WCS America: Oceania/SEA qualifiers announced

We just announced the registration for the WCS America: Oceania/SEA qualifiers for Season 1 on January 11-12 2014!

The top three players will have a huge opportunity to reach Premier league! These qualifiers are your first step toward StarCraft II greatness. Check out our partners site for further details [url]wcs2014.aclpro.com.au/[/url]

Not a player, but still enjoy watching StarCraft II? Well head along to the two BarCrafts for the round of eight held on January 12 in Melbourne by Silicon Sports and Sydney by Oceanic eSports!
BarCraft Melbourne: https://www.facebook.com/events/185353574998321/

BarCraft Sydney: https://www.facebook.com/events/553554458054332
Huge congratulations to our WCS America Challenger League Qualifiers:

PiG (Z)
KingKong (Z)
EnDerr (Z)

Round of 16 Brackets: http://wcs2014_aclpro.challonge.com/WCS_SEA_S1D2

Good luck in your Best of 5 series in the NA Challenger League guys!

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