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Hi i played against a 2 base swarmhost yesterday and i felt pretty helpless, was my opening the problem or my poor control?
I'm a Zerg player, so I'll give you my perspective.

First and foremost, you could've macro-ed better. All of us can get better at macro, but simply having better macro could've won you this game even if you took bad engagements. At 7:45, your main nexus was at full energy, which meant you could've had more probes out earlier. At 11:30, you were floating 2K minerals and 750 gas., which meant you could've had a MUCH bigger army at that point if you kept your warpgates constantly active (or built more production facilities). You could've beaten the Zerg even with a bad engagement had that been the case.

As a Zerg player, my goal when using SH is to force the protoss player to directly engage my locusts. There are three ways I lose when going for SH.
1) The protoss gets a critical mass of colossus, which actually destroys locusts before they do any damage. Since SH have a 25 second cool down time, the protoss can attack into the SH before the locusts pop again, thus forcing me to retreat. My goal is to attack before they get a critical mass of colossus out, or transition to vipers. You actually could've gotten out quite a few colossus had you built double robo and chrono-boosted them out.
2) The protoss attacks me before I can get SH out. A 8-9 minute push by you could've ended the game had you spent all your banked up resources.
3) The protoss successfully avoids my SH and attacks my bases, forcing an unwinnable base-trade situation due to the immobility of the SH. I think you had a HUGE window to do this during the game.

You more-or-less eventually did both 1) and 3) during the game, so you had roughly the right ideas. Had you done them much earlier and with a bigger army, the game would've turned out differently. You were banking 4.5K minerals and 1.8K gas at the 20 minute mark. That's equal to like 6-8 colossus + tons of gateway units. I guarantee you if you had that army, you would've won the game.
Thank you, i am not the type of guy who goes and declares op everything he loses to so i appreciate the useful feedback you gave me. In your opinion is stargate openers better against SH rushes than robo?
So at my skill level, in the mid game I find colossi harder to deal with than void rays. It's relatively easy for me to spam hydras to counter 4-6 void rays (higher numbers of void rays would force me to get infestors). But fighting colossi requires more micro on my part because I need better positioning to set up good concaves & surrounds, etc. My macro tends to slip when I have to micro that much.

At higher skill levels, it seems like there are some maps where the pros almost always go for void rays. But I'm not sure exactly why, since I don't play Protoss.

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