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A smile passed my lips as I watched the two sisters embrace each other and I can't help but shed a single tear myself. You done good, Cronus, you done good. After a moment of watching the two embrace, I glance at Kevin, a gut decision coming to mind.

"So, what part of Koprulu you from?" I knew he'd probably try and deny it, but he had to use the name of one of the best known Viking mercenary groups out there? How horribly can one man fail?
---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters/Sarah Wood]---

"I was born on a small Confederate colony in the middle of nowhere. I joined the Confederacy six years ago and left the Dominion three years ago. My squadron and I made a mercenary group when we deserted the tyrannical government and we've been preying on Dominion trade route's ever since."

Kevin explained his recent history briefly before nodding to Sasha.

"After the UED fell, Sasha joined us." He explained, gesturing to Sasha.

Meanwhile, the two sisters had been caught up in a warm embrace.

"Took your sweet time coming back to me." Sarah croaked with an emotion filled voice. Sasha didn't respond. She couldn't respond after what they'd both been through. The fall of the fleet? Thinking the other was dead for so long? Sasha, not deserving of the love Sarah gave?

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Before I actually reply, Mark, the Brood Wars were the Dominion, not the Confederacy. They were finished at the end of the original SC Terran campaign.

IC: I can't help but raise an eyebrow when he says he enlisted during the official emergence of the Zerg in the Koprulu Sector. "So you're telling me you left the Dominion for the very reasons you shouldn't have joined the Confederacy? Interesting." Still, something didn't sit right. I didn't know if I could trust a man with former Dominion ties.

Watching the sisters, I let them continue on for another couple of moments before lightly clearing my throat, reminding them I was there. "Not to sound rude, but next time an officer summons you, Sarah, it would be good to come then and there. As for your reunion, I think we should head somewhere public. I remember stories of things the officers were accused of back in the old fleet."
Uuuh... No. the original SC expansion is called Brood War... During this time, the Confederacy was destroyed and the Dominion erected. Kevin was in the Brood Wars with the Confederacy and has no ties to the Dominion.

Sorry, IC coming soon.
Confed didn't exist after the first SC campaign. Brood War was with the Dominion, although they were weak.
'Brood War' is the EXPANSION to the ORIGINAL SC and IS post Confederate. the FIRST AND ORIGINAL Terran campaign was called 'Rebel Yell'. Vikings are POST Brood War so Kevin WOULD HAVE to be Dominion if he were to be Hel's Angels unless he joined them after they went rogue. if you don't believe me here is the first episode of SC which was the original Terran campaign.
Uuuh... No. the original SC expansion is called Brood War... During this time, the Confederacy was destroyed and the Dominion erected. Kevin was in the Brood Wars with the Confederacy and has no ties to the Dominion.

Sorry, IC coming soon.

So this has been addressed by two separate people, but I feel a need to address it myself.

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the FIRST AND ORIGINAL Terran campaign was called 'Rebel Yell'

It was in this campaign that the Terran Confederacy was destroyed and the Terran Dominion established. It was also during this original campaign that Jim and the other founding members of the Raiders left the Sons of Korhal after the debacle with the Psi Emitters and the destruction of Tarsonis. Almost put Taris there XD. Besides the point.

During the Zerg campaign, or Episode II, it is the DOMINION that, in fact, was patrolling Char along with the Raiders searching for answers as to the Psionic voice calling out Jim's name. In the end, this turned out to be Kerrigan in the cocoon. From there, things went into the fall of Aiur. THEN, after the formation of the Dominion, we have the events of the BW.
Well then... I just stepped in some huge crap... Why didn't I realize this earlier? I have some huge conflicting dates with poor Kevin...

What all three of you kindly pointed out was the root of one of multiple mistakes. I didn't mean the Brood Wars, I meant the First Contact wars :P

Still, it doesn't solve the problem of being in Hel's Angels when Kevin doesn't know what a Viking is...

...Grrr... What in the world do I do now?
Edit a bit, then when you're done, I'll edit.
I'm going to have to majorly edit the whole character, not just that one post. Sasha met Kevin in Hel's Angels, if neither of them even know what that is... :S

Really? Hmmm....maybe not quite major editing, but minor things like names and such. Shouldn't be difficult. Just requires slight timeline adjustments.
Done. Okay, time to edit the post.

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Right, I made my edit, so the balls in your court, Mark.
Okay, so the what, two days I've been gone? It has moved farther than it has in any week before. Sigh. I suppose I'll get a post up tomorrow afternoon.
Not to much aside from you one character is now running the medical bay for the time being.

Also MarkusKriostheSpacePirate I hope all is going well for you and that you can post soon.

So KO how will we know the passage of time in this thread?
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---[Sasha Wood/Kevin Peters/Sarah Wood]---

"I joined the Confederacy because they let me fly. I left the Dominion because they told me where to fly, how to fly, why to fly, what to fly, and who to kill. I was no longer defending my home or my family, I was defending the emperor who I had been previously attacking as a rebel."

Kevin could feel tension growing already between him and the UED crew. Joseph was the second person to hear Kevin's story and so far, he had responded the best. Still, Kevin knew deep down that he would have to watch his back.

A frown crossed Sarah's face. The sisters separated and Sasha's eyes immediately dropped to the floor. She couldn't deal with the reality of the situation. She had run for so long from her past and clung to Kevin for a future. Now, with Sarah staring her in the face, she was forced to reconcile with her family life.

"You're an officer?" Sarah asked to break the silence.
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You have a lot of characters, and almost (not quite) everyone is interacting with one.
Three of my five characters are interacting with Zarkun's character. The other two aren't interacting, sadly.

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