PvZ questions :) ?

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Hi there,

I'm trying to learn the gateway core expand build for PvZ and I just had a few questions which I hope people can help me with.

1) When going for this type of build what is the general timing that the Zerg player will take a 3rd base? and if he/she delays it a lot, is it safe to assume they're gonna all-in ?

2) Aside from the +1 timing attack or phoenix, is there any other good form of early aggression to put on the Zerg player whilst still being able to transition into a macro oriented game?

3) After putting on successful aggression with early gateway units is it ok to delay tech to get a fast third?

I might have more questions but i think these were the main ones...lol
1) I'd be curious after 5 min, concerned after 6.

2) DTs

3) That's more complicated. Depends.

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