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20 cm... that's not a rifle round, thats a !@#$ing artillery shell!!!

Yeah, I can understand why you nearly flipped out.
Ahem, I don't recall allowing literal hand cannons XD
lol. will be working on my char today. though I also already promised to work on something with Steel so ... if I don't get it done today then I don't ...
Name: Lindsey 'Shock' Koori
Age: 21
Psionic Specialty: Electro-Magne-Kinetic, Technopathic and Mechnopathic
Weapons: primarily uses twin psi-plasma sabers with a gold colored core and a flowing crimson red that looks like blood flowing on an old metal sword, two M-9 Tempest SMG's with extended clip and made of the lightest materials possible for short to medium range and a Black Widow sniper rifle with extended barrel and enhanced scope. her ship also contains a variety of other weapons but she doesn't use often.
Armor Appearance: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/intel/inteldetail/7cc37738-aafa-4479-a1a0-b08e9433fd76/pathfinder?category=armor painted primarily a dark violet with gold accents(where it is orange in the picture). her SMG's clip to the armor on her legs while her sabers clip under or to the side of her forearm. the armor has a complex yet easy to maintain series of capacitors and generators built in that keep the armor from being damaged while her primary psionic ability is in use.
Training History: Lindsey has fought extensively against zerg and protoss. She started off one on one against the usual botlings and zealbots. She quickly moved on to fighting large groups of both in combat training usually eradicating them quickly with blasts of electro-magnetic energy or bits of mechnopathic and technopathic abilities.

She graduated to fighting actual zerg and protoss when she turned 8. At first it was just small fledgling hive clusters or Protoss outposts but she quickly started fighting more and harder forces. She especially liked to fight the Protoss and their mechs since it gave her a chance to inspect their tech from time to time.

When she was 19 she was sent to an old confederate space platform around an energetic binary star. The platform had been abandoned shortly after the guild wars then 'acquired' by the initiative and used as research outpost for a few years before again being abandoned around when the first great war started. In 2502 she was sent to retrieve some data from the platform with a small squad under her command. Two other phantoms were sent with her along with several 'standard infantry'. A Protoss Carrier had decided to investigate the platform and the initiative didn't want any data left on the station falling into the hands of the Protoss.

Lindsey and her squad managed to get onto the station without being shot down. She and the other two Phantoms split up to more quickly collect the data while the standard infantry set up at a bottle neck to hold back the Protoss for as long as they could. Lindsey and the other two Phantoms managed to retrieve all of the data before the Protoss could get a hold of any of it. Lindsey had been on her way to help the rest of her squad pull back when she was engaged by a couple stalkers that she dealt with after a quick bout of combat. By the time Lindsey finished the stalkers she was just in time to see her squad be massacred by a number of zealots, some High Templar and two Immortals.

In a fit of conflicting emotions she drew every bit of power from the station and Protoss that she could forming it into a large Electrical storm that destroyed the Protoss force and the station. Lindsey barely managed to make it to the Vulcan before the station completely came apart. The ship was damaged and quickly lost power to everything except the emergency beacon. A few day's later Lindsey was found alone floating in the ship barely alive thanks to her armor.
Here's hoping we get to visit that planet at some point.
Knarled, I know. Hmm. I just now realized how everyone wants to make a character that is "special". And sometimes they turn oddly so in an... interesting way.
While I'm thinking about it. Morph, while it's a good concept, the fact that she could do that...well, it kinda puts her in the overly OP aspect of things. Hell, that makes Amon look like a puppy dog. Tweak things just a WEE bit. Also, DT don't actively attack Terrans.
Not finished with the history ... there is a major draw back to having done that. And no it doesn't make Amon look like a puppy dog as he could rend planets into pieces. If she hadn't drawn energy from other sources maybe but Amon could probably do the same thing but escape without a scratch. Will make additions/edits tomorrow.

As for the DT they were there fighting zerg she got in the way
Which could lead to an emotional breakdown if she finds out that the Protoss were trying to protect the colony.
KO: not really since she was trained to hate Protoss ...
People who are trained to do things fail to do those things with regularity in real life. Unless she's a completely brain-dead drone, something that would hamper her usefulness as an elite warrior greatly, learning that the Protoss were risking their lives to save Terrans might have an effect on her emotional state. Even if she didn't rethink her view of the Protoss as a result of that knowledge, she would realize that she directly caused the death of the colonists by not only failing to save them from the Zerg, but by killing those who otherwise would have saved them.
It's called blind bias. Refusing to see the truth to continue your beliefs. That's the point he's trying to make.
what zarkun said. I've seen it plenty of times. hell just look at groups like Al-Quida or other such 'organizations'.
I will leave this forum with dignity. And attempt to erase my presence. Farewell.
12/18/2013 08:27 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
what zarkun said. I've seen it plenty of times. hell just look at groups like Al-Quida or other such 'organizations'.

There is a significant difference between blind bias and pure, knowing evil.
My honest opinion is that you seemed to not read the character sheet, or if you did, you ignored it's format and my requested parameters. As a Third Gen Phantom, you'd have already either gone insane or Resonated if you use your psionic powers that much. Then there's the Ghost equipment. The Initiative doesn't use lore equipment, they use what they make. In other words, make up your own stuff. Then it's not a back story, it's a training history.
Knarled, by this point it doesn't really matter. With what they force the children into once of a certain age, they are put to rigorous training. After they are done there is no true human being left that can have any real life, only a weapon used to kill with hate and anger. They are a shell of what they could have been and a vessel of what they are now.
Ghosts are exactly the same way... yet we've seen multiple instances of them escaping that.
Name: Kalen Price
Race: Terran
Affiliation: To no one. He is an independent contractor of death.
Age: 37

Weapons: C-27 Minigun "Smiles" and R-22 Grenade Launcher "Frowns". They are utilized on a heavily modified version of the 5-4 ARS dubbed "Therapy" by Kalen. These modifications include the replacement of the Punisher Grenade Launchers and a much larger and bulkier suit period to accommodate Kalen's greater size and strength than the average Marauder. This suit also includes modified factories in the armour to produce ammunition for the weapons used by "Therapy". The soles include a short burst rocket propulsion system, allowing for the odd evasive action.

Psionics: Lacking in Psionic strength, however, is uniquely unable to be detected by Psionic scans. To teeps, he does not exist.
Appearance: Kalen stands at 8' 7", covered in a tons of muscle. He has a black crew cut with green eyes. His skin is dark, though not quite yet black.

Backstory: Kalen Price, his entire being genetically modified while still in the womb. Growth promoters, adrenaline, and steroids to name a few things injected into him as a fetus. Kalen's development nearly killed his mother from the intensive amount of energy he leeched off of her. Then he was separated raised in a controlled environment that put him through rigorous trials from a young age. All of this was part of an experiment to make the perfect super soldier.

They failed in one crucial department; loyalty. Kalen had become fully grown by age seventeen, he stood at 8' 7", towering over any other person he met. His entire body was toned in muscle, not a flap of fat in sight. After a live combat test using "Therapy", Kalen went rogue. His first action, to kill the men that made him have such a harsh existence. To leave him devoid of anything. They had created a super soldier, and this super soldier had turned.

"Therapy" tore through the meager defenses presented against her, "Smiles" tearing apart any security forces, and "Frowns" destroying walls and equipment that Kalen did not like. Once the super soldier was done, he had no where to go. He had nothing to drive him. He returned to the hangar in which he began his rampage and thought. The man thought of what the most capable job he would be able to do. One of mayhem and destruction. One where he got payed to do what he did best and now loved. He would become a mercenary. A gun for hire. A wandering man to do all the dirty work.

Taking payment of resources for ammunition as well as food and water for sustainment, Kalen wandered as a reaper of death, and soon became hired as part of the Omega Initiative. He served two roles, someone to study to modify the next generation of Phantoms to the point of indestructibility, and to fight along side with the Psionic super soldiers of the Omega Initiative.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / /
For this next application I think I might try Zanon's style. See what it's like.
/ / / / / / / / / / / /

"The Zealot's each charged, not even phasing us. They fell swiftly beneath our bullets, nothing could stop us. Not even the Stalker that had blinked onto the hill, firing its particle disruptors at us, nailing Hailey in the chest, sending her tumbling backwards, but not killing her. I lashed it at the alien construct with my telekinesis, pulling a leg out from under it as it was about to fire. The energy destroyed the weapon, leaving this monster defenseless. I charged by myself, leaving my squad back. I lunged, nothing could stop me. I slammed my fist into the alien's face, disarming it for a second. It realized what happened and readied to blink, but before it could, the blade on my wrist rocketed out, killing it.

We continued, the only thing showing that we had an encounter with the Stalkers was the blackened spot on Hailey's chest. The Zealot's formed up together. It was useless. They began to charge, but the hail of bullets Ian put out demolished the front line, allowing only a few who were behind their brethren to reach us. We were ready. They had finished phasing back into existence, right into each of our respective weapons. They had essentially killed themselves. We moved on. We had been trained against these xeno's for so long, taught about what they did, that we knew exactly how to deal with them. Well, the lowly ones like the Zealots anyways. We had never dealt with a Templar before, or one of the larger constructs like their cyborg and Colossus. This meant nothing to us. The mining facility here was something of low importance to the Protoss, and hidden. They would never have advanced soldiers here.

Bill deactivated the Protoss buildings, destroying the Pylons. We figured we had about ten minutes before the Pylons finished warping back in after some Probes reached key positions to begin the warp process. We saw it as more than enough time to destroy the Nexus. To terminate the Protoss operations on this planet. The group split apart upon entrance to the Nexus. Ian and I went off together down one of the halls.

As we were walking I saw a flash, something I had gotten since I gained true access to my Psionics. Precognition. I saw it. A Warp Blade had gone through the gut of my partner in the image. I turned, I yelled. But by the time I finished, Ian was already falling to the ground. I had now seen one. A Dark Templar. For a second I doubted myself. No one had ever seen a Dark Templar and lived to tell the tale. They only revealed themselves to those whom they had already ensured a kill upon. Quickly this doubt was shrugged it off. This xeno could never best me. Naturally I threw my rifle at this monster, it was useless in close quarters anyways. The action took the Templar by surprise, reeling him back as I mimicked his Warp Blade with my own Wrist blade.

We clashed. My precognition kept me from sustaining multiple hits, but the experience the thing had on me was too great to ensure I gained too many hits on it. The sound as my knife hit the alien's shields was satisfying, and when it hit the Warp Blade, it was frustrating. For what felt like decades we fought, it had the upper hand. I made no mistakes, not that I could see, and the xeno landed a hit. A gash splayed across my torso, from my left hip to my right shoulder. Pain overwhelmed me, sending me to the ground. I laid helplessly, embracing death, and as you can see. It never came. The Protoss loomed over me. It's mind connected to mine. I was too exhausted to fight back against it. My mind felt violated as it searched through it. It found out about us. About the Omega Initiative, my name, my history, the memories of those who I have taken, our strengths, and our weaknesses.

Never have I ever felt vulnerable to a xeno before, never have I felt the Initiative may be threatened. Not until then. Though I learned some from it due to this connection. I learned its name 'Vai'kel', it's new intentions of vengeance, and its powers of darkness, something I could never obtain. It would have killed me right then an there if Hailey and Vincent hadn't returned from their trip. The monster sensed them, and disappeared completely, leaving without a trace past the corpse of Ian and my dying body. The two of them evaced me as the others finished up with the Nexus. By the time they got back, a minute remained until the Pylon's came online, though these Pylon's never connected to Aiur.

For the first time in over a decade, I had tasted fear. Not only for myself, but my allies."

-Kevin Harris Sev, Phantom

Not as good as Zanon's, but I feel it captures how he would have said the story.
Name: David Alrotovich
Age: 22 years
Psionic Specialty: Psionic Overgeneration, Sheer brute force and Shielding
Weapons: T.R.Ex. Shell cannon, Semi-Man-Portable chaingun, Twin machine pistols, 8' Dynanum combat blade
Armor Appearance: Azure wisps generally trail wherever sharp bits of his suit cut into the air, and when shielding is active the suit is covered in a blue and polygonal glow. David is often seen without the helmet outside of combat or official buisness.

Training History: One of the two unique cases of failures in the Phantom Project, David was raised from a young age on the handling and application of heavy weaponry. Throughout his youth, it was noted he held neither desire nor aptitude for psionics; while others would rely on their incredible abilities, David would often try to complete whatever was presented to him in a mundane matter, struggling by with quick wit and an unforeseen seen tenacity. When questioned why, the young psion would often say that something held him back, an instinctual desire to avoid his abilities.

However, a rigged test by the Initiative finally managed to force David to rely on his engineered powers. Being unused for nearly nineteen years of his life, his explosive abilities were raw and unfocused- completing the test, but triggering an unforeseen consequence in him: he began to Resonate.

Perhaps due to that tenacity he was known for or sheer desire to live, David managed to somehow stave off the incredible buildup of energy. The damage had already been done, but the rate of which that psionic energy built up was greatly reduced. He now survives in a constant state none too unlike Resonation, his mind and body constantly pumping out psionic energy at a steady rate. Sadly, the stress and pressure provided by the constant influx of power wrecks any fine-grain control he may have over his abilities, forcing him to rely on simple blasts of power or semi-electric discharges to solve problems he may face. However, the nature of this power makes it incredibly easy to fashion into simple bulk shields and easily-tapped fields of power, making him incredibly potent for supporting other Phantoms.

Name: Josephine Dalvaran
Age: 21 years
Psionic Specialty: Psionic Vampirism, Mental Overrides and Neuropathy
Weapons: FLASHLIGHT Tesla-Laser System, A.P.H.V.U.D.D. Assault Rifle, Retractable electrified wrist knives with fingertip electrodes
Armor Appearance: Fitted Spectre-like armor, with emphasis on sharpness and finesse in opposition to David's bulk and strength. Red seems to be the predominant color in the armor's design.

Training History: The second of two failure cases produced by the Phantom Project, Josephine was noted for incredibly fine-grain control over even the slightest of psionic energies. At the tender age of sixteen, she had already managed to mentally overwhelm and control a captured ghost, turning the former soldier into little more than a puppet to her will. As time went on these skills began to sharpen even more, allowing for control of the very minds of the soldiers that she stood against, and even rending apart any psionic constructs or abilities deployed against her simply by disrupting those that tried to create them. Tests against Zerg were particularly promising, showing both incredible ease and efficiency while controlling ever-growing numbers. This control unfortunately fails miserably against Protoss.

Strangely, while her aptitude grew, her psionic index ratings began to fall. Eventually she was barely able to muster the will to take over even simple animals, and swiftly fell into a coma brought about by an unknown cause. A few tests showed that her mind had simply shut down, and sent her brain into a self-induced coma along with it. After a week and a half of being little more than a vegetable, she awoke and began attacking researchers and staff, leaving a line of comatose, if mostly unharmed bodies behind.

The rampage ceased after encountering one David Alrotovich, whose presence was enough to halt whatever animalistic instinct that had been driving her. An after-incident investigation revealed that her brain and body were incapable of producing any degree of usable psionic energy, and the deficit had driven her to begin tearing it away from others, simply in order to remain active and aware.

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