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Kiki smiled slowly as she got up from her desk and pilfered through medications. Finally succeeding in finding such a pill that could help Dan sleep, she took it to him. “I guess we won’t know unless we try, right?” She held out the pill with a certainty that it will at least help him sleep without being disturbed.
When she saw another person walk in, Kelly, she smiled at her as well and it registered tiredness for all to see if they saw it. “Kelly. I wanted more people down here because I was hoping they could take over while I get some rest. I am awfully stressed out and lacking the energy to continue.” It was as if Kiki was saying, “Come take over for me while I’m sleeping.”
I sit up and take the pill and hold in my hand for a few before looking up at Kiki.
"Thank you... I'll take my leave now."
With that I stand up from the bed and head out of the medical bay heading strait for my quarters.
{Captain, I am going to try to rest again and see if that helps. I did talk with Kiki and she will evaluate me later after she has rested herself.}
After a few more introductions, which take around another ten or so minutes, I nod. "Alright, now that we're familiar with each other, we'll move on to the briefing. As you all know," I take a moment to fight with the old systems, punching them a couple times in exasperation, before a galaxy map of our next destination appears, "we're not only returning home, we're on the run from the Dominion and, eventually, the Zerg."

Tapping a planet that matches the description that was in the file, I enlarge it and tap the station orbiting it with several Battlecruisers nearby. "This is an old UED emplacement, left behind to monitor life on this planet." Letting it all sink in, I review the snap shot I'd taken of the file for just this purpose, still trying to figure out the second half. Once I was sure everyone had reviewed it, I resume speaking.

"There's a good chance word of our defeat never reached home and, well, we're not exactly a credible source for this station. The most we can hope for is we can at least talk them down, but there is a chance we'll exchange fire with them. If that happens, we're to run interference. Any objections?"
Ian frowns.

For some reason, I expected everything to go right back to th way it was in the old fleet: discipline, careful schedules... silly me. This is more like a lifeboat than a battleship.

{That should be fine, Mr. Flint. Just don't put it off.}
You know, I feel that there should be a scene in the near future where Ian calls the officers together to discuss that.
OOC: Ah, F-... Dang... It... :P

I was planing on Sasha giving a different name so we could prolong their meeting. But, it's how the cards played out. Unless there's a logical detour, so be it!

---[Sarah Wood/Natasha Kale]---

With a soft hiss, Sarah's footlocker opened and she began filling it. Natasha sat on her bed and looked around the room in a horrible attempt to look natural.

"What've you been up to?" Sarah asked her, knowing something was up.

"Nothing." She said. "I've just been unpacking." Sarah moaned in understanding and nodded her head. It was obvious whatever Natasha was doing she didn't want to talk about it. She hated being alone. Then again, she hated being with people. So she always occupied her mind. Doing nothing was not an option. The question in Sarah's mind was, who was keeping her from finding something to occupy her time?

"What've you been doing?" Tasha asked, gesturing to the blonde haired girl sitting on her legs.

"I was in mess. Their sandwiches are horrible." Sarah wasn't about to tell Tasha about her encounter with Joseph. After their catfight on the station, Tasha was sure to disapprove of their new friendship.

Natasha's personal comm began vibrating on the small table in the center of the room. It then projected Joseph's command throughout the small four walls. An empty silence reigned.

"I hate that guy..."

Sarah said nothing in order to retain innocence in Tasha's eyes. She simply frowned and stood up.

"A surprise? What does that even mean?" Almost immediately after Sarah spoke, Kiki's message came over the intercom.

"Duty calls." Sarah said with a smile, relieved to finally get to work. Joseph's surprise could wait. She didn't want to see him at the moment. They had just recently spoke and Sarah hadn't processed their conversation yet. Maybe she'd go if she wasn't busy. Maybe.

Within five minutes, she arrived in uniform.

---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters]---

Sasha frowned at the man. Why would he want her? Maybe he had seen her in the previous firefight?

Kevin answered Joseph's question with a stare. He wasn't ready to admit he was a Korprulu tag-along. If further questioned, however, he would be honest.
Not hearing any objections from anyone, I look each and every one of them over. "If there's no objections, you're all dismissed. Miss Wood, follow me." Heading to the stairs leading up to my office, I slowly ascend them, still glancing at the various parts and pieces that compromised a Wraith. At the top, I open the door and step in, leaving it open while checking outside for Sarah.

Her lack of presence pulled a frown out of me. Right...she doesn't know I'm Flight Chief...Well, so much for the surprise. Stepping over to the intercom, I hit the send button. "Miss Sarah Wood, report to the Flight Chief's office above hangar three. This is not a request." Releasing the button, I look towards Sasha and Kevin as they walk in.

"So, Miss Wood, how long have you been back amongst the living?"
---[Sarah Wood]---

Joseph's second call arrived just before Sarah opened the door to the medbay. She sighed and leaned her head against the door with a thump. She remained there for a second, looking at her shoes. Maybe she was in trouble? Maybe he wanted to apologize for something? Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Sarah drug her head from the door and began her trek to the Flight Chief's office.

---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters]---

The two exchanged glances and shared a meaningful expressions. Sasha's was a one of curiosity. Kevin's was a one of concern. After assessing the other's position, they followed Joseph farther behind, Sasha leading the way.

Joseph had disappeared through the door by the time the couple began climbing the steps. Sasha heard the Flight Chief say something into the intercom, but only caught the last sentence. It only furthered her curiosity towards the whole situation.

The Flight Chief's next question threw Sasha off guard.

"Excuse me?" She asked, exchanging another glance with Kevin and batting her eyes.
"How long have you been alive? I was going to let the pair of you just see each other, butt seeing as my first page went unanswered, I'll tell you frankly." Spotting a fridge that had escaped my first look over of the room, I open it to find some well aged brandy. Pulling it out, I begin searching for glasses.

"You and your sister have assumed the other is dead. It was your sister I paged on the intercom just now. Sarah Wood, correct? Is it also safe to assume that you only went so far as to find her assigned ship was destroyed by the Zerg?"
I walk past Sarah Wood as she exits her room and pass by Natasha's room causing thoughts to start swirling in my head..
Dan your a Ghost and not only that your her superior officer and by all regulations even trying to have a relationship with her would result in your demotion and what ever else they may want to throw at you.

So what... there have been several people that had relationships with superior or lesser and didn't get in trouble.

Stop making excuses Dan. Besides I doubt she would ever see you as more than another superior officer if even that.

I grimace slightly as I walk up to my door and try to remember what the code was to unlock it and mull over what was going on in my head.
OOC: Natasha Kale is currently in her room, attempting to go back to sleep. She did not go with Sarah. However, Sarah and Natasha were together with Dan back on the station. Seeing her could still remind him of Sarah, thus provoking this response. Simply adjusting the statement about seeing Tasha and all should be well. :)

Also, SF, I keep seeing all your characters think about the traitor aboard? That is completely top secret. Nobody knows a traitor is aboard except the few individuals who have been told. Not even the First Officer has been told.

One more thing. KO, half of Kevin's character sheet is gone -___- Don't know what happened to it, but it's not there.

---[Sarah Wood]---

Passing a man she recognized on the way, Sarah Wood arrived at Hangar three, where she passed several pilots traveling the opposite direction from her. She wormed her way through them and quietly tried to find the Flight Chief's office through trial and error.

---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters]---

No... What kind of sick joke is this... Sasha thought, excitement perking in every cell of her body. The looming threat of a hoax was already building rage within her. She can't possibly be alive. Maybe it's someone else with the same name, Sarah Wood is a popular name...

Kevin had heard about Sasha's family a little, but it pained Sasha too much to speak of it. He only has bits and pieces of information regarding Sarah or the rest of Sasha's family. He was equally as surprised as Sasha.

"Wha- I-" Kevin tried to exchange glances with Sasha once again, but Sasha was too deep in thought and confusion to look at him. "No... No, I-" She stuttered and stammered over every word attempting to come out of her mouth. It was all too much to take in. It was then when Sasha looked at Kevin to see his reaction.

Though Kevin didn't completely trust Joseph, if he was right, it would mean huge ramifications -- and not necessarily good ones. If what Kevin had gathered was correct, the two didn't exactly have the best relationship. He wasn't sure exactly what it would mean if they were, in fact, reunited.

Turning his gaze from Sasha to Joseph, he queried for the brown haired girl, who had recently lost her voice.

"Are you absolutely certain it's the same Sarah?" He asked. The two girls didn't look similar and Wood was a pretty common name back on Earth. Seeing Sasha crushed for this would devastate Kevin. He wanted to make sure Joseph was absolutely certain before leading anything on.
OOC: What I meant in that post MarkusKriostheSpacePirate is that Dan passed by when Sarah was leaving her room and caught a glimpse inside before the door shut. However I will edit since you requested.
OOC: Ah, my mistake then. Coolio, thanks anyways! Good RPing out there today, boys! See you on the 'morrow
"Well, let's see here...she has a sister named Sasha Wood who she thinks is dead because when she went through old KIA reports, Sasha's cruiser was reported destroyed and the only safe place nearby was raided and destroyed by pirates the following day. She's of a bubbly personality and her best friend, for lack of a better term, is Natasha Kale."

I finally manage to find a couple glasses and pull them out, frowning at the dust they'd collected from the misuse. Using an old patrol schedule, I clean out the inside of each glass and then poor some brandy into one. "That cover it for you?"
I gently place a hand on Sarah's shoulder. "Ma'am the flight commanders office is up there." I point to a set of stairs with my free hand. "And before you ask yes I am psionic and I only caught that you are looking for the flight commanders office. Also I'm sorry for intruding on your privacy." I remove my hand from Sarah's shoulder and turn around walking away at a leisurely pace.
---[Sarah Wood]---

An awkward smile crossed Sarah's lips. She thanked the woman awkwardly and began ascending the stairs. She never liked the idea of someone reading another's mind or emotions. But she had nothing to hide and the way she apologized immediately... Sarah figured it was harder for them than it was for her, so she extended grace.

Sarah began climbing the steps, looking at the floor.

---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters/Sarah Wood]---

Sasha was completely blown away. After all this time she had lived with guilt. Guilt that she didn't have a good relationship with her sister. The guilt that she destroyed it. And now? Now she just might have a second chance. If Sarah wanted it.

Footsteps grew louder as delicate feet climbed them. Sasha uncrossed her legs and eagerly stared at the door. By the time it opened, Sasha had risen to her feet and taken a cautious step towards the doorway.

With a soft hiss, it opened, revealing Sarah in her uniform. She was just as slim as Sasha remembered, but more developed. Older. She looked like a woman now. And Sasha had missed it. Her blonde hair only fell to her mid-neck length, a change she had made since highschool. Her blue eyes still shimmered in the light. She was still beautiful.

Rising to her feet, the two stared at each other in absolute bewilderment. They stood for a full ten seconds without reaction, simply staring. After seeing Sarah's lack of enthusiasm, she lost hope. Her head dipped and her stance grew awkward.

Still without a smile, Sarah darted for Sasha and threw her arms around her neck, squeezing tightly. Her eyes were closed and her lips finally began stretching into a feeble crying state. Tears already began pouring from both eyes.

Though Joseph could see Sarah's reaction plainly, Sasha's facial expression remained hidden from everyone in the room. Her head dropped to rest on Sarah's shoulder and her arms wrapped around her waist.

Kevin glanced at Joseph to see his reaction. Maybe he was using this for his own personal gain. If so, Kevin wanted to know. Still, he couldn't help to smile with joy at Sarah's positive reaction towards seeing Sasha again. He hoped Sasha had the same reaction on the other side of her head.
I smile to myself for a moment as I walk. It was always nice to help people out when I could and from what I was sensing I'd quickened something that Joseph had already set in motion and that was good enough for me. "Enjoy it while you can ... who knows what is out there that wants us dead." I say to the empty hall as I head back to the observation room I'd been in before Joseph's call.

I enter the brig room and look around for anything new. I didn't know if the Security Chief had posted rotations or not but I hoped to find out.

I put away the last CMC-Light and look around at the armory. "Better but still not enough." I mutter at the still messy state the armory was in. I walk over to and open a crate to reveal some spare parts for the perdition flamethrower assembly of a CMC-660. "Ah so that is where these have been hiding." I grab what I need and walk over to the damaged 660 and start work on the final repairs for it while also opening a comm line to the chief engineer. {Hello, this is Jacob Moore down in the armory. I've got damaged fabrication systems down here. I'll need some minerals to repair the damage and then there is the issue of power. I know we don't have a lot of power hell I'm running the armory on half lighting to save what I can but if we could get those systems back online we'd be much better off. All we really need is a small asteroid with a few vespene geysers and some minerals and we can get back up to snuff some what.}
OOC: I need a slight refresher on who all is security team.

I remember the code to unlock my door looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was behind me before I enter the code. Once I was certain that I didn't have anyone to close to me to get the code I enter it then walk into my room and close the door behind me and lock it.
As I walk over to my bed I consume the pill that Kiki had given me before laying down and attempting to return to sleep.
Kelly walks back out of Hanger 3, turning to head back to her ship. She wanted to get some stuff out of the way and hopefully inspect the damage on the Viking. She takes her first step into the hanger, and frowns, noting the damage. I didn't feel anything hit.... Must have been adrenaline. She walks over to the ship and sets the book down on a nearby table, flipping pages until she found a segment for the body of the ship, then began looking for tools to start her work.

[Team 4, done. Requesting orders.} The radio announces, and Mike takes the radio off his belt. {Get to Aft. Take two SCVs with you, and get ready to do external repairs when we get back into normal space.} An affirmative was replied over the radio, and Mike turns another SCV on. He moves it over to the group of them, and sets his radio to send. {Team 4, return to the SCVs.} He clips the radio to his belt, and turns the SCV off as the other engineers arrive. "Alright, we are heading to the starboard side. You-" Mike points to slight engineer with black hair '...grab an SCV, and get it moved to the Starboard side. You and I will be working exterior on the ship when we get to real space. The rest of you will work on the inside, and Jack, stop flirting with Maria, you almost put your welder in your balls while it was lit." This got a chuckle from all the engineers as they walked away, two SCVs moving with them.
Kroger: Kor, Stellara, Joseph and Natasha are the security officers that I know of. as well as Dan Flint. there are other security team members that are mostly Female NPC's according to KO.

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