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So what do I do against these?

I know for drops I should have a HT or two placed around my bases with some stalkers but as I expand it seems like that's just leaving a good chunk of my army around my base.

Also, what do I do against stim and kite. I get charge but that only lasts so long and it seems to be pretty ineffective vs those who know how to properly kite.

Any ideas?
When defending against drops I like to use phoenix with observers. For their cost observers are really effective in spotting drops long before they get to your base. normally 2-3 phoenix is enough to scare a drop away if you catch it in time. If that fails I just warp in 3 or so stalkers and that usually works. It helps to have a cannon in each mineral line. This spots mines, and helps kill the rines.

Stim+kiting can be annoying, but when I have storms and colossus I have no issues. The beams shoot pretty far and storm does decent damage even if they run out. They can only run so far before they HAVE to fight you.
Forcefield works wonders if you can, or time warp. Both allow you to land storms on marines and watch his army explode. Against drops, I put 2 cannons in my mineral line and 1 HT. Also, keep in mind that while a HT is sitting in your base, it is gaining energy. If you get all of your HTs emped, you can pull your drop-defence ones into your army and your depleted ones into drop defence.

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