MapHacker in silver league! And I lost xD.

Ran into a maphacker on 1v1 today. I don't really watch replays after playing but this opp gameplay was too suspicious so I took some time to look at the replay. Here is the replay (I didn't played very well and would probably lose either way but that is not the point =D)

Long story short, he didn't scout the entire game and just position himself to deflect drops without seeing them coming.

07.35~Control oracles to attack move into some marines without vision of them. My 2 reapers were SO CLOSE to finding the proxied stargate!

08.32~Got ready to fend of 2 reapers. (Didn't tried to orcale harass again or scout with them after the turrets were up kinda suspicious but not conclusive)

11.20~Got ready again to fend of the 2 good old scouting reapers. Reapers dies after scouting his expo.

15.00~Prepares for attacks without vision.

16.27~Concluding point moves his entire army back into main to defend against a drop. Moving them back to natural after defending the drop.

17.52~Does the same time moved entire army to main to fend off drops.

21.12~Attack move to my army in the fog of war.

23.50~Prepares for another small drop again.

Can't be bothered to play after that probably already lost. So how do I report this !@#$ turtle?(Yet to do so) I know the report player feature in game is not actually working as intended.
Simple do: Report in game, or send replays to blizzard, or calling to customer support service, if nothing to all works, you will think about Oceania announcement in 2014:

Cause its free open global play for everyone welcomes, more barcode players and new smurfs arrived, do not keep playing on ladder games till you regret all the time, but you can read community manager post as I give you link, sort it out.


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