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Colossus prioritize attacking buildings over units. what kind of bull shiit is that. Just lost all my colossus because when attacking inside a terran base, the AI decides to attack buildings instead. Moved them closer to the terran enemy units and they still just attack buildings. Blizzard fix this asap! colossus chillin out lasering a few barracks while getting pummeled in the face with vikes while my other warp gate units attack the MMM. What a shiity shiit AI. I had 7 colossus, 12 HT, And a bunch of zealots and stalkers, I got owned by 70 supply worth of MMM and like 7 vikings. stormed the shiiit out of the terran too.

So I guess you have to just chill out and do a contain on a terran if they create a metropolis (fully pack buildings) in their main base.

Colossus AI needs to be changed and to attack all ground units first. Like seriously, how do I still lose with a 7 colossus and 12 HT advantage.
11/12/2013 11:20 PMPosted by TheVoid
Like seriously, how do I still lose with a 7 colossus and 12 HT advantage.

Oooh, let me answer that! By not understanding how your units work?
you must of messed up somewhere along the lines in order of that to happen.
Please post a replay, or no one will believe you.
They don't. They just weren't close enough to any units and you didn't bother to micro them forward with the rest of your army.
I want to see how you had a huge Gateway army, 7 collossus to his 7 viking, 12 templar that landed epic storm then still died to 70 pop MMM army.
Next time, dont A move like you're always used to doing :)

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