Safe early immortal build

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Looking for a build to do in PvP so I can get fast immortals out to defend against early stalker pressure. Looking to have the build into a quick enough expand while still being able to crank out immortals when necessary.
Just open with 2gate, (first gate at 13 supply and second at 3:15-3:30) and get a robo at 4-4:15 min. Be sure to scout for voidrays though, because they can be good against this build. Get a mothership core too. If you see he expanded before you did, then try to put some pressure on him. If he does go voidray, then be sure to get quick Archons. Gl hf.
I was going to write down to watch out for Void Rays but ZaekK already beat me to it. If I am being strategic in PvP I always go Void Rays and switch to archons when they get Phoenix out in reasonable quantity.

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