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Name: Rave
Race: Human
Age: 26
Skill Set: Advanced CQC training, Wilderness survival skills, Combat Lifesaver, Hand-to-Hand specialist
Equipment: Shield blade, twin SMGs, M-128 semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun, Halo 4 Venator armor painted white and forest green
Appearance: 5'10", blue, spiky hair, ice blue eyes, 195 lbs, thin, but deceptively strong.
Abilities: Shield Bearer, Supressive Fire, Charge, Incendiary Rounds, Plasma Coating (Coats his sword with a super heated layer of metal for a short period of time), Enhanced Reflexes (In a close quarters fight, Rave reacts faster than other soldiers)
Back story: Rave was born on an unimportant planet known as Roxis X. The only feature of note was the rich mineral nodes that were hidden in the crevasses between the mesas that made up most of the planet surface. The cities on each mesa preferred to live independently of the other mesas, resulting in many nations of varying sizes depending on the size of the mesa. Rave was born to a family who lived in the third most powerful "country," in a high end hospital. The mesas all fought for control of the mineral nodes, as whoever held the most nodes held the most sway with the Dominion representatives there on the planet.

Rave was taught how to fight from a young age, his father a decorated veteran of the Crevasse Wars, and taught how to use all the firearms the military issued, but focused mainly on close combat weapons like SMGs, shotguns and carbines. When he turned 18, Roxis was annexed into the Dominion and he was given an opportunity to enlist with the Dominion military. He served with them for six years before going freelance as a mercenary. Was offered a position on the team by his old CO Jamal Jones for his close quarters and hand-to-hand skills.

I think I'll just recycle Rave if that's alright.

Edit-I'll quote this, but here it is.

So this is seen. And War, A-32 is just on Hiatus until smylez can get some free time.
looks good zarkun. I'll add in a bit.
Alright, gave Nathan a passive.

He's good in my books.
ok all sheets have been added. ya'll can make more than one char ... and could use a few more combat personnel.
Name: ST-7
Race: Terran protoss hybrid assault mech android
Age: ?
Skill Sets and/or primary field of training: Combat (Assault, Infiltration, Defense, Demolitions, etc.)
Abilities: Defensive Matrix (Creates a nigh impenetrable forcefield around itself ranging from a few inches away from it's surface to several meters. The larger the shield can be moved through but will stop anything past a certain velocity. ST-7 cannot move while it's active) Overcharge, Self-destruct (This will be disabled at the start of the RP due to safety procedures), Self-repair nanites.
Appearance: Looks like a suit of CMC armor, but much more streamlined and efficient as there is no actual occupant.
Equipment: Twin arm-mounted plasma carbines and built-in light plasma cannons, Psi gauntlets, Solar focus rifle, Twin force blades, Demolitions kit, Numerous built-in utility devices.
Backstory: A mysterious gift to the expedition from an unknown benefactor. An in-depth investigation into it's inner workings and programing have found no malicious intent. However, it's self-destruct sequence has been disabled out of precaution.

* * *

You wanted more dakka dakka boom, here ya go.

And a cookie to whoever can find the hidden reference with this guy.
Name: James Aaron Corvintus aka Deathstrike

Race: Human

Age: 28

Skill Sets and/or primary field of training: Subversion, Assassination, Advanced Survival skills, Urban assault, Rapid assault, CQC expert, Hand-to-hand specialist, Long Range threat removal

Abilities: Snipe, Suppressive fire, Cleaving Blow, Poison Coat, Silent Movement (Passive- Moves with the utmost of stealth at all times, even casually), Unyielding (Passive-Won't give ground in an engagement without an order)

Appearance: No helmet appearance- Short, cropped black hair, cold blue eyes, handsome face that ladies would love to kiss.Full armor- Form fitting armor that rumors say can withstand several Punisher grenades directly. Slight bulge on the shoulders and ammo pouches everywhere; across his chest and around his waist and half way down his thighs with a knife in his right boot. Armor is painted half red and half black, with the face of the helmet containing no obvious visor and the helmet loosely shaped like a human skull with the facial features worn nearly flat, with the jaw bones, ear lobes on the side, block chin and remaining shape of the eye sockets being the most prominent features of the helmet. Boots are arguably a separate part of the armor, though no weaker than the rest of it. Stands Six foot, six inches

Equipment: Bleeder double-edged longsword, Twin Striker semi-auto .45 caliber pistols, Hellfire SMGs, Beheader Assault rifle with DeathsScythe Grenade launcher attachment and adjustable zoom scope, Combat and throwing knives, Wears the Death's Visage Assault Armor (Description in appearance)

Backstory: James Aaron Corvintus grew up the youngest of six in the slums of Korhal IV, where gang violence, prostitution, drugs and murder were a common thing. Almost as common were the drug busts and shoot outs between the police and the gangs that ruled the slums. James's family were all members of various gangs, who were friendly and cordial with each other when they weren't trying to kill each other. As such, family life was stressful, with his mother forced into being a hooker for a man who James quickly came to hate at a young age, as the man regularly made him sit in and watch his mother work for her survival and beg that the pimp not kill him when she didn't make her quota. Now, his mother was far from unattractive, but he didn't know his father because of the life style she was forced into. Her implants had failed a few times with a client and he was one of the results. The pimp, as James learned it was called, made her get the implants fixed and have the surgeries needed to be restored to her former beauty and...usefulness, in the pimp's eyes.

When James turned fourteen, the pimp was going to force him into a life style like his, and Jason wasn't going to have it, so, when the pimp wasn't looking, James grabbed the pimp's pistol from his desk and emptied the entire clip into the pimp's back, fear and rage the only thing in his eyes with each trigger pull. His mother, who watched the whole ordeal in amazement, ran up to him and comforted him. The action had brought both tears of rage and fear to his eyes, and his mother wasn't going to have it. Grabbing the money the pimp had made off her over the course of the day, around 10,000, they left the slums and Korhal behind. Where they went was unknown to anyone who cared, which wasn't many of James's siblings, if any.

Rumor has it that the transport ship they were on exploded, killing all of the passengers. Others think they were taken by pirates and forced to become pirates themselves. No one knows the truth. All they knew was one day ten years later a man wearing armor that was half blood red and half black arrived in the slums, looking for work. The armor alone was intimidating, with slightly bulged shoulders, ammo pouches everywhere with grenades at regular intervals, two pistols on the hips, several knives at his waist and one in his boot along with two SMGs on his lower back. On his back was a single double edged sword and a scoped assault rifle with an attached grenade launcher. The helmet had no obvious visor, though it was clear that he could somehow see out of it and it had a vague human skull shape to it. The armor served to show off the wearer's large physique and the boots were steel toed and armored. Soon after he appeared, he began taking jobs from local gangs and clearing out rivals of the employer, though he wasn't your typical merc, sometimes turning on the employers after receiving payment. The man showed no mercy, remorse or hesitation, and was skilled at range and face to face, killing all challengers with relative ease.

Soon the gangs realized that if they wanted to survive, they'd have to kill the man and make an example of him. So they went after him at the place he was staying, a rundown hotel called Molly's Skirt. What they found instead of the man who was wiping them all out was rather, well, lets just say they went out with a bang.Soon this mysterious man started to use the moniker Deathstrike, as he has yet to miss a target or have one escape. Some say he's the missing James Corvintus, others a mad man without morals. However, anyone who's ever seen his face is dead, so there's no way to confirm either rumor. All you can do is pray you aren't his target. Was hired on to the expedition for the number of skills he has.

Note: He IS NOT psionic. He's just REALLY good at what he does. Nothing more, nothing less. Also, he's got a mind Psionics can't get into for some reason. Certainly not a Psi Screen. Of course, who'd want in the head of a man who's killed his share of Ghosts?

This guy was technically predesigned, though for a different purpose. You need combat, I can do combat.
LOL, I'm not sure who is made of higher grade OP Bullsh!ttium, James or ST-7...
I spent weeks on this character, thank you. He's not invincible, he just abuses his reputation. Not even marauder armor can stand up to Punisher grenades.
looks good both of you. I'll get em added in a bit.
We still need a few more people sadly..

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