted I was wrong. I don't have to flat out say what I know you're trying to trick me into saying.
Why on earth do you think I'm trying to trick you? I'm asking you to be a good person and apologize.
Got to go with Thundercrash on this.. you did insult him zark.
And I don't always have the mind to be a good person. I'm not going to flat out say "I'm sorry" when I already admitted I made a mistake. That's all the apology he's gonna get.
Thundercrash and Steelwolf are right. Apologize for being an !@#$%^- to Mecha, Zarkun. It doesn't matter if it isn't the right time, but it still doesn't give you the right to insult someone. And admitting you are wrong is one thing, but saying that's all he going to get just makes you look like an even bigger dickhead than you are now.


Something stepped on a body, crushing bone. He knew he was close, hearing its breathing even before he was in the same hallway as it. It seemed it was also feeding on the body, judging by the smell of blood and fresh meat. It seems he would have his bout of combat since he woke from the pod.


Claws on metal, like the creature was moving to another body. He rounds the corner, spotting his prey off-the-bat. A female experiment, Zerg, mutated with claws and spiny armor. This didn't deter him from advancing, glancing at her with the cold calculation common for a Ghost. She drags her eyes up, spotting me, preparing to jump off of her four-legged stance, hissing at me with malice.


She bounds forward, jumping at him as he steps to the side. He pivots and kicks her in the ribs, altering her momentum off to the side. She recovers and bounds forward, slashing out at his torso, although she would soon discover that her opponent was like her, although faster. She falls forward, being pulled forth by her opponent. A knee rises up, smashing into her face as he continues his process of killing her.

Too long.

He enjoyed fighting someone else once again. Although he wasn't designed to kill everything in sight, some things can't be bred out of the creatures. Some things, despite the changes, were too embedded to be forgotten. She falls backwards and he kicks the side of the head. She catches the leg as it returns and tosses him down the hallway, pouncing after him. He kicks her over him, getting up and looking around.


He jumps over and grabs the weapon, rolling along the ground and standing back up, letting out two shots into her torso. This didn't stop her, and she charges, taking two more shots as the small weapon kicks in his hand. The claws slice the pistol open, but he uppercuts her, dislocating her jaw. He takes a step back, planning his next moves and probing her mind as she takes a step back, resetting her jaw with a hiss and a growl.

"Let's go, then." He says, smiling, and she hisses in response, continuing once more with the attack.
As far as you're concerned, I'm always a *%%#@!%*, so I don't give a damn. I'm not apologizing, end of story.
As far as I'm concerned, you USED to be an !@#$%^-, but now you're just doing a fantastic job of making yourself look like an even bigger one. Sad part is that I used to look up to you, thinking you were a role model for others, but time has shown me otherwise.
I don't care what others think. If I did, I'd be one more fake @ss human being. Sh!t happens, move on.
Wonderful parenting skills there, Zark.

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