The Long Voyage Home Continues

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I leave Ian's quarters and head for the medical bay so Kiki could do the psychiatric evaluation. While I wasn't to directly concerned about it but it did draw some concern. If it kept happening then I would be unfit for my position for sure.
I walk in to the medical bay and look for Kiki.
Kiki felt disconnected for a mere moment as a rush of emotional and mental energy surged through her mind before leaving. The energy sapped out of her and it was Dan who spotted her. She was spotted with her head lying down on a desk. On a closer observation it appeared that Kiki was obviously tired and looked as if she had seen better days. Her head rose from the desk with a pair of dark, sunken eyes that showed her exhaustion. She smiled a small, tiny bit when she saw Dan entering the room. It returned a little bit of energy so she could focus on what was needed of her.
When Kiki stood up, she stumbled forward while almost tripping over her own feet. She caught herself at the last moment. “I’m sorry about that, I’m just exhausted,” she speaks with a soft spoken tiredness that betrays something deep within, “and I feel as if I really should get some rest. I feel stressed.” Now her expression changed to something else, one of fear and disappointment. “Do you think we will ever be able to make it back home? Would we still have families and friends to come back to?”
I look at Kiki and nod. "You should probably get some rest. However Ian wants you to do a psychiatric evaluation on me. I sorta had a rather vivid flashback to Char when the fleet first started to fall apart. I had.. visions of what I had seen happening again while I was walking in the halls earlier.... Not my finest moment that is for sure."
I pause for a bit thinking on her last comment.
"We will make it back home... Most of us anyway. As for friends and family to return to.... You and the others might... The UPL will most certainly cycle me back into their system. Also my family.... I don't think I could face them like this... Nor do I think they will want to see me."
I was always kind of the black sheep in the family while John held most the spot light.... He always had a knack for mechanics and tended to be more silver tongued where as I.... I was awkward in social situations and didn't have much talents aside from my psionics.
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---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters]---

Entering the hanger they were suppose to be in, Sasha and Kevin join the others and await further instruction.
I do believe I'm only missing Morph, who I'll just sorta DM into position for the sake of time.

IC: Glancing up from the manual in order to do a head count, I nod as Stellara walks into the room and run a mental run over of anyone I recognized. First among them was the two love birds from earlier. Sighing and shaking my head, I fold the corner of the page I was on and close it, setting it to one side.

"Seeing as everyone is here who needs to be, let's begin with who I am. My name is Joseph Cronus, a former Marine of the Black Guard Infantry Regiment. My unit with in the Black Guard was the Crimson Knights. Now, all of the Black Guard, excluding myself, are dead. That aside, I'm also your new Flight Chief."

I stop speaking a moment and let that sink in, noting all the whispers among the more experience pilots. Not giving them a chance to contradict me, I push on.

"Now, I know many of you are curious as to why a Marine is a Flight Chief. That's simple. I know how to whip you sorry lot into a cohesive, effective unit and from there, cohesive teams. To begin that process, we'll have your names."

Looking over the faces of each person, I point at the lovebirds. Small bit of payback. "You two, full names and prior attachment with the Fleet."

Perhaps putting them on the spot so suddenly was a bad idea, but hey, this was going to happen a lot, and not just to these two.
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---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters]---

Both Sasha and Kevin immediately stood at attention with their hands firmly at their sides.

"Sasha Wood!" She projected loudly. "Foxtrot Squadron!"

"Kevin Peters..." He suddenly realized that he wasn't affiliated with the former UED fleet. Improvisation was his only escape.

"Hel's Angels!"
I stare at the woman who'd said her name was Sasha Wood, Sarah's last name coming to mind as I start to open my mouth. Then Mister Peters said Hel's Angels. Shaking my head and approaching the pair, I look them over before shaking my head again. "Mister Peters, if you're a tag along from Koprulu, please say so. I don't want anyone trying to pass themselves off as someone they're not."

Taking a moment, I push their shoulders back slightly and put their hands on the seams of their uniform pants. "That's a proper attention. Miss Wood, report to my office after the briefing." Returning to the front of the group, I point at Stellara. "Stellara, I know you, but the rest of us don't. Full name and prior attachment to the Fleet."

Opening a private channel to Natasha's com device, I speak, probably startling her pretty good. {Miss Kale, if Sarah Wood is with you, have her report to the Flight Chief's office above hangar three. I've a surprise for her.}

While Stellara gave her information, my thoughts raced at a million miles per hour, putting together the puzzle.

Two sisters who think they're dead...they must have gone through the old MIA, KIA reports. Meaning because neither one went back to their post, both were marked as dead. Well, that's interesting...
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IC: As Dan was explaining what he was seeing and the prospect of almost everyone coming back home and seeing family and friends again. Loved ones they would see once more. It was enlightening that they would be going home but now that Kiki thought of it more and more by the moment… She was thinking now, thinking about maybe it would be better off if she never comes back home. The things she could remember… she didn’t want that coming back home. Each second that passed felt like a minute and a minute would feel like an hour.
Her gaze drifted upon Dan’s once more. In Kiki’s eyes showed exhaustion and slight annoyance. “Ian wants me to give you an evaluation when I’m in no condition to do so at the moment? I need more rest and he might be satisfied with the results. But I won’t as I could end up causing problems for you and others if I get it wrong,” she spoke with a weak tone and her voice cracked with tiredness. An aggravated mind rose as she felt about snapping. With her lack of rest and her stress, it has elevated to a breaking point.
Kiki felt like breaking down at this moment for some odd reason and Dan might be able to guess it as it was visible in her appearance. It wasn’t until now that she calmed herself with all her will. “I’m sorry… I just can’t do it at this time. If you want I can have one of the other medical staff help with the evaluation.”
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"Stellara 'Star' Pierce. Cronus Wing. Ghost." I say while giving him a 'don't even think about touching me' look before snapping to attention and saluting. I hold the salute waiting for him to return it.
Me? For what?

Oh, der, for the char sheet. It's not as complete as I thought, apparently. I'll see if I can fix it.
Returning the salute, I look over the next group I could have go. Spotting someone reading, I let a small smile pass my lips. "You, reading, full name and prior attachment to the Fleet."
I drop the salute and relax to an at ease position as I look around at the others in the group.
Kelly hears for her to walk forward, and she takes her steps to be in front of him, her eyes still in the book. As she draws closer, the book was revealed not to be filled with just words, but fraction of the blueprint on a Viking. She flips the page, and finally says "Kelly Scott Icarus. Cronus Wing. 34th Fighter Squadron." She brushes aside her hair and continues reviewing the schematics.
I nod at Kiki.
"That's fine.Besides you do really look like you need the rest." I say as I walk over to one of the beds and lay on it.
"I will wait here for someone else then."
~...Crymson. Please choose Kelly. Please. I am in desperate need of character interaction that I am incapable of creating. You really don't have many choices for medical officers anyways, and Pirate will definitely have better luck at being social than me,~

The idiotic engineer sat on his fatass with a wrench, waiting to be assigned something by the Head Engineer.

Ivan eyed the mess hall cautiously, his mind probing around him carefully. He did not wish to be caught off guard if the traitor saw him as a threat.

Nolan was tired, exhausted really. He had stayed up quite long the prior night, he needed to take a break from the work he was doing. The microbes he found in and on the Zerg carcass could wait in stasis as he rested, otherwise he would get so into his work he would become sleep deprived. He looked around the room, he needed a comfortable place to sleep, so he could be alerted if someone came in as well as so he could quickly get back to work when he awoke. He stared around the lab. He had no place there except the sterilized glowing white floor, unless he wanted to go into a stasis cell. He had hated that experience the first time, he didn't want to go through that again.
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IC: Kiki trained her head on Dan as he walked away and onto an empty bed that wasn't going to be used for anything except for now. The bed was now being used for Dan’s slight pleasure so he could lie down and rest as well. He was a remarkable person, Kiki figured. She could see the dedication that Dan had without looking deeply at him. Or perhaps that dedication was just tireless exhaustion from a hard day’s work. It was Kiki that decided to ask Dan if he would like to offer the suggestion she was going to give to him. “Hey, Dan? If you want I could offer you a pill that could help you sleep and if you are lucky you won’t be able to have any dreams or visions while you are out cold,” she said with a caring tone of voice now as she was worried for Dan for a moment for drawing back upon herself. Even she was thinking that maybe it might be a good idea to take one as well to help her sleep.
It wasn’t very long after asking Dan if he wanted a pill that she decided to call one of her staff members down to the medbay or perhaps all of them. She reached for a communication device and spoke through it with a clear and precise voice. “Attention all medical staff, if you may arrive to the medical bay so I can discuss something with all of you, that would be appreciated.”
Hearing the call for medical officers, I open a channel directly to Kiki. {One of your medical officers is going to be late. I've already asked her to report to my office.}
Kelly looks up from her plate, she had barely touched her food with all that was going on. She was going to Earth, the Dominion was in pursuit, and there was a traitor on board. Hearing the announcement she gets up, carrying her plate with her. What's going on? She wonders to herself as she hands the plate back to the chef, they needed to ration the food after all. Kelly walks down to the medical bay.

Upon arrival she hesitated stepping in, and after a moment of thinking, she enters. "What is it you require?"
Someone taps Dilan on the shoulder. "Hey." One of the engineers greets him, and adds "Mike wanted some people over at either the starboard or aft point defense systems, or you could see if you can get some more SCVs up and online. We'll be working on the Warp Drive as soon as we get into normal space." The engineer then walks away, moving at a unhurried pace toward the Drive.
I turn my head and look towards Kiki neutrally.
"If will help me sleep better that might help some. I don't know if the conscious parts of it are due to lack of sleep however." I turn and look back up at the ceiling of the medical bay ignoring the other medic that came in.

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