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to PvT?
i always get raped by widowmines, marauders and vikings or even widow mine drops. Even with collosi i still have some difficulty in the early game. I tend to lose to terran rushes when ever i try and do a 3 gate robo from a forge expand or no forge expand. I alwyas get destroyed by marine marauder all ins at 8-12 mins
http://ggtracker.com/matches/4375834 ( i won this game but was really delayed in the early game anyone have any tips so i dont get destroyed by rauders or even widow mine drops?)

now i do a nice transition from DT rushing to archons/zlots/sentries/stalkers but i still get destroyed in the early game from roach timings. In cases when I 4 gate nor forge expand I get destroyed by the early zerg 2 base pushes, as I get swarmed with lings, or roaches my mother ship core does attack but he always destroys my nexus putting me way behind in economy. Anyone know how to prevent any zerg rushes WITHOUT cheesing?
(sorry don’t have a replay)

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