robo bug?

hey guys, i've been having this problem for some time now..

here's the problem, i was constructing a collosi from the robo, but once the gauge is full, it remains full and the colo NEVER pops out, and im not supply blocked btw. here's a few screenshots i took from the replay. pay attention to the constructing gauge, the timer and my supply..

if anybody knows what's going on, please help me. I will really appreciate it. :)
and i apologize for my bad English and if i've posted in the wrong forum.
Buliding placement. Your robo is completely walled of by your other bulidings. In short there is no space for the colossus to come out.
goodluck getting out.
ahhhhh.. didn't realize about the building placements. will keep that in mind. thanks @ZHBlooD

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