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Bio: 5
Space Marine = 2x Marauder + Warmonger
Toilet = 2x Space Marine + Dark Immortal
Tosh = 2x Spectre + 3x Hammer Securities
Stetmann = 2x Death Head + 8 Infested Terran (spawned from 2 Alexei Stukov)
Tychus = 2x Alexei Stukov + 3x Jim Raynor

(No combo using Hell Unit, Nova?)
(No interracial combos?)

Mech: 7
Widow Mine = 12x Spider Mine
Garbage = 4x Sparta Co. + 4x Hammer Securities
Nuke System = Toilet + Garbage
Laser Drill = 2x A.R.E.S. + 3x Siege Breaker
Warhound = 2x Sparta Co. + Siege Tank [Siege Mode]
Raven = 2x Warhound + 2x Burrowed Widow Mine + 2x Arch Angel
Gorgon Cruiser = Hyperion + 3x Alexei Stukov

Zerg: 6
Swarm Host = L2 Lurker + 2x Hydra
Viper = 4x Locust (via Burrowed Swarm Host) + 4x L2 Hydra
Drones (4x Sunken) = 2x L2 Hydra [Burrowed] + L2 Roach
Vile Roach = 3x L2 Roach [Burrowed] + 2x Dark Stalker
Queen = 2x Swarm Host [Burrowed] + Ravasaur [Burrowed]
K5 Kerrigan = Leviathan + Hybrid Reaver + 2x Kerrigan

Protoss: 7
Dark Immortal = 4x Immortal
Tempest = 3x Immortal + 2x Tassadar
Sentry = Dark Stalker + Karas + 2x Archon
Colossus = 4x Stone Zealot + Hybrid Dominator
Voidray = Warp Prism + Hybrid Dominator
Warp Prism = Sentry + Morphing Archon (will have to be pushed in)
Mothership = 3x Zeratul + 2 Hybrid Dominator

(No combo using Hell Unit, Void Seeker???)
(No interracial combos?)

Artifact: (Does 3k damage per burst, every 3 seconds, to every unit)
1. Random from $1 lottery
2. Random from $3 lottery
3. Random from $5 lottery
4. Create Hidden Combo
5. Create Hell Combo
I know there are a lot of these type posts all over the place, but couldn't find anything anywhere that had all 25 known combos in one list, nor could I find a list that was structured so I could see all of them on one screen (my second monitor I use for quick and easy reference). On top of that, the few lists that were able to fit on the screen were incomplete, but more importantly, weren't intuitive or user-friendly.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to get this in color. The color version I have in Word looks legit, to me! I'm just not savvy enough to be able to post in here with color codes.

Anyway, I hope this helps!
Thanks to all who actually found these combos (I know I would never have found them on my own)
11/22/2013 08:40 PMPosted by Boats
The color version I have in Word looks legit, to me! I'm just not savvy enough to be able to post in here with color codes.

There's a way to post with color on these forums???
You know, I don't think I've seen any posts in here in color. It was in a different forum. I just assumed I was ignorant of the ability, once I saw how it put the symbols or algorithms into the text for BOLD text. I figured there was probably something for colors, but I know it's over my head, for sure!
yeah... that didn't work
Raven = 2x Warhound + Burrowed Widow Mine + 2x Arch Angel (1x AA?)

This 2 Widow Mines, and 1AA.
Hmm. This is good to know :D thanks for the extra stuff!

Im interested i nthat mother ship :P

and stettman xD
no doubt! The mothership is insane! I don't know that it beats out a Gorgon Cruiser, but the planet cracker certainly does some magnificent damage!!
Thanks! I got that fixed ... Also fixed the Toilet (supposed to be Bio, not Mech)
If you want to see the color version, I've got it uploaded here:
Commander Raynor: Either 6x or 4x Raynor combined with a Nova will make the Commander Raynor from HotS. Also, can you really morph an archon out of 2 HTs and push it into the merging station with a sentry??? That just sounds...crazy. BTW, I have it from a good source that there is a Hidden Stalker combination that isn't here. I've got no clue what it looks like or anything, but apparently, somewhere, there is a Stalker combination. What the heck is "A required field is incomplete" mean when you are trying to post something btw?
Btw, does the Toilet count as an interracial combo? Because you had that under Bio and said that it had no inter-racial combos. Just curious! GL HF!
K5 Kerrigan and Commander Raynor are the best I have seen.
CommanderRaynor is actually a thing?

Are you guys serious? O.O

I need to totally check it out some time then :D
I finally made the Gorgon Cruiser!!! :D
Made the k5 finally.

Gorgon is so much better.
The Gorgon and K5 together is one viscous combination (both have flaws).

I'm able to update this list at this site, if you're interested in the updates (there were a few errors in this post, and some missing things.) is pretty much the home site for Lottery Defense and a couple other games. You can even make suggestions to the game maker.
Selendis = Rank X+ VoidSeeker, Rank X+ Mothership, Sentry with speed buff.
There is a hidden void seeker combo, Selendis. Void seeker upgraded to +3 with an X or higher ranking Mother Ship upgraded +3 with an X or higher ranking and you merge them inside a sentry shield.

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