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Hmmm....Right. SF, that bit about the DT finding everything about the Initiative defeats the initial purpose of the Initiative's reveal later in the RP. I mean, it's impressive, but...harmful. Edit that bit slightly for the second character and you're good. The first...maybe shrink his height a little bit. He'd never fit in the halls in the main base XD.

Morrjo, might I request one "successful" character from you? Just so that you've got a little more freedom.
What I meant with the Dark Templar was that he learned that they belong to the Omega Initiative, learned how their xenophobic behavior, and the weaknesses of Phantom's, say the fact that they are pretty much all offense, or the specific weaknesses of the ones Kevin knew. This also would be a lone conquest.

On the Kalen note, why not have him stoop or crawl?
Because it's undignified XD As for the lone quest thing...the knowledge of their existence is a tricky thing, but...I'll see how it goes before I pass final judgement.
updated training history for Lindsey on page 3 post 44
*grumble grumble*

Failure is a bit of a strong word. Both David and Josephine are called such, if only because they're not perfect. They have more strengths at the cost of more weaknesses, and I don't mind playing restricted characters to some degree.
I'm not adding anything to my char's histories as they'll write themselves as I write the chars.
...I..sorta need a somewhat set history for the Phantom...part of the repertoire if you will.
Made char edits. (they're on page 1)
If I might ask, when is this planned to start?
Relatively soon, but it won't move super fast due to parental responsibility.
I'm willing to start this and my other RP if you guys still want me to start this one up.
Of course I'd want this to start. I put three people into this.
would love to see this start honestly.
Alright then, one more vote and I'll do it. But be fully aware that I'll also be running TWWftS at the same time. Why? I had that idea first XD.
I was looking forward to this. I'm in.
I shall post the actual RP after I've had some rest. I do request you check out my other RP, as if this doesn't work out like you want, that may be a better playing field for you.
would they be wearing their suits? I some what assume so given is so cold hell hath frozen over.
Yes, they're in their armor if outside.

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