The Long Voyage Home Continues

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Ian casts a salute back, but keeps his attention on the progress reports from engineering.


Right then.

IC: After taking some time to beat a nice dent into the wall of my office, I head down to the briefing room and patch into the intercom. [Ember Squadron, report to the flight briefing room for debrief and training. I repeat, Ember squadron, report for debrief and training.]
"So what is our situation captain? Is there something that I need to know?" I ask as I step up next to him.
"I'm afraid you know as much as me, Mr. Flint. We're stuck here in the middle of space, unable to make a jump, traitor aboard, and between our mystery spy and that suicidal pilot, the Dominion could find us at any minute." He runs his hands through his hair, gritting his teeth with frustration. "We need that breach sealed. If this ship was in better shape, we could jump with that sort of damage. But this craft is practically an antique, and badly hurting on top of that."
I stand in silence as I listen to the captain.
Kelly listens to the Flight Chief and frowns. She shakes her head and walks to the flight briefing room, wondering what would happen to the Chief after the ship detonated.

{Roger that, sir. We'll get it done as fast and as stable as we can.} Mike replies before yelling at another engineer.
I sigh as I get the person I was helping situated against the wall near a marine named Kor. I give Kor and the other woman a soft smile before leaving. {I'll be there in a couple minutes.} I say rather dryly over the comm to Cronus.
03/24/2014 10:39 AMPosted by KnarledOne
We need that breach sealed. If this ship was in better shape, we could jump with that sort of damage. But this craft is practically an antique, and badly hurting on top of that."

Agreed if we try and warp now the entire ship could be obliterated. That would put a quick end to our journey...
03/24/2014 02:54 PMPosted by Jester
We'll get it done as fast and as stable as we can

Working as fast as we can right now. Waiting for your orders captain

The hospital is a mess right now. Half the crew has injuries and our previous medical officer is now dead. Well trying to work on what I can but there's only so many things I can do. Decompression is a horrible death and I can't do much about it. For the members caught in the explosion I can help. Nasty business though trying to help them.

Medical supplies are running low and some of the stuff flew into space after the explosion. We really need to find a port soon for the entire ship. I don't care where.

Well I haven't slept in way to long and my habit of not drinking coffee is going to be the end of me. I'm going to do one last check in and catch some sleep. For about 3 hours.....
It...hasn't been 72 hours in RP time.
03/25/2014 10:11 PMPosted by aaronlev
Pointing this out but the drive itself is offline. Even if we fix the hole in the wall the ship won't be able to warp if the dominion show up.

{Damn. Change that. We need warp capabilities.}
I thought that Jester held the CHIEF Engineer? so HE should be making that kinda cal shouldn't he?
Whoops stupid errors I made I'll correct them
Accounting for errors...
{Sir, I already got anyone left working on the drive. They've been working since we've dropped out.} Mike radios, and adds {I can set a priority on one or the other, just say the word. I can pull a few people off the outside repair team and set them to the Drive.}
"Warp capability is our top priority. We need to get out of here as fast as possible."
{Alright. If we rip a larger hole in the hull, then I'm getting overtime.} Mike says, and he swaps channels. {Harly, Travis, get to the Warp Drive. Boss wants it fixed.} The two SCVs zoom off, and he swaps channels again. {What's the current condition of the Warp Drive?}

A variety of tools are heard as one of the engineers replies: {We're making good progress. With the two coming here, we should be done in.....} There is a brief pause, and the Engineer finishes "..... 20 minutes or so, if they come with the SCVs. Otherwise, we'll need more time than that.}

Mike grunts, and says {You two hear him? Take the SCVs to the drives. The on-board computers should help with repairs.}

KnarledOne! I would love to wrap this up a little in my mind. Even if it ends in epic and catastrophic defeat for our protagonists. There are too many awesome characters and cliques in this to let it die.


For a successful reboot, I suggest taking a step out of the spaghetti of the moment. A jolt to get everybody on the same page. Maybe a time skip or something. Zarkun, we can have some James/Joseph interaction after that.
Mark, you officially crossed into Necromancer land XD. Sadly, no one remembers what they were even going to do. Hate to say it, but it's kaput.
When I came back after a month, I simply brought with me all the good stuff ;)

That's why I'm suggesting KO give it a jolt out of the spaghetti. It is totally feasible, have some faith.
It's actually KO I'm worried about here...

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