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I like to change the language, i got the spanish version but I want the english version, what can I do?
You and me dude....

I want to play on the local servers so I bought the Portuguese version but I assumed i would be able to choose the language.... I want to play in english..... This version is just killing the game... terrible voice acting...

Makes the epic the game was supposed to be look like a b movie....

How hard is it to get the STANDARD language, its possible on all other games on install..... so why not Blizz?
I thought i was alone ...i bought spanish version too (due to where i live i can only buy this one) and installed first the english downloaded one. Couldn't play, it said i didn't have the key for this version ...WTF ...they should be international ...still it asked me for the right language pack.

I think the same as Omiyage, the translations basically suck ...and i don't wanna play in local servers, i want to play along with my US friends as i do in WoW.

AT LEAST, let us change language ...i grew tired of searching the option ¬.¬
I'm brazilian and like you guys, i bought the Portuguese version. The audio is terrible, the voices of the characters are very ridiculous (like the Marine saying "tô ligado!") and also like you all, i thought that i could change the language to English. For the rest of the Latin America is even worse, because the Spanish version of LA is from SPAIN, and it's totally different from the spanish talked in Argetina, Colombia, Venezuela, Equador, etc.

I know that most of you are American players and obviously are very pleased with the Audio and voice casting of the game, but i little help would be great by populating a thread like this one, to help other players to enjoy from the same game. So, thumbs up for this thread!

Blizzard, please make a Language Pack, so it's possible to change the language or simply put an english version available for Latin America!
The translation kills the very essence of Starcraft! please MULTI-LANGUAGE SUPPORT
I´m from Chile, i´d wish to change language to english toooooo
Lets populate the other thread:
Try to get it sticky.. Like Guguzor said, Blizzard could make it better for us, making available a multilanguage version.
Yea, i bought the portuguese version but i want to change to the English version. These translations ruins the game!! Please Blizzard make it possible ASAP!!
I m' french. i have a Nord american game version.
i want change with a french version. help plz.
need to change language to korean not good english

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