Can someone teach me an all in?

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I have never learned one but i know they are powerful so id like to know at least one
forge fast expand into 7gate +1 attack timing ; or 4gate or etc
Don't learn to all-in. Be original. Play macro.

Don't be like literally every other toss player.
I've been playing around with this Naniwa Immortal / Zealot all-in. Only practiced with it, since I play so little as toss, but it's a fun build if you want to try it.
10/28/2013 10:02 PMPosted by MuphynMan
Don't be like literally every other toss player.
9 pylon
12 gate
Start gas right before gate finishes, immediately start cyber, and then a pylon
take dudes out of gas at 50 gas, get warpgate, build probes to 24, then 4 more gates.
Warpgate 90%, send dude out for proxy pylon and move out existing zealots.
Mak zealots, kill dem.

Very solid against zergs, okay vs toss
Start with the basic 4gate rush, it will teach you all the basics of all-ining as Protoss. Find build orders online, it's very simple.

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