Would like some tips on zvp

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Lately I've been struggling against zerg.
I don't understand what I should be doing against zerg, their roaches are so powerful, even against immortals that I make.
I've tried sky toss, but oracles are quickly denied by spores and mutas.
Basically, I have no idea what strat, what units, what timings I should be using against zerg.

I got a replay here that I got destroyed in.
Tried to do a 2 immortal + mass warping push. Was a complete failure.

Would like some feedback on what I should've done, thanks :)
I'm not good against zerg as well, but I know that you need a lot more sentries (at least 8~12) when doing immortal all in or push. It's all about splitting enemy units. (before zerg gets muta or hydra range.) sentry immortal and stalker all outrange roach, so as long as they don't surround you, your army is invincible. lol
Oh, it is also very hard to pull in a wide map like the one in the replay.
How do you watch someone elses replay?
Zerg player here. Here's what I saw:

As chocoman says, you either needed more sentries, or a lot more zealots.

Also, I think your build order could be optimized. You were just mining from 1 geyser for a long time, so I thought you were going for an immortal/zealot timing, which hits earlier than the immortal/sentry all-in (see sOs vs Jaedong game 4 of Blizzcon finals).

For what you wanted to do, I think an immortal/sentry push is the build you want. In that build, you'll be mining all 4 gasses much earlier, and have started your robo at 6:30. You also get sentries first instead and don't spend gas on stalkers:

Here's the key benchmark: "at 9:10: move out with 2 Immortals, 1 Zealot, 10 Sentries. Rally the Warp Prism and Observer to the Zerg third, reinforce with Stalkers as gas permits."

Also, that map is terrible for the immortal timing. There's way too much open space for Zerg to surround you. I think you're better off doing a twilight all-in:
You mean PvZ :P juist get a fasst +2 and blink Stalkers, you dont even need blink, and you will still win against hydras its pretty dumb, but with blink shouldnt be hard at all.
11/16/2013 11:16 AMPosted by Braunz
You mean PvZ :P juist get a fasst +2 and blink Stalkers, you dont even need blink, and you will still win against hydras its pretty dumb, but with blink shouldnt be hard at all.

Hydras don't counter anything.

2 base allin every game, just like all other tosses
my ZvP is at like 30%, complete mess this season.

And 2 base blink +2 loses hard to mass hydras, every time.
Don't use oracles make pheonix and voids if you go stargate. 2 immortal mass zeals works well if you can get it quite early. Only mass sentries if they go roaches(which you will need immortals too), or if you take a fast third which you will need cannons for. I don't all in that much though so I wouldn't know that much about. Hopefully this helps a little bit.
always write the race you are playing first, because right you are asking for tips on how to play zerg vs protoss and not "protoss vs zerg". Its really confusing.

i will upload some replays, you are free to critisize them but i wont care^^

also, you're free to add me and ask me specific questions.

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