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The A-Move Warp-in Problem
If you don't know what this problem is already, it's when you warp in units, add them to your control group, switch back to your army, then a-move with your army. The newly warped-in units often get left behind because warping in units cannot be a-moved.

In the past, my solutions including selecting the warp in units, adding them, issuing a move command using the mini-map, then going back to the battle. This is a possible fix, but somehow doesn't work for me very well.

Another solution is to switched back to your army and issue a move command. The problem is that if your army is in the middle of a fight, it will stop attacking. This is a poor solution.

The below solution works very nicely, and has many other applications in terms of improving general multi-tasking, not just for warping in units.

Using a Temporary Cam Key
KEY 1: Create Camera Location 1
SPACEBAR: Jump to Camera Location 1

KEY 1 should be whatever is convenient for you. I use F1 for this and ACUTE (" ` ") as my Warpgates button. Also, I use F5 for my Warp-in Pylon.

Here's how to execute:
    1. KEY 1: Save location.
    2. Move to proxy pylon and warp in units.
    3. Select and add warping units to group.
    4. SPACEBAR: Return to battle.
    5. Move warping in units to battle.
    6. Switch to army group and continue fighting.

So, for me, it looks like this:
    1. F1: Save Camera Location.
    2. F5: Move to Warp-in Pylon. ACUTE, Q for Zealot (I use the Grid Layout), SHIFT (hold), Click-click-click...
    3. Select Zealots then SHIFT+1 to add to group.
    4. SPACEBAR: Return to battle.
    5. Click to rally warping Zealots.
    6. Continue fighting.

It may seem a little complicated, but once you get used to it, it's extremely fast and fixes the a-move warp-in problem.

This is a method that can be used for TONS of stuff, not just warping in units. For example:

F2 and F3 are Production and Upgrade building cameras. F4 is my Base Camera cycle. I can quickly check progress bars without unselecting my army, then return to exactly where I left off. I can quickly Chronoboost this way as well.

An added bonus is that this method circumvents the problem with double-tapping a control group and ending up in a weird location.

I got the idea from this Zerg player, who uses this method to quickly check his hatches and do injects:

Happy laddering. :)
Thanks for this!

I really need to learn to use cam keys more often. I'm so used to scrolling around things and just clicking the minimap, though, I need to stop scrolling as much and use them camera hotkeys more!
The use of camera keys is good, especially since you keep your army selected. Seems like a weird problem you have though. Micro includes move-clicks as well as a-clicks. The units should never get left behind if you added them to your army control group.
I also think you may be forgetting to add a proxy pylon to help with backup, rather than warping half-way across the map.

[edit] I guess if you are issuing an attack-command, and then drag-clicking only your main army then it could be a problem. The backup would not receive any more commands.

All you have to do to solve this is a-move again when your units finish warping in. The "fix" you propose seems overly complicated.

Maybe I misunderstood the topic, but I really don't understand what the problem is.

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