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Name: Jaran Kell

Age: 26

Psionic Specialty: Screamer. He is capable of generating a psionic "sound" so intense that it can tear through even the strongest, most disciplined defense, inflicting terror, confusion, and psionic "deafness." He also utilizes potent illusions to confuse his enemies, creating false things that look real - or, perhaps more dangerous, real things that seem false. From mere hallucinations to semi-solid "visages," he can surround his foe in a whirl of deadly fiction.

Weapons: He primarily wields his lance, a slender yet strong metal pole six feet in length. He can ignite the tip with energy, and potentially extend it into a psi-blade of up to three feet in length. His armor's left wrist conceals a blade eight inches in length, which is doused in a potent neurotoxin. This toxin will stop a Terran's heart in four seconds, paralyze a Templar in twelve, and cause local cellular damage in a Zerg. His right wrist contains a launcher that fires darts tipped with the same substance. The cartridge embedded in his wrist holds three darts. The launcher takes several seconds to build a magnetic charge significant enough to propel the projectile a decent distance.

Armor Appearance: Ultralight grey power armor designed with mobility in mind. His suit is primarily psionically powered, and allows him to move with great speed. The white and black line/dot/hexagon/whattheheckisthat patterns on his armor let him weave illusions or force fields around himself with greater than usual ease.

Training History: The "screamer" concept was originally envisioned as a crowd control specialist, and trained to use a powerful psionic "scream" that could cause severe brain damage in non-psionic targets when directly focused, could break through the defenses of psionics, and could render a large number of psionically weak opponents inert. He was initially made to fight groups of enemies and disciplined in continuing his scream regardless of distractions. His screamer training was suspended for several years, however, when it became apparent that the backlash from the screams caused unusual mental patterns in screamers. Many children went insane, their minds perpetually filled with the maddening 'sound' of their own screaming. Jaran was among the survivors, who were mostly trained in illusion, as their fragile emotional structures were unable to handle more violent subjects. Most who were transferred to combat training suffered nervous breakdowns, a few of which ended in killing sprees.

After several years, the screamers were gradually eased back onto the original program, this time with greater caution - and a different goal in mind. During the series of unfortunate events caused by the mental deterioration of the screamers, Omega became aware of the necessity to have countermeasures available for dealing with insane Phantoms or, potentially, traitors. Screamers were now trained to focus their attack on a single target, breaking down its mental defenses and causing panic and irrational behavior. Jaran quickly developed an aggressive form of attack; he would use his scream to attack an enemy directly, while confusing them with illusions. The sudden shift in reality, coupled with the mental weakness brought on by the scream, would cause intense disorientation. Jaran would then move in and strike directly with his lance, attempting to begin and end the bloodshed in a single blow. This proved extremely effective against opponents such as Ghosts and large Zerg, though the illusions were notably less effective against Protoss, particularly when they were in numbers. He was eventually moved on to usage against rogue Phantoms along with the other Screamers.

Though conditioning has improved, the original batch of Screamers have always been prone to insanity. While Jaran's faculties remain optimal, he has been forced to hunt down more than one of his brothers and sisters in training, an experience horrifying enough when you don't have to face the Scream...
12/17/2013 09:54 AMPosted by Zarkun
it's repair for the record.

I think both are correct, but either way...
So, would vast power expenditures come at the old precision versus brute force rule, while adhering to the idea of swifter exhaustion? In other words:
  • He has a 'green zone', so to speak. He continuously builds up energy and has to expend it, and rather explosively some times, but;
  • If he expends all of that energy and drops below a healthy level, that generation rate will exponentially increase as a reaction. He isn't immune to the old insanity from power overuse clause, so he'd be in trouble in an extended fight. After all, he'd need his power to fight effectively, but using too much would result in a greater rate of increase, leading to a vicious circle of needing to use his powers even more, resulting in even more insanity.
  • If his power builds up too much, boom. He's dead as per normal Resonance.

  • I rather enjoy the idea of role-playing a character who has to carefully balance between two potentially nasty fates. He's incredibly powerful, but is now forced to rely on an incredibly unhealthy and (in a sense) addictive strength, costing him both sanity and a shorter lifespan if overused even slightly. Of course, the incredibly strength is a massive bonus, but he can't wield it beyond certain points or risk killing himself horribly.

    All that aside, it would let me create someone with a significant amount of depth, who'd act as a constant reminder of how easy it is to have themselves killed. I'm also toying with the fact that the exponential increase in power would remain after being triggered, or would be able to calm down after a period of time in the healthy ranges.
    It's an interesting concept...I'll allow it to see how you do with it. Maybe put it into part of his psionic specialty.
    'Tis the plan. I just can't play in line with folks. If the character I am is ordinary, I'd just die from boredom. Give me a bit to throw a pair of character sheets up.
    12/17/2013 12:01 PMPosted by Zarkun
    It's an interesting concept...I'll allow it to see how you do with it. Maybe put it into part of his psionic specialty.

    As for my char?
    He passes for now, though the majority of operations would be anti-xeno versus anti-Phantom. There's special units that retrieve insane Phantoms. Also, I'm going to send you note on DA that may be pertinent to your stories. I seem to recall you mentioning something about crossing universes.
    Replied. And I assumed that would be the case, since it would probably be a waste of time to have Phantoms hunting only other Phantoms (since I'm sure a minority of Phantoms go rogue).
    Insane Phantoms aren't really rogue. They just don't know the difference between friend and foe, nor do they care anymore. Their minds are shattered.
    Well, yes. I understand that. But I'm assuming that during the history of Omega there would be one or two Phantoms who questioned their organization's goals and went rogue.
    Well, I'm still working out kinks of both RP and Organization, but it's a safe assumption. Also, I replied on DA.
    Okey dokey. It's your RP, obviously, so edit that out if it doesn't work.
    Updated both chars.
    Right...I normally don't do this, but could you use KO's Training History for an example, War? My mind is working in big, detailed posts right now and I can't get it to stop. The Merc...Can I request one more line of concrete history?
    Eh.... Maybe.

    My characters tend to write their own history over the corse of the RP...

    Also, before I go into any more detail, when is this set in terms of the lore? WoL? HotS?
    Well, if I'm bringing up Spectres, then after WoL...Let's say just after the events in HotS, but word of Arcturus' death hasn't yet reached the ears of the Initiative.
    I'm interested.

    Before I start typing anything, is something like a teacher hired from outside the organization acceptable?

    I was considering making it an emotion based psionic that teaches self control and mental defense, but has a deal of sorts made with the organization.
    Well...it's a possibility, but mental defense isn't a what they use in the traditional sense. Their offensive psionics are their defense.
    Name: Kevin Harris Sev
    Age: 21
    Psionic Specialty: High-end Telekinesis. This includes the capability to compress or expand objects with ease, or even more devastating; a kinetic blast. Kevin is also capable of average telepathy and even precognition.

    Weapons: Retractable Gauntlet blade located on top of his wrist. It is roughly 15cm long in appearance past the wrist. Utilizes a bolt rifle outfitted with a scope. It fires 15mm bolts at supersonic speeds. The scope can switch modes between thermal, to see through snowstorms, smoke, thin walls in which people are leaning against, etc. Normal, allowing easy vision in good climates. And of course infrared, allowing clear vision during dark periods of time or corridors without light.

    Armor Appearance: A powerful cross between mobility and bulk, the armour has a certain litheness to it with most joints having opened up into a nanoweave from a thicker, yet still relatively thin, plates of metal. The gauntlets are thicker than what you would expect to make room for the weapon that hides within The helmet comes down over the operators eyes without a visor, and instead relying upon a neural hookup to the suit giving vision through cameras located in front of the eyes. However these lenses are much smaller, providing smaller targets, still protect the same amount as the rest of the helmet, and each one provides greater vision than what a human is capable of. The colour scheme is black with a crimson lining on the armour. There are also white emblems of the Omega Initiative located on the right shoulder.

    Training History: Kevin Sev first began his training against the average things, being pushed to the very edge before he unleashed his Psionics almost every time. He had no control over it during these times. Slowly he gained a grasp of it, creeping towards his strength in Telekinetics. By age eight Kevin had finally gained some control, allowing a focus of simple parlor tricks such as lifting and throwing with his mind and predicting the movement of the enemy; however it was taxing for the young boy.

    "You are worthless" Kevin would always hear, even up to age ten. He had never gained respect due to his fear of his own powers, due to his lack of energy or will. He fought and fought, tried harder than all the ones who had their powers come naturally. None of it got pride from his parents. Well, not until he took it. When Kevin's body began maturing into one of an adult, it unleashed his strength. Kevin dominated with powerful blasts of telekinetic energy, his rifles ripping through the mechanical enemies, his blade never faltering. His life filled with lackings of love, empathy, care, pride all hardened him. Turned him into a cold killing machine; perhaps even one of the most lethal, if it weren't for recklessness. Kevin finally gained respect, he had finally gained his parents pride. This had no meaning to him any longer.

    Live specimens, primarily Terran, were brought out for his training. The teenage boy had no trouble destroying such simple soldiers. The training sessions always ended bloody. Kevin was on the brink of pure insanity, but never did he tip over into it. Nearly all of his partners when in group exercises were somewhat unnerved by being near such a Phantom, thinking Kevin might turn and kill them. One particular session that caused this nervousness was one training session against a young Ghost.

    Kevin's capabilities made perfect for fighting almost anything, especially in melee combat, as he could see an enemies movements before they were executed, and death among his comrades leaves him unscathed. This does not mean he is against preserving their lives. Stealth and assassination is not a strong suit due to his tendencies to bloodier situations. Recklessness is a big problem for Kevin, leaving him open to attacks.

    I had originally gone a lot more backstory like with this, where I included the training session with the Ghost and a simple mission that graduated him from trainee, but deleted it as it is supposed to support his capabilities, while this was more his point of view and the creation of his archenemy that I plan on making later.

    Ghost's and Spectre's aren't run of the mill either.
    12/16/2013 05:19 PMPosted by Warhawk
    Compact DMR w/ 20mm AP rounds

    Damn, Warhawk. I was about to flip my !@#$ about the length as I saw it as 20cm.
    Damn, Warhawk. I was about to flip my !@#$ about the length as I saw it as 20cm.
    20 centimetre rifle rounds O_o The recoil from that would be... significant, to say the least.

    On another note, I'll see if I can think of a character for this.

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