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SpoR, can you tell me if it is FPS lag or network spike lag?
You can check FPS in the game by hovering over the menu button.
Wait I thought you check FPS with ctrl+alt+f ?

It's hard to tell, most times it looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/NgTj4Pq.png
and sometimes It'll show network spikes instead or show both.

Also my FPS tends to vary greatly. Sometimes it's like well over 100-150 and the rest of the time it's around 30-80 range (all in game of course) iirc

'Not sure how relevant this is but It's what I've noticed so far http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/10433533360?page=3#45

Well I just played 10 games in a row again (not actually just leaving right away) over the last couple of hours and had no lag/stutter at all this time. I'm wondering if the time of day (7p Monday) playing has anything to do with it.
Anyway, I took down possible relevant info for this session. Used RGB and TimerReso, didn't run unit preloader, played 2v2s unranked and ranked.

I don't know if this matters but I get +1 to stall counter when I was clicking around on menu tab buttons on the victory screen. And I also got +1 network spike whenever I took a screenshot (it makes my game freeze a half a second), and if I do it in menus it adds +1 to stall counter instead.

Is there a way to remove variable framerate? I know in SF4 there was an option for this and it was important to turn it off for online play.

And just so you know, since trying all the stuff in your thread and your suggestions I have updated all drivers again, changed my router to DMZ me, did some modifications to my NIC settings, checked with TWC if firmware was up to date and nominal for the modem, deleted agent.db, altered 3D settings,multidisplay, and reset prerender frame to 1 for nvidia control panel, and maybe a couple other tweaks. (i have been keeping a list of stuff from the notepads that came with hots and i filled front and back of a page with changes so far).

oh, and I have MSinfo32, dxdiag, tracert, and pathpings if you want to see those. Bnet support ticket techs have been mostly useless and I've about had it with their asking me to do the same thing over and over and not reading/comprehending previous correspondence. Are they all cheap outsourced labor?
12/09/2013 06:49 PMPosted by SpoR
oh, and I have MSinfo32, dxdiag, tracert

Yes please. I think this may be palatially network spikes.
Apparently there seems to be some issue with MSINFO32 showing I have old drivers? The blizz reps keep saying they are like 2006 (even though this is not possible for a number of reasons). I have uninstalled and reinstalled at least twice and checked device manager, and dxdiag to confirm they are installed and still the MSINFO (according to them) says they are out of date. How do I read that in the MSINFO anyways?

edit- how the hell do I PM you?
12/10/2013 07:11 PMPosted by SpoR
edit- how the hell do I PM you?

The forums don't have a PM feature.

Are you talking about your video card drivers?

12/10/2013 07:11 PMPosted by SpoR
How do I read that in the MSINFO

Just know what you're looking for.

12/10/2013 07:11 PMPosted by SpoR
MSINFO32 showing I have old drivers?

You may or may not. Which piece of hardware are you referring to? I assume video card? Whatever it is, you should be able to do a complete wipe of the current driver, then directly download and install the latest driver from the manufacturer. That may help.
Well how should I send you all these txt docu, I can't copy and paste them all here. Make a throwaway email? http://mailinator.com/

edit- Here is also a relevant post I made denoting all/most the things I have tried: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/1126996964?page=8#149

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