FPS drop from 40 to 1 FPS during games

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About every 25-30 mins my game, without fail, gets a terrible lag that lasts about 3-5 minutes. I've looked throughout the forums, and I can't find any info about it. The game worked fine with absolutely no problems for three months (lag started about two weeks ago). I have a NIVIDIA geforce 9100 chip, and I know my computer can take the game; it did for three months with no problems. Even if I lower the graphics setting, it still does it at the same rate (25-30 mins). Any info would be much appreciated.
If there's no events in-game around that time period (like a battle or a certain map trigger firing off on a specific custom map), what you're experiencing is probably overheating. Have you tried cleaning the computer or checking its power management settings?

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I experienced something like this (FPS in the 1-10 range) when I forgot to turn on my external fan for my laptop.
I had this problem. I figured out the cause by using Hardware Monitor by CPUID to see my temperatures. It turns out that my GPU was hitting 100 degrees Celsius and as a result started lagging for about 3-5 minutes as you stated until the temperature dropped to about 98 C only to go back up to 100 in a cycle. I managed to fix it just like Pseudoku by buying an external laptop fan.

If you are a on a desktop its likely that your graphics card doesn't have sufficient cooling and you should increase its fan speed.
how can I find my graphics card's temperature? What's the easiest way?
How do you change fan speed on a desktop?

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