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Ian clenches his teeth, shoves Watkins out of the way, and practically screams into the mic.

"Dammit, Cronus! This is an emergency situation! We need -"

{Sorry, Cap'n. I see your lead fighter hanging around there. Should have known better than to try and deal with the Directorate. Bye.}

Ember Squadron and the Battlecruiser's sensors suddenly pick up a spike of heat from the Viking. An instant later, nothing remains of the fighter except slag and vapor, which rapidly disperses into space. A hole has been ripped through the Battlecruiser's hull, venting air and heat into space.

"Stabilize, stabilize! Shields up!" Ian shouts. A deck officer hurries to comply.

"Stabilizers online, sir. They won't hold long."

Ian is already at the comm, though, and ignores him. "Mike, I need SCVs to housing Alpha! Hull breach in need of immediate repairs." He flips to security. "Mr. Flint, get a team to housing Alpha. We have a hull breach in that area. Visors down, magnets on, get out anyone you can. We can't stabilize for long!"

Inside the Cruiser.

Kelly Bellum watches in horror as Nolan is blasted, screaming, through the gap. He collides with a ragged piece of steel, glances away from it, and vanishes into space. Several others follow him, with the only survivors in the area being those bolted down tight. The air becomes momentarily thin and cold enough to hurt the lungs, then slowly begins to improve as the stabilizers prevent further air loss.
You know, I don't think that's accurate writing. No moves were made to kill him and things were working in Ian's favor. Basically Ian could have said not a shot would be fired so long as he only flew to the hangar. Just my two cents.
Mike hears word from the bridge, and swears a colorful streak that would turn some criminals red. He takes a deep breath, and says {All external SCVs, move to Housing A immeidately! Any scrap you have on you is to be taken there immediately! Interior teams, gather up 4 SCVs and get them plus scrap to the airlock nearest to the breached hull!} Mike turns the SCV to the side, and along with his fellow engineers, makes a beeline to the hull breach. {We'll be there shortly. What damage are we to expect?}

Kelly stares at the explosion, mouth gaping open and eyes wide in shock. "Holy !@#$...." She says to herself, and kills the music in the cockpit. {Bridge, this is Engard, orders?} She had forgotten about the Flight Chief. Actually, that was a lie, she hadn't forgotten, but the conflicting orders caused the mess..
Just my two sense.

Don't worry about it, he's the DM. This is just good RPing.

---[James Watkins]---

James shook himself out of gaping at the scene. Like watching your hostage's head blow off, his gut sank. Although a horrible tragedy, James felt worse about the situation than the individual lives lost. Would they be able to make it with a chunk of their crew gone?

{Ember Squadron, this is Bridge. Retreat to your original hangars. Watkins out.} James dipped his head in defeat. His fists curled as he realized the blame fell squarely upon the Flight Chief's shoulders.

{And Mr. Flint? Send a security detail to escort the Flight Chief to the Bridge.}

---[Sasha Wood]---

At first, Sasha assumed somebody had terminated the bogey. Maybe the Flight Chief ordered somebody over the personal comms? It doesn't matter. All became clear when several crew members were sucked into the vacuum of space. She watched in horror, then flew back into the hangar with a lump the size of a baseball in her throat.
While he is DM, you can't find the way he ignored the new options even a little irking? I mean, come on. It was his leverage on the fighter. And...there really wasn't a lead fighter.
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You know, I don't think that's accurate writing. No moves were made to kill him and things were working in Ian's favor

Don't worry, things aren't necessarily as they seem. Cronus isn't as to blame as he looks at the moment. Still, I decided to use this as a demonstration that your chars will need to coordinate better and put aside your differences. I'm not just going to DM you through to the end safely on this one.


Ian sinks into his seat and closes his eyes.

We don't know how many have been lost yet. Maybe none. It may not be as bad as could be.
Immediately after the explosion I was already heading for an elevator, pushing the old marine instinct to shoot the vague bastard between the eyes to the back of my mind for a moment. {No need, Flint. I'm already on my way there. Watkins, you and I are going to have words when I get up there. And Captain, in the end, your first officer locked me out of my own com station, preventing me from calling off my fighters at all} Closing the channel, I slam my fist into the wall of the rising elevator, the CMC armored fist leaving a slight dent. Would it have killed him to say that people were at risk besides the fighters? Would it have killed him to at the very least say it was an emergency? F*cking officers...

Letting the elevator hiss to a stop, I step out of the elevator and approach the bridge, pushing the guards out of the way and leveling a finger with Watkins, the armored appendage larger than my actual finger. "How long did you think leaving me with only the orders 'call back your fighters' was going to work? For Christ's sake man, at least say it was an emergency!"
OOC: Kor or Jacob are available. Jacob will prolly still be in the Armory making a tally of what isn't in his armory and they need.

I watch and feel the loss of several of the crew as they are vented into space and head back to the hangar. "... Damnit!" I practically yell into the emptiness of space after switch my comm to receive only. I seal my mask and suit as I planned to head to the affected area as soon as possible so long as no one else ordered me somewhere else.

I walk through the halls around the brig listening in on the comm for a bit before starting off towards the housing area at a brisk trot. {On my way to Housing Alpha to assist.} My visor lowers and seals but I leave my gravity accelerator off for now.
"Flight Chief, save your breath. Please vacate the bridge immediately. Rest assured, I will be discussing these events with Mr. Watkins. But for the moment..." His voice breaks slightly. "I will need some time to count our casualties." Ian stares vacantly at his console, watching the progress of the emergency teams.
I catch myself on the wall and swear profusely.
{All security personal to alpha going now suit up and check your air supply. I don't need to lose any of you.}

I pause for a few minutes to catch my breath and focus in.
{Captain I'll be in with my security team in alpha housing of you need me.} I say as I head to the armory to get my suit on.
---[Natasha Kale]---

Hearing Dan's voice, she immediately rushes to the armory, which is conveniently on the same level as the mess hall. She quickly armored up when she arrived.

---[James Watkins]---

The First Officer took an instinctive step back at the approach of a CMC covered man. He then grinned and stood his ground. What would the man do, strike him? As long as he lived, the Flight Chief would spend the rest of the journey in the brig.

Unfortunately, Ian responded before James could "flex his muscles", so to speak.
I start to retort then sigh, giving a curt nod and salute to the Captain. "Aye, sir. I'll be on the flight deck if you need me." Turning my back to the bridge and it's occupants, I leave the bridge and head back towards the flight deck, opening a com to Ember Squadron. {Ember Squadron, return to the hangar and take a break. We'll meet for a debriefing and training exercise in one hour.} Leaning against the wall of the lowering elevator, a single tear runs down my face. Opening a channel to the rest of the pilots, I sigh quietly. {All pilots not in Ember Squadron continue with your day. Cronus out.}
Kelly ignites the engines and turns her Viking around, returning it to the hangers.

The SCVs arrive and begin to seal the hole up. More scrap and more SCVs exit from the airlocks, and Mike directs them to seal the hole as quickly as possible.
I notice Natasha in armory as I arrive. She was definitely quick to get here and just as quick to get ready. I notice a few more of the others from the security team show up as well.
"Right we need to get who ever is still alive out of there and fast. Grab what we need to get them out. Use your nest judgement on moving safely in this area." I say as I finish suiting up and making sure my seals where good.
"Any questions?"
I dock my wraith and as it is cycling down I punch the canopy and jump out. I land on my feet heavily and break into a run slipping through the door and barreling down the halls heading for Housing Alpha. {Flint, Cronus I'm heading to Housing Alpha. Cronus, I'll be to your little briefing as soon as I finish helping with the housing situation.}

I arrive at Housing Alpha and enter the air lock ready to go out and see what I could do to help.

I nod to the group of Security personnel and make sure they're all suited up properly.
{You report in one hour or it's to the brig with you for disrespecting a superior. I'm not in the mood for games, Ghost or not.}
{Security is my first priority so you'll have to take that up with Flint.}
Kelly lands her Viking in the hanger, and turns the engines off. "Damn Dominion," she swears, getting out of the ship and landing deftly on the ground. She glances around the room, and goes to the hallway, watching security teams pass.
"Right then..." I say after a few minutes without anyone saying anything. "Lets move people."
With that I sprint out of the armory and head for Housing alpha's main entryway.

{Copy that Stellara. And Flight chief, she will be with you once we have secured housing alpha's occupants. Flint out.}
---[Natasha Kale]---

Not having any questions, Tasha finished suiting up quietly before following Dan out. She was glad to be back in CMC. Something about the wall of Neo-Steel plating between her and the universe was comforting.

OOC: If Joseph get's detained in any way during the course of the RP, can Tasha be the one to arrest him? I think that would be a very interesting encounter for all parties :3

---[James Watkins]---

James didn't dare to speak up while the Flight Chief was still on the bridge. He waited until the elevator doors shut before turning to the Captain.

"And I can't throw his !@# in the brig for disobeying several direct orders and causing confusion in Ember Squadron during a crisis?"

"Even if what happened wasn't his fault," James jabbed a finger at the elevator, "he doesn't respect authority and now he has a grudge against me. This could lead to even worse problems in the future. We need to handle this now."

---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters]---

Landing in the hangar, Sasha climbed out of the cockpit to be met by Kevin Peters. The two didn't exchange a single word. Only their eyes made contact. They then proceeded to walk to their quarters to kill an hour before debriefing.

OOC: Medical Staff is kind of getting lost in the fray. If Crymson is taking a vacation, could someone replace his character who is in a leadership position?

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