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Genesis: Nestled on the planet Monsoon; named for the storms it suffers from year-round. The planet once housed a massive amount of Zerg activity, but now has very little since the fall and new rise of the Queen of Blades. For unknown reasons, most Zerg have departed from this planet to infest other nearby divisions of space. Genesis is now a crown jewel among the Dominion’s specialized research facilities. It contains only the best and latest of technology, along with the newest experiments, prototypes, and other impressive projects that the Dominion works on in secret.

A: The Multi-Environment Simulator System: Located on Laboratory Level 3. See “M.E.S.S.” under the Technology Section for more information about this.

B: Living Quarters: The living quarters of the personnel that live on-site are located separate to the laboratory for safety reasons. While there is a path above ground to this part of the facility grounds, there is also an underground tunnel that runs to the facility for when it rains or when the facility is on lockdown from the outside world. The living spaces of those who work at the facility vary from person to person, as these personal quarters are open to be changed by those who live within them. This building is three stories tall.

A smaller, less complex MESS system is located on the middle floor of the building. This one is for recreational use, and can be used by anyone who is a registered worker at Genesis.

C: Medbay: Where all wounded workers go straight away. The main medbay is located right in the main facility, but is easily accessible to the Military Encampment as well. It located near the back of the facility, and linked to the barracks. Nearly anything can be treated here with ease, being fully automated by the AI KIRU. However, there are doctors and nurses located here as well whom are trained to assist the wounded and sick. (When you are sick or wounded, feel free to make up a random doctor character or use KIRU to roleplay the treatment and healing process.) There are a variety of rooms, ranging from those made for cryostasis, to plain recovery rooms where patients spent most of their time in.

D: Laboratory Divisions 1-? (Levels 1-3): Where all specialized laboratories are found. There are five separate wings to the laboratory division on Facility Level s 1 & 2. The most notable division is the New Energy Solutions in the center of the circular facility, where Director Joul Astrolovik himself works with his teams to look into various methods of energy generation within the largest lab of the laboratory level. Everything in the facility curls around the two-story, cylinder-shaped room in the dead center of the Facility, where project Genesis is underway, Director Astrolovik’s current project pertaining to his Energy Solutions campaign.

E: Construction Hangars 1-3:Three separate hangers branch off from the main facility. This is where prototypes ranging from new ships to small Ai units are constructed. Hangars 1 & 3 are dedicated to large projects, and are each one story tall. Hangar 2 is twice as high as the other two hangars, and can house either two large projects at once, or one massive-sized one.

F: Cafeteria: This is located underground, directly under the Living Quarter’s designated building. It too is linked to the underground tunnel system that links all portions of the facility together. Most of the time, you’ll find military personnel eating down here rather than most Facility personnel, as they either eat within their living quarters, their laboratory, or not at all. However, all personnel are welcome to come down for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

G: Sensory Array (Level 4): At the very top level of the facility, there is a large glass dome that houses the Sensory Array Center, which moniters what is going on in the environment around the Facility. Data collected through the day is recorded, such as the rainfall for the day, the humidity, the zerg activity levels, and much more. The Sensory Array itself also can keep tabs on what is going on within the facility, being able to track personnel as well as specimen and other objects within the building. A pillar rises up through the center of the room, and at the top lies a large radar dish which is mounted on the outside of the dome.

H: Laboratory Basement (Level 0): Genesis’s basement is still under construction…even three years after it being officially up and running. Very few people have access to this lower level, besides the handful of people who supposedly ‘work’ on building the level, and a few of the higher-up Superiors who are close friends with the facility director, Joul Astrolovik.

Military Encampment: Stationed directly north of the Facility, within walking distance. All Military personnel spend most of their time here, when they're not patrolling the halls of the Facility or the Perimeter (Or playing poker, among other silly things they may get into…). Those stationed here are mainly present for protecting the station in the uncommon situation where the facility is either attacked, sabotaged, or otherwise compromised in some way, shape, or form.

A: Barracks: Contains the sleeping quarters of the Military Personnel. The armory is also located here. This structure is directly connected to the Medbay via its southern most wing. The Communications Center is also directly connected to the Barracks, but is considered a separate part of it despite this fact. There is even a lounge here where the inhabitants can eat or BS to their heart’s content. There is a notification screen that displays various tasks that those stationed at the barracks can be assigned to.

B: Communications Center/Array:The Communications Center small building with many antennae sticking off the roof as well as satellite dishes. This is how the Facility keeps in touch with the Dominion. All communication links for the facility run through here. (This is a great place to go to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations.)

C: Casey’s Bar: Named after the original owner of the bar. It is the only bar within 200,000 light years of Monsoon. It receives monthly shipments to restock inventory, as it is often drained to the last drop by then. When there isn’t a bartender present, the AI system KIRU manages the bar. The Bar also just so happens to have a real nice, brand-new stereo Jukebox system, and flat-screen television to watch the news on.

D: Ship Hangar: Where all ships needed for transport are located. Personal transport ships can also be found here that may be owned by other personnel.

E: The Perimeter: Both the Military Encampment and Research Facility are surrounded by and protected by a very tall, thick-plated, metal wall with catwalks at the top for patrolling. There is only one point of entrance, which is very near the Military Encampment, to the north. There are a few automated sentry turrets mounted along the sides of the wall to keep anything from getting too close to the walls.
There are of course other things within the perimeter of the metal wall besides things already mentioned. There is of course a few landing pads by the ship hangars, and there are towers dotting up here and there around the area that nest automated Anti-Air guns that continually hum day and night, watching the skies.

Surrounding Area: Monsoon is a planet of vast rainforests, having very, very diverse plant and animal life upon its surface. These wind-swept forests are thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of years old, housing trees that reach heights even taller than the Facility itself. Feral zerg run rampant through these forests, killing and devouring anything in sight.

The facility is surrounded by dense undergrowth, as well as a handful of trees with trunks thick enough to account for half the size of an Ultralisk. Nearby, there is a river than runs to an ocean shore about five miles south of the facility; a waterfall rests somewhere between the river’s start and the ocean shoreline. About twenty miles north east, there is a gorge that houses a small zerg hatchery that is constantly monitored for activity and study. There resides a small feral zerg colony,that has somehow made some order for themselves despite the chaos around them. It is a curious phenomenon, as feral zerg typically are wild and unpredictable without a leader to guide them…these zerg function as though there were still under hivemind control…which could very well be possible.

It is also notable that some zerg of this small colony have very…unusual traits, seeming to have evolved to the environment around them.

There is nothing more of note to mention, as those at Genesis tend not to stray too far away from the facility itself to do much more for exploring the planet’s environment. Though, it is hard to say what may lie hidden among the vast forests….
Welcome to Genesis!~


What is Genesis? Genesis is a reboot of the Gates of Hell roleplay I started before, but ended up dropping due to real life complications and lack of interest. Genesis is an edited version of GoH, with similar themes…but a different story.


WHAT DO I DO? In Genesis, like GoH, you will be allowed to be either of the following:


Scientist: You are a scientist working under the Director in the Research Facility. You will be hosting a special project of your own in your lab, either on your own or with a team of other scientists. Your project must first be approved by me before you can work on it in roleplay. You will need to include it in your application.

The Rank System:

Director: Top dog. What he says, goes.

Superior: Team leader. You make the orders; your scientists do as you ask.

Scientist: This includes Researchers, Chemists, Physicists, anything. You are in the middle ground of the ranking system.

Intern: You’re here because you’re learning about science, seeking a career in the science field. You don’t get paid. You don’t get much say. You might just be the guy who goes and gets coffee for everyone else.


Mercenary: A Marine, Reaper, Marauder, Firebat, Ghost; a foot soldier of some sort. I do NOT want 23 Ghosts and only one Marine. I will be initially allowing two Ghosts into this roleplay. As a Militant, you are tasked with protecting the Facility from and exterior (sometimes Interior) threats. You may receive missions either from your Commander, The Director, or Superiors. It will be your job to carry out these missions to the best of your ability. You will be sorted out into squads later on.

The Rank System:

Commander: Top Dog, just under the Director

Officer: Officer is just a title. You act as second-in-command. An Officer may be any rank, and is appointed by the Commander. The Commander can relieve you from your title and choose another person to take your place if you fail to do your job correctly.

Mercenary: You’re here because the dominion paid you to protect the Facility, and you’re more trusted to do your job than typical Dominion Troops. -this is where all other typical ranks fall, whether it be private, captain, sergeant, lieutenant, specialist or any other rank-


Zerg: Often times, as a Zerg character, you will be an antagonist. At the start, 95% of you are going to be living nearby or at the hatchery in the gorge twenty miles from Genesis. As the story continues, many of you will be captured and put into the MESS, believing you are still free...when in reality, you're trapped within the steel walls of the facility.

You have very near free reign of what kind of mischief you can get into as Zerg. Just keep in mind, your actions will have consequences proportional to the act you preform. It is very likely that you may die if you cause a very extreme upset for the Facility.


If you run any other character ideas by me, I may accept something outside these three character choices. I may be needing antagonists…


I will NOT allow any form of HYBRID in my ROLEPLAY. If I even see an application with any mention of HYBRIDS, I will punt the user who created the application OUT OF THE THREAD/disapprove them and ask them to change things in their application.

Thusly, I will NOT allow any of THESE:

A Protoss/Zerg Cross
A Terran/Protoss Cross
A Terran/Zerg Cross (Infested is fine, if you are a specimen.)
A Terran/Protoss/Zerg Cross

These are considered HYBRIDS.



1. NO HYBRIDS. They are defined above.
2. NO RP CROSS OVERS. I want this to be an independent roleplay.
3. NO BEING OP. Please. This is frustrating and annoying.
4. NO META GAMING. Please. Same as above.
5. TRY NOT TO RECYCLE CHARACTERS. Try to be original as well. Please.



Occupation (If any):

Add these if they apply to you:

Augmentations (If Any, for Scientists/Mercenaries): (Insert up to 2 Augmentations here)

Rank (If Mercenary or Scientist): (Insert Rank Here)

Gear (If Mercenary): (Insert Gear List Here)

Project (If Scientist): (Insert Project Description Here.)

Breed (if Zerg Specimen): (Here you put if you’re a Zergling, Baneling, or a Custom Breed-per say, a Ravager, a made-up breed.

Half-Breed Mix (If Zerg, If Applies) : (If you decide to make a breed that is a mix of two 'breeds' of zerg, state the breed mix here. Max of 2 breeds.)

Description of Breed (If Zerg Specimen and you choose Custom Breed):

Mutations (Zerg, if any): (Insert up to 2 Mutations here)


Remember to remove everything within the parenthesis!!!
Notable Technology

AI System KIRU: KIRU is the Facility’s main helping hand when it comes to the personnel’s daily needs. KIRU has several sub-conscious levels of being, as he is a part of everything within the facility, from the console to your laboratory, to the mind behind your wristband. KIRU itself will only respond to Superiors and the other higher powers that be at the facility, but also provides alternate systems to be there to answer other personnel’s questions or requests. So thusly, if you ask your wristband to relay your daily instructions, a voice different to KIRU’s own voice may reply, being a sub-system of KIRU made to help you with your needs. Keep in mind that if you are an ‘underling’, being under a Superior or Officer, you are not entitled to as much access or power as those above you when it comes to requests and questions.

MESS: The M.E.S.S. is a very large holographic simulator of the highest grade possible to obtain. Consisting of three divisions, the Simulator is an area often used to simulate different environments for experiments performed by Facility staff. Two small wings exist on one side of the hallway of the MESS level for this purpose especially, being two small rooms dedicated for experimental use. On the other side of the hall is where the largest wing of the MESS is located, which is often very hard to gain access to. On this side of the level’s hallway there is a large, Neo-Steel door which protects this particular simulator system. Here is where specimen are housed in their natural environment. For the safety of the specimen, and of those who live in the facility, this particular simulator is fitted with some of the densest, impenetrable metals known to Terrans just for precaution, because it is impossible for them to escape so long as the MESS is functioning properly.

The MESS system taps into the brain’s ability to percept things, and adjusts the environment accordingly-meaning it makes everything within the room very, truly, real. Once you enter the MESS system, the entrance disappears, and you are left with a large black room. In the center sits a console, which you can use to manipulate the environment of the room. The console appears and disappears via voice command of the users registered into the system. Superiors are typically the only ones with access to the MESS system. Please note that whatever happens within the MESS simulator is indeed, real, thusly it is possible to get hurt within the simulator. However, there is a safety system that will at least prevent you from being hurt by the environment or system-generated objects/organisms (.5% Fail Rate). You can, however, get hurt by other persons and their actions within the simulator.

Holoband: Every member of Staff has a wristband. It acts as an ID; a communicator; and a device capable of data-transfer and displaying information via hologram. It is much like a small; ‘simplistic’ computer. You need this device to access doors and consoles throughout the facility.

Military Personnel have black wristbands that are adjustable to fit over armor.
All other Personnel have white wristbands.

Cryostasis System: The Cryostasis system is used mostly for specimen storage, but has lately been used more in the medical field due to some perks that come along with its functions. Often times when someone is injured, and cannot be attended to right away, they may be put into Cryostasis to freeze them at that particular point in time to prevent excessive blood loss among other unfortunate outcomes that come along with having a patient who’s had to wait too long for medical attention.

The Cryostasis System has also taken on more functions, and now has more use when it comes to surgery as well as other medical procedures that may need to occur over the course of a patient’s stay. X-Rays can be taken while someone is within a Cryostasis tube that hasn’t been set into Stasis mode, and Surgery can take place within a Cryostasis tube thanks to new system modifications that allow robotic arms to tend to a patient’s wounds. Other functions have been added as well, making the Cryostasis System crucial to the Medbay’s success when it comes to treating patients.

Augmentation: As Technology has advanced more and more, various ‘Augmentations’ are now available for Terrans to benefit from when it comes to their various lines of work.

A notable Augmentation among Genesis personal is the Optical Interface, a small disk placed behind the retinas of both eyes that project images within the eyes as an extra overlay to the user’s typical vision. These Optical Interfaces are often used to help identify other Personal just by looking at them-simply blink at another person, and you may see a brief summary of their facility records. This same process can be used to identify other objects and organisms within the Facility.

All information comes wirelessly from the AI system. Not everything you see may be identifiable, as your interface can only draw information from the accessible database…because when it comes to some things, you’re not supposed to know...

Other Augmentations are available, but the Optical Interface is the most commonly used one among Personnel. Keep in mind, with some augmentations, the user may suffer from some drawbacks-the Optical Interface can often lead to various levels of eyestrain, for example.
**Reserved for Approved Characters List**
**Reserved for Extras**
Wow. You've put a great deal of detail into this, MJ.

What is it?
It's a reboot of the Gates of Hell.
I don't think I was involved in that.

Was I?
Yes, you were. I'd have to look it up again to remember in what way though.
I apologize for my bad memory/schizophrenia.
All good. You were a scientist in it last time.
Hmm, GoH remake. I think I shall apply when apps are up.
Yay! Jay is still alive! *bounces up and do while durring* Dur!
But yesh, this has potential once more and I'll find me tattooed and pierced smartypants. *tries to make megusta face in real world*
Is waiting to see this finished in order to join.
I'm here, just writing! Don't worry, I'm adding a new section or two in just a while....
Wait a minute...

You changed your name back!


So what role could I get in which I could kill a lot of stuff, just produce a bunch of gore really?
Wait a minute...

You changed your name back!


So what role could I get in which I could kill a lot of stuff, just produce a bunch of gore really?

Be a Zerg, or an Antagonist. :P

Btw...Accepting Applications!!!
Jay, I shall get my sheet up later tonight. :P Seeing as how I gotta find Mister Eric(k) (forget which one it is) and modify him a tidbit. Also, I should note that the day after Christmas, I won't be here for a week as I have to visit family for a week meaning I won't get to use the internet.

I will of course change who he is. I figured I would like to reuse a part of him since he was in the original GoH.
Assuming these are being accepted...


Name: Jake "Slasher" Hunter

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Race: Terran

Occupation: Mercenary

Rank: Sergeant First Class

Gear (If Militant): Armor is painted red and blue, with the Jolly Rodger painted in black on both shoulders and a white wolf on the visor, armor is also slimmed down to allow for extra mobility and movement range and has a small, retractable cannon on one shoulder. Plasma Assault Rifle, Twin short swords, appear to be large trench knives, and a Death's Scythe .50 caliber Pistol. Armor is outfitted with a Psionic Detection Matrix, meaning psionically cloaked opponents are no threat. Also has infrared and magnetic view modes for his visor.

Augmentations- None (For now. May change)

Description: 6’ even, sun-tanned skin, skinny, but muscular, dark, almost black, hair, hazel eyes. Has a scar on his right eye from engaging a Hydralisk in hand-to-hand combat.

Personality:Calm and friendly, loves playing a game of cards. Loves making new friends, but his time since surviving the Outbreak has made him more cautious of potential enemies and more protective of friends and squad mates.

History: Initially enlisted with the Confederacy for benefits when he turned eighteen. Three years later he was assigned his own assault unit known as Sparta‘s Ghosts for exceptional leadership skills, an assault marine unit that specialized in quelling rebellions, and promoted Sergeant First Class. During this time, he gained his nickname Slasher for his exceptional combat skills with bladed weapons, bayonets, knives, and similar weapons.

Some years later, his unit was deployed to a derelict mining ship to investigate a suspicious silence rescue any survivors they found. What they found instead was a ship overrun by xenos that later were known as the Zerg. By the time he’d rallied the survivors together, his entire unit was dead, dying or MIA. Leading them back to the hangar, his unit's drop ship was damaged attempting to escape the mining ship.

Forced to crash land on the frozen planet below, he and the other survivors fought off the Zerg until another xeno race, clearly with no love of the Zerg, saved them from almost certain death. During the travel to the xeno's base of operations, the group learned that this race was called the Protoss, an enigmatic race that had all but been confirmed to exist officially. After a brief visit with the leader of the Protoss, they were offered a way off the planet. Discussing their limited options with the other survivors, they all agreed to the offer and asked which way the nearest shuttle was. In the ensuing evacuation, a line of Zerg broke through the Protoss defenses and attacked the star gate where the shuttles were launching from. Gunning down the Zerglings and most of the Hydralisks, he engaged the remaining Hydralisk in CQC, securing a victory but not with out injury. He now bore a scar across his right eye as a painful reminder of the lethality of the Zerg.

Following the evacuation, Jake Hunter vanished from Terran space and knowledge, spending four years learning combat techniques and strategy from the Protoss. When he finally resurfaced in Terran space, it was to become a security guard at New Folsom while helping the Raiders cause a mass break out, allowing the Spectres to walk free. Once the break out began, he vanished once more, giving the Raiders an account to wire the money to and planet hopping to avoid getting caught by the Dominion for interrogation about the break out or where he'd been for four years before the break out. Now he's been contracted as a guard for the Genesis facility.

Edit: I can use someone new if needed, but I don't feel he was done justice last time courtesy of a nosy Ghost PO. Oh, and will there be a daughter again?

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