Should I go on NA or EU?

Like other NZ/AUS new players who face people twice more better than you. I am tired of losing and getting flogged so therefore I want to know which servers will be a recommendation for me other than SEA (I live in NZ). So is NA or EU better for both lag/experience and match make.
EU is basically on the opposite side of the world to NZ.
You'll certainly get better ping to NA.

Matchmaking shouldn't make a massive difference as both servers would have a reasonable number of players.
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Haven't played online that much recently but I'm in the Korea/Taiwan region. I remember that if I played in any other region (especially NA), it resulted in lag, sometimes tremendous to the point where the game is unresponsive for a few seconds. That would keep occuring and I also keep getting the "Waiting for server" message. Doesn't matter if I've got VPN on or off, the lag made the game impossible to play 99% of the time.

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