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Who is in plat/diamond/masters league and knows how to beat terran? I just can't kill them no matter what I do. I harass the shiiit out of them in the beginning with some stalkers if they don't build a bunker in their natural right away, but other than that, if he goes macro cc, which he usually does, after that point on, I'm on the defensive 99% of the time until I just die. If I go colossus he builds vikes right away and completely nullifies it, if I go HT I have a slight chance to survive with zealot archon storm first. but after that, ghosts appear and just completely kills me with EMP. I even separate my HT from the group, and storm, but dang these higher league guys can preemptive split and stutter step micro so well, my storms aren't very effective. after that I just end up losing the engagement and then the entire game. I feel like toss is on a back leg no matter what. Terran just has the upper hand in every situation. Their army composition is just too efficient at hard countering protoss. Oh yeah and not to mention, we have no harass options, oracle is a POS and warp prism is no match against multiprong drop.

The thing I really don't get is, how could terran lose the first few engagements, literally all their units whether its their drops including the dropship, or losing their whole army in a two base battle, how do they just get back up with no problem and just defend their base from a counter attack, and then eventually just coming back and destroying me completely? Even when I lose only an 1/8th of my army defending. I DON'T FREAKING GET IT. If I just lose my colossi or HT I'm dead....doesn't even matter if I have a million stalkers and zealots. Terran just stim, target fire colossus, and the rest of the gateway units just get eaten alive. Its so worth it for terran to focus target colossi for the few seconds to get rid of them and then just stutter step engage warpgate units. If HT/archon/zealot is first then they just preemptive split, storm dodge, and then just stutter step zealot archon since dps and range of MMM is so high.

So like I asked, what do you guys in higher leagues plat/diamond/masters do against a plat/diamond/masters terran?? how do you beat them? or is it impossible to engage directly?
I really think its a balance issue at this point.
Are you using Force Fields ? They can´t kill what hey can´t reach. Make sure you get a good position, so they can´t run around your Force Fields.

Also make sure you don´t get behind in upgrades. U should basically always be ahead in upgrades and always get armor first vs T.
Keep your colossi alive by focus firing the vikings with stalkers. Blink makes this easier. Later, storm the vikings or use archons to deal splash damage to them.

Warp in more zealots to reinforce in fights.

Try flanking with templars. If the terran kites back and runs into two templars which storm his whole army, he's in a bit of trouble.

Harass is insanely important in PvT. Zealots in the main are good (to kill add-ons, key buildings, workers, supply depots, etc). Zealots at other bases are good too (kill workers or turrets). See if you can sneak a DT in to do damage. 1 turret isn't enough to stop a DT, as they need units too. Even if they have 1 planetary and 1 turret, use a few DT's and/or zealots to snipe the turret, then kill workers. Both pylons and warp prisms are useful. You can try storm drops. As a last resort, on some maps you can blink stalkers behind the mineral lines at a planetary fortress, where they're out of range of the planetary fortress but still prevent SCV mining. If you can kill the terran's economy, you're in a good place.
Post a replay, otherwise we really can't help you.

But I will try.

Since you seem more inclined to 2-base templar, here is a guide:

Terran has a bit of an advantage over Protoss at the moment, they have really good, cheap units with a lot of mobility, that do a lot of damage. I think the key is all-ining or keeping really good map vision to counter their mobility.
Best low-maintenance fix suggestion:

Get Sentries with Guardian Shield and Force Field, and keep them alive.

GS doesn't require high micro, and is easily the most important thing you can do. It won't give you an auto-win, but you should use it every engagement. Keep the sentry at the back of your army so it doesn't get killed. Even if it's weapon isn't used, its still more than worth it due to the total damage reduction.

Also, you are misunderstanding Oracles. Yes they are flimsy, and not really something you want to mass, but a proxy Stargate can end a game in PvsT even at M and GM level, and it's not even a lot of micro involved. You have to follow the harass with blink stakers, and you need to focus fire to get best results.
10/30/2013 11:24 PMPosted by TheVoid
If I just lose my colossi or HT I'm dead....doesn't even matter if I have a million stalkers and zealots.

Because by that point in the game, the Zealots and Stalkers are just meatshields and, respectively, harassers and Viking killers, which is why you have Colossi and HT to fight the Bio.

It's like how if a Terran loses all his Vikings and Medivacs, a Colossus-based force will generally dominate him.
Here are some practice games against a teammate of mine.. pretty much pulled out every build that there is in these games.


Watch all 3 parts of the daily, this build from naniwa utilizes early HT and transitions quickly into colossus. Against gold/plat/diamond/masters opponents, i rarely ever lose unless i make a mistake
The most successul way i've seen to beat Terran with Protoss is these tricky two-base all-in/timings around 12 or 13 minutes. These usually involve several Immortals and a few Archons. Along with the usual Zealot, Stalkers, Sentries. Trap abused MMA with this kind of build in the Seaon 3 Finals a couple weeks ago. Hope this helps.

If you find yourself dying to multiple drops have your army in one place and an observer in an area where you cannot defend your base fast enough, so you can warp in units there once you see drops coming in. From there on get 6 gases to make that collosus-HT army. Defending drops is hard and you need to protect your collosus at all cost.
you have to scout a little bit, get a mothershipcore in case you feel that they will attack you before you got upgrades/templars/colossi

if they dont, feel free to take 3 bases and get colossi/templar + zealot archon (i like to get 4-5 phenixes to shut down drop play, kill medivacs and force the terran to focus fire my colossi because they will otherwise shoot the phenixes (higher attack priority).

Then i just A move and sometimes i like to pull army together, so the terran army is in range of my templars.

If they have ghosts, i chronoboost around 5 observers out and place them around my army,

I rarely harrass the terran before lategame, units are so expensiv and need too much attention early game so i mostly get 1-2 stalkers, a core and then i get a robo for observers.

sometimes terran players go really aggressive, it is best to let them be aggressive and get your 3rd base when you can actually hold it. (i love to take a third at ten minutes, but i wont be able to hold it vs an aggressiv terran so i get it later, sometimes even at 16 -18 minutes.

note: i dont care about pro plays, pros, all i do is freestyle, not too efficient, but it works well enough to win most of my games
I use to be high plat - low dia several months ago until I left league with 70% winrate vs terran this is what I do

I usually 1 gate FE build few zealots and stalker for early def then colli tech with double forge. Also if terran dropping you Remeber not to be supply blocked when he's dropping because you can't warp anything in also try to put 1-2 DT in each base if he's dropping. When he's attacking you try do some zealot drop or HT drop. Remeber to use guardian shield when engaging there army and use early sentry to pheniox scout them. Rember not to go all stalker make usually zealots and handful of stalker and target the Vikings.
I didn't play much last season, but have you tried taking super early 3rd? I 1 gate expand->robo->3rd nexus. If you can hold onto the 3rd you have absolutely ridiculous amounts of resources. After 3rd nexus, I get 2 more gates(3)-> robo bay-> 2 more gates(5)-> double forge+ twilight council-> double ups+charge+ht->more gates. And then you just walk over the terran army.

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