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I don't reply as I limp along side him using the right wall for support keeping my left arm able to use my rifle.

The female experiment leaps into action once more, bounding across towards him with hate in her eyes. She leaps, claws extended, but she misses him as he leaps aside, causing her to crash into the wall. They stand up again, and she charges.


Her claws lash out, slicing through the air toward him, but she would soon be privy to an issue. He steps aside, and with a psionic boost through his suit, he unleashes a lethal barrage of punches and kicks. After every hit had landed, almost eight seconds of lightning fast kicks and punches, she stumbles backwards, dazed and confused.


He knees her straight in the face, throwing her on her back. Too late, he underestimated the creature he was fighting, for she had recovered faster than he had thought. As he goes to deliver the killing blow, she leaps up and starts cutting away on his suit and trying to decapitate him.


The experiments stiffens and turns, hissing, looking for the source of the shot, and he takes the moment to kick her off over his head. He gets up to get between her and the shooter, pivoting around to face the experiment. "Here!" He takes his eyes off the clambering experiment, catching a C-7 Pistol and firing straight at the experiment's head, finally shattering it in a gory mess.


He turns around, reversing the grip and giving the pistol back to the crewman. "Thanks for the pistol. It definitely didn't want to die." The crewman receives the pistol, and asks "No problem. So..... A ghost on this ship? Who are you and what are you doing here?" The Ghost smiles at the crewman, and says "Jason. I was trying to keep the ship's creatures contained.... I guess at this point it might as well be kill them if they can't be captured."

UBD, if you don't want me using some of the Crewman, then let me know, and I'll stop/
Devon arises once more, hand slowly retreating into his coat. The thing would no doubt get in the way at a later date, so perhaps removing it soon would be the wisest of ideas. Well, after retrieving something important, that is.

With a swish of the coat and a sleight of hand, he whips the simple lab wear off and simultaneously draws a small automatic pistol, an old family heirloom. True, the little mechanical marvel was nowhere near as outright powerful as a good spikethrower, but in the right hands...

Kicking off his little corner and taking care not to float errantly out of his intended path, his hand finds a small pair of glasses held to a charging dock on his workdesk. Plucking the glasses-like tool and placing them over his eyes while simultaneously praying the surging ship hadn't fried the delicate electronics, he turns them on. Immediately, a small holographic display comes up, trying to connect to the ship's systems. Letting out a sigh of relief, he begins telling the little machine to cease reconnecting to the ship's dead computers, and, with a few eye gestures, activates the small light embedded in their frame. With a grin, he carefully moves over to the door.

Clip, you take over. I've got something to mull over, and you're a better shot anyway.

Almost immediately, the background feeling of panic dulls. Almost like magic, his movement slows and the frantic beating of his heart begins to quell to a less attack-worthy pace. And someone who was not quite himself begins to send a few small commands to his hacked-up glasses, painting the world a bunch of hues, ranging from the warm oranges and reds dressing his hands to the cold, near-blacks that permeated the hull outside the room...

With a beep, the lone portal separating the man from a cooled hallway gives way. "Where to, Devon? I think it'd be best to start fixing this power problem." Cliptrick says, his flashlight not quite cutting thoroughly enough through the darkness draping the hallway.

Whatever you deem necessary. Just don't act like a fool, and everything should run fine. Perhaps fixing the power would be a high priority... Its getting rather chilly in here.

With a bought of suppressed laughter, the alternate personality bounds from wall to hull, sending him rocketing down the hallway at a dizzying pace.


The thing awoke, driven from its sleep by what it could only describe as a shrill, painful scream. Grasping the sides of his head in pain, the former human could feel pain washing away what few sane thoughts rocket about within the confounds of its mind. Whatever was causing this rending, agonizing pain simply had to be silenced, by whatever methods available.

Forcing itself off of the dimly lit corner of the ceiling, it surged towards the doorway holding it from whatever was causing it pain. And abruptly as that source of pain had began, it simply ceased, just in time for it to reach the door.

Replaced by something much, much louder. And with one and a half hells of a lot more reverberation.

For but a lone moment, a minute spark of clarity and voice of reason made it pause. With its hands already poised to open the blocking door between it and freedom, something drove it to wait, if only for a single mom-


A shallow dent decided to abruptly make its existence known, a few feet down from where Marx stood. Eyes skewing in confusion, that sudden desire to make himself not known assailed him with fresh strength. Forcing himself down in time to mask himself from something awfully loud and shaking, he grips at the door's glass window to sneak a peek at whatever it was that was making all that racket.

In retrospect, perhaps that may have not been the wisest of ideas. The massive mountain of a creature barreled down the corridor it had once pondered entering without a second thought, striking fresh fear into the hybrid. He couldn't help but simply watch the thing thunder down the corridor, filled with both awe and panic at its enraged state...
Alright. I understand that the little argument you guys were having, while justified in some ways, crossed some boundaries in others, is over now.
However, can we please just try to be decent, non-d!ckish people, and do what we all enjoy doing, which is RP-ing? Possibly bring whatever complaint you have with me, who will then in turn relay it, or answer any qualms you would have?
Just an idea.

Something had alerted the larger creature, which had been poking around beforehand. A high pitched, screeching wail, as it could be described, reverberated inside it’s skull for what felt like minutes. Such a noise was oddly… painful to the creature. It growled softly, near silently, and continued scurrying along, over the now charging creature, hoping to remain hidden. It darted quickly over to the boxes the hulk of a creature had pushed away, and began to peer around. The two familiar, however unusual scents had begun to flee from the scene, and thus, it would follow. Crawling easily along the walls and ceilings of the corridors, it caught up easily to the slower, burdened creatures.

Armor and weapons shone against their bodies, and, while it didn’t know exactly what they were, it had a good idea. Memories of death and fire, pain and mutilation, all around it, flashed through it’s mind quickly. It hid in the shadows, letting out a small click, loud enough to be heard, but also quiet enough to make it seem like it came from much further down the hall. One of the two seemed to be injured, as it glared down at the two, intent on keeping pace with them.

It briefly thought of the screech it had heard… no, not even heard, simply felt, in it’s inner being. It was an interesting ability… whatever had happened. It stopped for a second, blinking and causing a similar click, before continuing above the two, in deep thought. Could IT do something similar? It was unsure. It felt like the idea of… broadcasting thoughts was just… right. It felt like it SHOULD be something it could do, as if it were a part of it’s biology it had just up and forgotten. It began to try and concentrate, continuing to crawl on the ceiling above the two, trying to extend it’s thoughts to them.

‘H-Hello? Does this work? Do I work? Am I functioning? Oh my, this is… different. You two. Can you hear me? I can hear me, but that’s mainly because I’m thinking to myself, and hoping you can hear me as well… that’s confusing.’
It blinked, and hung it’s head in slight embarrassment at it’s feeble first attempt at communication, crawling silently on the ceiling still.
I stop and swing the SMG around, sweeping the corridor. "Who's there?" I've got to be crazy, but I could have sworn I just heard someone in my head. Looking around, I slowly draw the other SMG, keeping one level with the hall back the way we'd came and another level in the other direction, the way we were going. "If you're human, or...somewhat human and don't intend to eat us, show yourself."
The creature let out another click. This was a very risky situation. It frowned, as it understood the words said by the others clearly. It extended it’s thoughts again.
‘No, I can’t say I intend to devour you. No, I don’t believe I am a… hoomen, as you call it. Also, I have been following you with the intent of observation. I seek to evolve, and survive. If I show myself, then there’s a significant lack of safety for my well being. As odd as this all is, I don’t know really anything that’s going on around here, and I don’t want to startle you two with my appearance, as I’m certain it’s fairly different than your own. I’ll come out if you promise not to fire your weapons or move to harm me in any way.’
"Your not crazy I heard it to." I say as I lean against the wall bringing my rifle about looking around the hall. I look up towards the ceiling not really able to tell what is up there due to the dim light level.
Upon hearing the creature's second reply I lower my rifle slightly.
"I won't shoot or harm you unless you provoke me to."
"Well, so long as you don't try to put a claw or spine in us, we'll hold our fire." Turning off my external speakers, I speak into the com mic, still sweeping the halls for movement. {I don't think it's a Zerg experiment. Even if it is though, it's proven...I suppose more reasonable than others.}
{From what I can sense it might be zerg. You are right however, it is being more reasonable than the others.} I keep looking around the ceiling for anything lurking above us.
It looked down at the two, slowly crawling down the wall, and standing up on the floor, standing about as tall as a Marine in full combat gear. It was thin and bony, with obvious claws and spikes protruding from it’s extremities. Smooth bone plates formed a zipper like formation along it’s vertical slit mouth, and it had a slight hunch to it’s posture, more bone blades extending from it’s back. It slowly took steps towards the two, the slits on it’s cheeks flaring open and taking in their scents.

‘I appreciate your understanding. As I said, I have no intention of harming either of you. The mindless ones, however, are much easier to hunt, and smell more like food either way. Now...’

It crouched down in front of Jennifer, smelling the blood coming from her leg, and opening it’s mouth wide, a long, serpent-like tongue, long and thin, extended, lapping up some of the blood and quickly retreating.
‘You’re injured… That explains the pace you two were going at. Do you need assistance?’
I frown at the experiment, having no recollection of having seen it in all my various stations, but stay true to my word, instead aiming further down the hall and listening for more experiments. "Well, seeing as our large hulking friend is making enough noise to be heard two levels up and down, I'd say combat assistance is unneeded. However, the extra cover would come in handy."

Always that smell, the appetizing scent of injured prey. In this case, this prey would become Jason's new allies. He walks back with the crewman who had aided him, a crewman named Carl. Carl gave Jason repeated nervous looks, but Jason ignored them. He walks in front of Carl, tracing the route back while listening for more of the experiments. There didn't seem to be any more coming.


They round the corner, finding the crew that Jason defended. They were in a bad way, with four of them walking and three crippled in one way or another. This didn't concern the Ghost at all, and he walks over to the group. Many nervous glances are put in Jason's direction, but he kneels next to an injured female crewman, smelling the powerful scent of split blood on both her clothes and her hair. She looks at Jason with a scared expression, holding a rag to a head injury.


Jason sighs, and says "Are you OK?" The crewman nods, but says nothing. He stands up, balling his fists, causing the crew to cast nervous glances to each other, afraid he would attack them. In reality, he was reeling in the temptation to consume them, to kill each one of them there and now. He didn't realize that he was balling his fists until a few seconds after he started. He would use that slip to his advantage.


"Damn creatures killing good men and women...." Jason mutters, loud enough for them to hear. He clears his own throat, and says "Alright, is there some place you guys can get to for safety?" A shrug from most of them, but Carl speaks up. "I have a radio on me. If any of the channels work, I can see if there is any place to go to." Jason nods, and says "Do so, please." Carl takes a step away, and Jason turns toward the others. "Support who you can. Anyone have a shotgun?" Someone points at the wall, where a shotgun with blood on it was laying.


Jason steps over to the body, and kneels down next to the crewman, closing his eyes and whispering, too low to be heard by the others: "I promise to get them to safety.... then I'll burn it all down." He stands back up, and grabs the shotgun, a good-old-fashion Torrent Shotgun.


{Anyone on this channel, come in. This is Carl on level 10, requesting location for a place to regroup, We have three injured crew members and need medical attention. Repeat, anyone on this channel, this is Carl on level 10, requesting regroup location. We have injured.}
As I crawled along through the vents to hopefully find a way out of this place a shrill scream hits me and I roar in pain, which unbeknownst to me reverberates throughout all of the vents for all to hear. The scream shoots through my head and I lie on the floor of the vent for a few minutes before shakily getting up.
"Like he said. I can find medical assistance later." I say as I shift putting my injured leg a little bit farther from the creature. I didn't recognize it from any of the labs that I was posted in but then again I wasn't given guard duty for the labs very often.
The marine shot a glance back at Doctor Frohmet. The man had recovered from his breakdown enough that he was no longer chanting about how bad the situation was. Though the man did look funny.

They were in a no gravity zone. This was no problem for the two marines in power armor, magnets kept them attached to the ground. The doctor on the other hand was holding on to the back of his wing man's armor, and looked like some sort of oddly shaped cloak. Every time the marine took a step Doc. Frohmet would kind of bob up and down as the kinetic energy transferred to him. Perhaps he looked more like a flag than a cloak.

Perhaps some questions were in order. "So Doc. Any experiments we should be particularly wary of?"

The doc looked up as though surprised. "Uh... yea. Several are resistant to small arms fire... Uhhhh.. Your rifles should be powerful enough to penetrate at any range you'll find inside the ship though... Anddd... A lot of the Protoss ones could project basic psionic shields. Were quite proud of that development... A lot of the Zerg hybrids demonstrated significantly increased perception... So if you see them, they saw you first... Mostly... We were smart enough not to try any baneling strains... So... Hopefully nothing will explode... OH! Some of the Protoss hybrids demonstrated significant psionic control, as a matter of fact, we had to put three down because they were attempting to dominate members of the science team... Director wasn't happy... And then... ohmygoodness wearedoomed."

The marine looked at the suddenly distraught scientist. "Spit it out doc."

The scientist swallowed. "We made what amounts to a stable changeling. It was even demonstrating a tendency towards spontaneous evolution. Not only can it look like any of us... At least, it should be able to... It can change its form on the fly, adding spikes, increasing mussel density. Heck, it could grow gills if it wanted."

The marine nodded as he processed this. "How many of those are there?"

The scientist sighed. "Only one. We had two, but our first attempt failed. It exploded after a certain time in holding."

The marine nodded again. "Good to know. We will be at the armory in a moment."
It felt… hindered… impatient. This was too slow, and the female was most likely not helping herself in this kind of situation by walking. It turned to the both of them, then stopped, in front of Jennifer, crouching down, and groaning softly as it’s body began to change again. The spikes that had lined it’s back slowly evened out, sliding back into it’s skin, as it’s ribs changed, curving outwards from it’s back, before continuing in their natural direction. This formed a kind of crater-like formation on it’s back. Big enough for the female to climb on and hold onto it, allowing their mobility to increase exponentially. Secondly, it had noticed that it’s claws were holding it -onto- the floor again. The gravity was still out… which would mean that if she deactivated whatever had been keeping her on the floor, it could carry her without a second thought.

‘Deactivate your magnets, and allow me to get the injured to your destination. The quicker she is treated, the more quickly I can return to deal with the ones coming for us up ahead.’ There were faint scents further down the hall, and it frowned, wondering if it were creatures like these two, or the mindless ones.
‘Nonetheless, we must traverse this labyrinth quickly.’
Holstering my SMGs, I unsling the shotgun and flip the tactical flashlight on, swinging the light back and forth, looking for tell tale signs of experiments or Zerg. "I doubt there's any coming from up ahead, a marine named Gerold and I sealed the door. The break room we'll be in is relatively secure with only one vent leading to it. Of course, that's assuming nothing else has figured out the vents already."

That thought didn't even cross my mind. Turning off my external speakers, I speak into the com mic again. {Gerald? Don't watch the door, watch the vent. The Zerg at the very least will start using them soon if they aren't already.} A small grunt comes from the other end of the line, to which I frown at.

{Already am, though mainly because of that god awful scream that tore through mine and Anna's heads.} I frown and look back the way we'd come again, So they'd heard it as well. Maybe I should investigate it. Ten creds say some of the eggheads are still running tests despite the situation.
A soft tapping sound echoed down the corridor, and a man floated around the corridor. The white lab coat and silver visor that he wore indicated his position as a scientist, but based on the patches of blood splattered across it, he had seen some action recently.

Raising his head, he caught sight of Rave and Jennifer. "Soldiers! Oh, thank god! You've got to come with me, they've got it cornered on the next level, but....." his face grew slack as he caught sight of the hybrid with them. "What.....is that! Why is that thing still alive?! Don't you know what these things are capable of?!" His voice grew shrill with fear, his expression borderline panicking.
The creature stood up at the sound of a new voice, turning and seeing a scientist propel down the hall. It’s head tilted to the side, a look of unimpressment on it’s face. It’s clawed toes began to tap against the floor, keeping it’s form rooted in the no-gravity environment. It’s arms crossed, obviously a bit irritated at the scientist’s notable fear of it. It’s voice echoed within the Scientist’s mind, as well as the others.

‘No, I don’t think any of us do. If you would be as kind as to tell us, perhaps I could use my abilities to their full potential, and help get you to the safe room. Also, to answer your question, formed moreso as a statement, I am an experiment, of what, I really don't know what I am. You're a scientist, judging from your clothing, and lack of combat gear. Hopefully, you could alert me to exactly what I am? These two don't seem to know, and I'm fairly curious myself.’

The Ghost turns his head toward Carl, forcing himself out of his thoughts. "Yes?" He asks, but judging by the look on the crewman's face, most likely no one responded. This was confirmed moments later when Carl says "No one is picking up over the radio." He didn't continue, but Jason could guess what he was thinking, even without reading his mind.


"Well, for now, we have some people injured. We need to head to a Medbay." Jason checks his shotgun, having collected ammo from the dead crewman, and reads the mind of one of the crew, getting a path to it from their location. One of his most powerful assets, being able to read the mind of someone else.


"Carl, can you carry one of them? I need someone in the back with another shotgun." Carl nods, moving over to a wounded crewman and helping him up. Jason signals to the crewman with a shotgun to cover the back, and as the others pick up the injured, he smiles to himself,


His acute hearing finds another enemy in the distance, another experiment too far away to be a threat, for now anyways. He checks the other crewmen with a glance, and signals for them to move. Tracing the steps taken by one of them some time ago, he makes his way with confidence, ready for the experiments and any of the crew.

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