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Omega Initiative

You are a member of an Organization known as the Omega Initiative, a group of human supremacists with a deep seated love of Terran unity and hate of all things Protoss and Zerg, including Terrans who would work with them, such as Raynor and technically Kerrigan. This deep seeded hatred began when a small research team and their escort first encountered the Protoss and Zerg while traveling through a previously unexplored region of the Koprulu Sector. They sent a small diplomatic team to attempt to start a peaceful discussion when the Zerg attacked. Fearing that the Terrans would be infested, they cut them down while killing the Zerg. The survivors, who’d been watching via video feed, were appalled at the unneeded slaughter of their comrades. When they returned to Confederate space, they were locked in war with the Kel-Morian Combine and, indirectly, Umoja, and had no time for the ramblings of a research team who’d been marked as MIA. Thus was born the Omega Initiative.

You are a Phantom, an elite Psionic warrior who's mind and body has been trained and augmented to shatter any defense an opponent has, be it mentally or physically, and kill them without mercy or second thought. The Omega Initiative's home base is on the ice world Borin just outside known space, to Terran, Protoss, and Zerg a like. It was chosen because of it’s constant snow storms that would hide the main compound, or what was exposed of it above ground. The rest is built beneath the ground to help keep it undetected by it’s enemies.

You were born in this installation as a third generation Phantom, your parents being second generation and theirs first generation. Psionic power runs through your family’s blood like a river runs through a valley, and you’re the most powerful generation yet. However, despite all your great power, you’re also the most unstable. Each use of your abilities brings you a step closer to one of two horrible fates. The first of these two is a plunge into insanity, turning on your comrades and attacking anything that gets close, your mind no longer able to tell the difference between friend and foe, reality and illusion. However, you can be saved and many are. Rare is the case where an insane Phantom is beyond help, though they are never truly the same.

However, the second fate, known as Resonating, is permanent and nearly unstoppable once it begins. First your psionic energy builds up to intolerable levels for your body, slowly undoing the fabric of your existence before it reaches lethal levels. From there, your body implodes, giving off first a resonating sound, then leaving a Psionic resonance that will forever mark where you died. This second fate is rare, but not uncommon in third generations. Many of your brothers and sisters have already met this fate. It is not wished upon any of our brave Phantoms.

App format:

^RPer Name^
Age: (No younger than 20, no older than 28)
Psionic Specialty: (Think highly offensive with this. None of the usual telepathic, empathic, and cloaking BS. You’re warriors, not Ghosts.)
Weapons: (Ranged is optional, melee is required)
Armor Appearance: (Nothing common, like HES or Spectre armor. These guys are NOT run of the mill.)
Training History: (So, usually there’s a back story, but not in this case. Provide what kind of threat you’re strongest against and the training you went through for that strength.)

Right, so for the Training History section, you can face off against anything Terran, Protoss, or Zerg you can think of, but keep in mind that when you start training, at about age four, it’s botlings, robotic Zerglings, and Zealbots, robotic Zealots. From there, it becomes living specimens of any thing you can think of, including Ghosts, Spectres, Ultralisks, Broodlords, High Templar, which we will be running on lore for, meaning they have their psi blades, and Dark Templar. Have fun with the Training History. If you think of something that I’ve never seen before, give me a description of armor and armament and I’ll put it on a word doc and save it for later on.

None Omega Initiative App:

^RPer Name^
Psionics: (If you go with a psionic.)
Back Story:

I realize that Racial Supremacy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so this is for people who want to play from the other side of the fence. The Affiliation is to allow a little flexibility. Maybe you’re one of Umoja’s shadow guards, trying to infiltrate the Omega Initiative and find out their plans. Maybe you’re a Ghost out to prevent their leaders from mobilizing. Maybe you’re at each other’s throats when you notice a strange Psionic in strange armor watching you fight each other before blasting you both through a wall. Get imaginative. I hope most of you will play both sides on this, but you don’t have to.

(Just in case)
12/16/2013 04:45 PMPosted by Zarkun
This second fate is rare, but not uncommon in third generations.


That aside, this should be fun. I will sign up soonish. Really. I mean it.
No rush. It's still in rough draft form.
Name: Jack Winterfrost
Age: 25
Psionic Specialty: cryomancy (ice) biomancy (self-enhancement)
Weapons: 18" Frostbite Kukri (a psi energy amp in the hilt allows the blade to cause frostbite on contact when activated as well as function like a psi blade) Compact DMR w/ 20mm AP rounds
Armor Appearance: Form-fitting neosteel weave armor. The helm has a blacked-out face plate which is bulletproof along with the rest of the armor save heavy weapons. (navy blue in color, looks like 40k eldar guardian armor)
Training History: Rescued off a planet under attack by the Zerg at the age of 5 when an Omega Operative stumbled across him while in the middle of a mission. A loose cannon from the very beginning, Jack flat out refused to fight against Protoss, claiming that a Dark Templar had saved his life before the Operative had found him. It took several disciplinary lessons and a number of videos of the Tal'darim's handiwork before Jack was willing to fight against Protoss. Still, Jack will prioritize Zerg targets over Protoss ones as he has a pathological hatred of the swarm...

As for his actual training, Jack specialized as brute force assassin, taking down one enemy at a time. Using his cryomancy to freeze enemies in place, Jack will then take them out with a swift thrust with his Kukri or a headshot from his DMR.

Here's another character who despite what it may seem like, is more than just sh!ts and giggles.

Name: "Mad Max" Maxine Booker
Race: Terran
Affiliation: Mercenary
Age: 25
Weapons & Equipment: Assorted. (shotguns, various rifles, sidearms, small(ish) blades, flamethrowers, grenade launcher inc. attachment versions, chainfist (40k)) She has a wide arsenal of weapons in her warp capable gunship, FUBARed. Primarily uses a chainfist gauntlet with an attached grenade launcher, flamethrower and/or shotgun as well as a assault rifle or DMR. Always carries a 10mm handgun for emergency purposes.
Backstory: A character of a merc with a reliable but colorful reputation who's past changes everytime she tells it.
Well, let's see how your Training History looks and then I'll give a say.

Edit: More detail. Think of it as the backstory, but less focused on their home life, which is nonexistent, and more focused on their training regimens, how they fought the opponents, how many at what time, how it developed their powers. That sort of thing.
12/16/2013 05:22 PMPosted by Zarkun
More detail. Think of it as the backstory, but less focused on their home life, which is nonexistent, and more focused on their training regimens, how they fought the opponents, how many at what time, how it developed their powers. That sort of thing.

Just so you see this, War.
Got it. I'll flesh out his history later.
I'll get an app in a bit later ... maybe thursday ... dunno will do when I have time.
Right, so lets clear up somethings on your second character. First, Merc is an affiliation. Second, you have to name at least three consistent weapons to avoid OP loopholes. Not that I don't trust you, just better safe than sorry.
Got a weapons list.
12/16/2013 10:10 PMPosted by Zarkun
three consistent weapons

My point remains. I need...I don't know, maybe list a rifle, a pistol, and a knife she usually prefers or something like that.
Ok, saw this and an Idea jumped into my head. Also it was an excuse to put Aximus to use.

The thing was an abomination, no two ways about it. The Protoss themselves were bad enough, but now they felt the need to steal technology? And even worse, incorporate it onto those glorified zombies the Protoss called Immortals.

They were anything but. They could be killed for good. Rent to pieces like any other husk the xenos tried to hide in. And their minds... Those he enjoyed ripping apart.

To kill those who thought they had cheated death... Oh, the sweet feeling of their panic as they realized there was no coming back this time.

The radio jarred him out of his pleasant memories.
{Base to J94523, any change in target status? Over.}

He grit his teeth. If something had changed he would have said so. {Negative Base. No change.Over.}

{Acknowledged J94523. You are clear to engage. Over.}

{Roger Base. Engaging target. Over.} J94523 clicked the radio off and slowly began to approach his target.

Why the Immortal was in this particular sector of space was anyone's guess. Perhaps if had been ostracized from its alien home for trying to include some 'inferior' Terran technology on its 'perfect' physical shell.

And it sure did look ugly. Neo-steel was welded on in several key locations, and one of the thing's legs was entirely Terran Metal. And then the weapons...
Who in their right mind would give not only Gauss rifles but also Hellfire Missiles to a xeno?!

Maybe when he tore its mind apart, he would get the name of whoever fixed the alien with Terran pieces. Then he could kill the traitorous engineer.

J94523 gave himself a mental shake. Focus. Killing the traitor comes later.
He prepared his mental attack and released it on his unsuspecting prey.
Orin ore'kal arash Terran! I am Templar!

J04523 found himself deep in a psionic battle. This wasn't supposed to happen! He was supposed to have overwhelmed the unsuspecting Protoss in under a second, not encountered carefully prepared mental defenses, and a counter attack.
Thank goodness for his training. Without it the rapid counter attack would have left him a vegetable.

Mental battle was so hard to describe. It was as if they were in a dozen arm wrestles at once, and each was the most important. Yet each arm wrestle was not necessarily about force (though some were), some were about getting your hand free and poking his eye out, still others were about trying to pull the enemies mind closer to you so you could cause them to over extend themselves, a couple were devoted to trying to pry for information, and last but most certainly not least there was one for semi-conventional conversation. Again, they were all important.

I'm not going to loose you freak.
Freak? Perhaps, yet I am not the one who has closed my mind to so many possibilities.
Why do you think I haven't caved in yet? It's only a matter of time before I tear your head apart.
As I said Terran, My mind is my own. I am Templar.
Ha, that won't be true for much longer. Wait... What are you doing?!

The Protoss had suddenly made a rapid adjustment in his attack, now focusing not on trying to dominate, but to find one particular piece of of information. His physical location.

I am ending this.

J94523 pushed back the intruder's mind and realized that the battle had turned. That brief brush of contact with his mind had left the Protoss all but spent. The xeno couldn't win now.

HA! That effort cost you. I'm winning now, and you have nothing to show for it.
Nothing? No... I know where I need to shoot now.
What does that

The Gauss spikes put over a dozen holes in J94523's armor before he could finish his thought. Suddenly there was no battle. Only a Terran mind, filled with shock as his body died.

I am the wrath of the Kala little Terran. It took us a long time to find this 'Omega Initiative' of yours, and you will all pay for the Protoss lives you have taken. Your organization's very existence is a threat to the tenuous peace my kind has forged with yours... What little of it there is. Know in your dieing moments that I hunt your 'Omega Initiative' and I march to victory, I march to peace, and my cannons most definitely shall sing.
Cool, very nice, but...well, they don't know where the main base is...or really who's responsible...
12/16/2013 09:47 PMPosted by Warhawk

So... $%#&ed Up Beyond All Reliefed? That makes perfect grammatical sense.
12/17/2013 09:53 AMPosted by KnarledOne

it's repair for the record.
*Hums with an idea*

On the topic of Resonance, is it a guaranteed fatality after a certain period of time? Or will there be ways to fend it off and extend the life of the poor soul who's been afflicted with it? I had the idea for a character who'd act as a living power battery, forced to expend massive amounts of energy in order to simply survive or end up blowing into pieces...

Would this be applicable?
Resonance is guaranteed fatality. Gotta balance out the amount of power you have with some sort of draw back.

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