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I did not play SC1 but i was wonering what are the protoss like? i know that is super general but i was wondering are they like against anything non protoss? like if they visit another world are they likely to kill alll of its inhabitants or just ignore them?
Protoss has their advantages and disadvantages. Lets just start with their units and building. Protoss has shield in addition to their health. Their shield regenerates while health does not. This will make the unit last longer. Also their units are very expensive. The base unit for zerg and terren, the zergling and marines, both cost 50 minerals and the zealot cost 100. Since the shield regenerates quickly this is a decent trade off. Protoss are also the second fastest race to get their units out because of an ability "cronoboost" that can be found at the nexus. This makes cool down times at gateways faster and anything building will build slightly faster. For example an scv and probe are all building at the same exact time. If you use chronoboost your probe will come out a few seconds faster. This helps speed up the process if you are either behind on your upgrades or trying to get bigger units out. Also if you want more units you need to build more buildings.
google protoss.

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