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Well. I finally made it to gold as you have seen in my other post :) I made it my goal. My priority. There is something about "gold" that I like. Not just in this game. I just like gold. The look, the color, the texture. So I am in gold now.

Anyway, I seem to be having trouble winning for all the sudden. I'm on a losing streak and have been doing the exact builds I did to get into gold while playing others and have completely stomped the crap out of people. I mean, it was harsh sometimes.

But now, it doesn't seem no matter how fast I am, I never get supply blocked anymore, I am ALWAYS having workers building at my nexus, always having units coming out, I just can't seem to hold off a lot of people. These people are top 8 gold, just like me and some platinum. I can't seem to beat them.

This is not whining or anything I can't get out of gold because honestly, guys, if you saw me play. I am a gold player. That's just where I want to be, where I deserve to be and I think for right now gold is my skill level and will be for a long time. I beat high silvers and a lot and low golds but have trouble with a lose to high golds (meaning top 3) and also platinums. So it keeps putting me against the low golds/high silvers and stuff and I win. Therefore I think I am in the place where my skill level is and I deserve it!

The game is doing a great job matching me against people of my skill. I already did my goal I wanted in this game. I knew I was a gold player when I used to play but for some reason the matching thing would NEVER move me up and I was always placed or stuck in bronze. Now that it is refined more, I got put into the place where I wanted and needed to be for my skill level.

I just wanted to say. I love this game and am always working on how to get better. But I am VERY happy to be in gold and I love gold. I made it my goal since the beginning of the game and I got my goal :) I am very happy. If you ever want to play just message ^_^
The skill difference between high and low gold is fairly substantial.

Anyway if you ever want to play you can add me: Burnthesky.445

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