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So lately, I've found an extremely effective strategy of winning games, which is simply playing random, and having a set allin build order in Gold. My biggest weakness is cheese, and playing as random prevents cheese 90% of the time. My builds are all set and fine, except for PvZ. I have a couple timing attack builds that generally work, but the more I do timing attack builds, the more boring it gets, so I like fast paced, short games, usually finishing in 4 minutes (2gate proxy) ranging to about a 12 minute game (Blink Stalker Allin). With other races, games tend to end somewhere in the middle, but with Zerg, games don't finish until around the 15-22 minute mark, which is fine, but I'd like something shorter.

I've tried multiple builds in PvZ, and all of them either win in mid-game, or fail in early game. Does anyone have an early game, typically a one base all in or cheese that would work effectively in gold? If You want to know what builds I use against each race as each race, pm me, because I don't want a bunch of people finding out how to defend all 3 builds.
Just do a 4 gate, and fake a nexus, and use the 3 extra gateways to wall off the natural. Or cannon rush or something.
Hmmmm okay sir. I'll try my hand at it.
Search TL for a thread called Lobber's 1 base robo pvz
8 Gate all in from FFE opening is something i haven´t seen a non diamond zerg hold ever, even though my bo's as toss are far from optimal (this is usually 7-gate all in, but if your build slips, it´s usually better to go 8 gates).
Canon rush

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