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Hello I've been losing to pure stim marine medivac tank viking build. Someone suggested chargelots and storms, is it really the right reaction? any harass i can make if i see it coming?
I think just chargelot/archon is good against that build if you hit before max. It's sort of less-than-optimal for a Terran to mix in Tanks with his bio because they don't share upgrades. He might make ghosts instead of vikings if he sees you went templar instead of collosus.
Storms seems like right way to go, you could also try keeping some phoenix near the colossus to protect from vikings. DTs would also be an excellent strategy here, as they have no detectors. Archons will work in a pinch, but it doesn't take many siege mode shots to kill them, especially with viking backup. Overall I'd say your best bet is colossus (with phoenix guards), DTs, HTs with psi storm, chargelots as a meat shield, and maybe a few immortals thrown in for the siege tanks. I realize that this is a lot of units, but I think it'll be an effective counter.
Haha. I main Protoss, I'm no pro but I can promise you PvT is any Protoss' best and easiest match up. Just make some Colossi, HTs, chargelot, and Archon. You should never lose to someone equal or even a bit better than you. You don't NEED Colossi or HT but it's good to have at least 1 or even both. You will roll any Bio army if you make a mix of these units.
A bunch of chargelots with maybe some archon or other high tier unit should do. Tank splash will kill the terran army for you if he doesn,t have hellbat.
should try this build :)


seems to be pretty good

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