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I just bought the game to play in LA region, i don't mind the region lockout (anyway I think it's dumb, since i can't play with my friends from WoW, but anyway).

As stated by a Blizzard Employee

SC2 would be Multilangual, I demands that we are able to play the game in any language we want, specially in ENGLISH. And please, make it so the hot keys are UNIVERSAL. It's just dumb to have to reach to L in a fast paced game like this. All the hotkeys are optimized in english to be on the left side of the keyboard in order to be faster to hit, and in portuguese we get the crap far away hot keys because of the NAME of the units? Come on Blizzard, you are better than that.

So enable us to play the game in the language we want as it is being done for europe, why Latin America is different?

And please, enable us to select DEFAULT ENGLISH hot keys, which are WAY better than the ones that come in portuguese or spanish.

PS for Brazilians:
Por favor,
Gostaria que todos os brasileiros reforçacem os pedidos no forum em portugues
Um abraços a todos!

*For Latin America region specific questions or concerns, please visit the appropriate Latin American forum. Thanks- Nethaera
Yes, please!

I'm brazilian and like you guys, i bought the Portuguese version. The audio is terrible, the voices of the characters are very ridiculous (like the Marine saying "tô ligado!") and also like you all, i thought that i could change the language to English. For the rest of the Latin America is even worse, because the Spanish version of LA is from SPAIN, and it's totally different from the spanish talked in Argetina, Colombia, Venezuela, Equador, etc.

I know that most of you are American players and obviously are very pleased with the Audio and voice casting of the game, but i little help would be great by populating a thread like this one, to help other players to enjoy from the same game. So, thumbs up for this thread!

Blizzard, please make a Language Pack, so it's possible to change the language or simply put an english version available for Latin America!
I agree! This needs to get a STICKY! MULTI-LANGUAGE SUPPORT!

Quoting the link posted by Guguzor:
Thank you for your email. After you purchase Starcraft II and register game on you will be able to download game in all available languages. Polish game will unlock english client as well.
Best regards,
Account Administration Team
Blizzard Entertainment Europe

That's not exactly what happened for us. It's a shame and the game will become quite unbalanced because of the hotkeys.
Vamos manter o tópico vivo para ele ficar grudado =)
we want a language patch or language pack NOW
I also bought my game here in Brazil and would like to play with original sound, for older players, the English version of audio, it is better to play, the sound is dubbed for children
Hello I'm from Chile. I bought the game today online, the LA version, because the web page said I'm gonna get better latency with this version. That's alright I have no problem with that at all.

The real problem, that many of us latin gamers are having, is the language.
Most of us played sc1 in english, and lost of us would like to play sc2 also in english. But it is IMPOSSIBLE at the moment to play in a latin server, with the game in english.
I can't even play the campaign right now because is in spanish :S.
I also bought my game here in Brazil and would like to play with original sound, for older players, the English version of audio, it is better to play, the sound is dubbed for children

I think that for Spanish talkers in Latin America is even worse, because their audio is in spanish from Spain. Is like us having to hear portuguese of Portugal, completely different from what we're used to. The game simply won't be fluent (since there're spoken phrases every time, during the Terran Campaign), and will be an unpleasant experience. At leat with English, we're aready used to, because of the gigantic amount of other games made only in English.

Again, Blizzard should consider all those players. Brazil probably has about 1 million players within the World of Warcraft, and all the other countries of Latin America have a share too. What would happen to an French guy living in Brazil, being unable to play in French, because there're only two languages available? Or a Korean living in Argentina? We really need the multilanguage support for all the regions.
I bought the Brazilian version as well. I`m actually having trouble playing through the campaing seriously... Can't stop laughing at some of the corky translations! =p

It's the truth, Blizzard... I appreciate the effort on localization, like the translated campaing texts (like billboards). A very welcome effort, thank you. It's unprecedented in my county. But like was said... We are used to playing games and watching movies in english, most of our dubs are of inferior quality to the original.

Really... How else am I gonna really know when additional supply depots are required?
The game experience y way better with the audio you want to hear. Considering that blizzard has already translated the games, I think it's safe to assume the language packages are ready or at least easy to make.

I Bought my game for the Latin American Zone, since I live there, but I speak english, and the translations are just not the same.

It seems that blizzard assumed that given a country, everyone in that country spoke the same language.
Just give us the option: being able to change the language.

I'm playing in portuguese, and i'll play it in english too. To me, its something like: replay value. But the hotkeys thing, and having no option to change just doesn't make me happy.

Thank you.
I really really want to play in english!
I bought the Brazilian version as well thinking the disc would offer me the option to install the game in english. When I saw this wasn't the case, I downloaded the english game client. When I try to log on with it, it says I need an authorized language pack to play this version. I went to my account and I have the option to download language packs for WoW, but not for Starcraft II.
I just want to be able to play the campaign in english.
The Spanish version of the game is NOT from Spain, where did you get that?
I'd die if it was =\
Also, the translations for the names of the units are a JOKE. The Zealot is called FANATICUS, which means (sort of) "Fanatic", and one of his main phrases is "SEJA FEITA A VOSSA VONTADE". This is a quote from a pray in Cristian religions and it's obviously not convenient for this kind of game.
I think we all are very appreciated for the intention, Blizzard, but the dubbing and translations are ridiculous. Please, let me call a Zealot by ZEALOT, not "Fanaticus", the guy who says words from the bible. English PLEASE.
The Spanish version of the game is NOT from Spain, where did you get that?
I'd die if it was =\

Sorry, I read that in another thread!
Please Let me Install SC2 on english in Brazil. games translated to Portuguese Sux, the Hot keys are terrible, how can i use the left hand to click the L key ? is that possible ? sorry im not a Acrobat... PLEASE We need a solution.
I'm from Mexico so the system suggested me LA version, I saw it said Spanish so I went ahead and selected North America, and now I have it in english YAY!. But now I can't play with any friends, BOOO.

WTF is this Blizzard?
English Hotkeys:

Credits to Guguzor!

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