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Sentries. It's going to be 80% of your army value. One base play. Gas before gateway.

What I am proposing is a 5 or 6 gate one base all-in. Yes, I know the maximum production on 1 base is 4 gates, but that is with costly stalkers in the mix. 4 stalkers cost 700 resources (500-200) while 4 sentries only cost 600 resources (200-400). And because you take early gas and double gas uber quick, you get an extra 200-300 gas bank and a total bank for at least 1 full replenishment of sentries.

So, it's not unreasonable to assume you can use 5 or 6 gates in this strat. After all, the more production, the better.

Now, you should attack with a good 13-16 sentries, many with high energy. What you have to do is then warp in 2-3 zealots and send your mothership core so it clears all vision from the enemy, then go to their base. This is important. Go to their base and avoid enemy at all costs. Then, at the front, hallucinate about 10-12 zealots. Guardian shield up, and go in'.
I'm not an expert at builds, but if you can try it and put up a replay here, that would be great.
You should never be able to use 6 gates. The only way is banking up resources early, in which case it's better to use fewer gates and spend the resources earlier, so you get the same army size but skipping a gateway (so an extra 150 minerals).

Also, the sentries won't do very much dps. Have fun killing a bunker (even though you can ff away the SCV's, it'll take a while for sentries to DPS it down. And if they have a turret, or scan, you're dead.

I don't know what you mean by using the mothership core to prevent vision. If you mean push lone marines back, sure, but if they send like 4 marines, you need to send your army to deal with it. If you mean to remove their detection, you have no chance.

And you're in a lot of trouble versus fast widow mine or cloak builds.

Basically, I expect it'll take way longer than it is worth to get that many sentries. Go ahead and try it, maybe you can get it faster than I think and it'll be more effective!
it takes a minute to mine 100 gas per 3/3 assimilator. That means that you get 2 sentries per minute and lose 1 sentry for the Mothership you make. You can NEVER support more than 5 gates without messing up income and even a 4 gate is just over supportable. This would hit so late and you would die plain and simple to any Terran that makes units by the 10 minute mark.
With Sentry/Zealot you can constantly produce off of 5 gateways and still have a bit of income left over for Pylons and whatnot.
Zealots will comprise over half of your army though, so if it won't be a particularly strong all in vs Terran. A standard 4-gate will be more effective.
You'd be better off using a guardian shield and using forcefield to keep the scvs from repairing. The majority of your DPS done to the bunker will be from zealots, and the hallucinated ones would just get in the way.
I find it more effective to go for a 2-base Chargelot/Sentry attack if I'm going for something that's Zealot/Sentry.

Kind of like what you say, except with more Gates, a better economy, and real Zealots with Charge.

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