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Name: Tyralisk
Age: N/A
Gender: N/A
Race: Zerg
Breed: Tyralisk
Description: Created by an unknown individual, resembles somewhat the zerg experimental breed Pygalisk (Small Ultralisk, though some already know this), although not quite as small. Lacks blade arms, instead replaced by the spine crawler’s tendril. Headdress is smaller, with a larger body. Anyone working near it is advised to be extremely careful, not due to the spine arms, but due to its party piece: electro-chemical glands. Does display usual hostility from zerg organisms, and also displays a level of intelligence, giving the possibility that it is a result of infestation.
Mutations: Electro-Chemical Glands, Spine Crawler Arms
Occupation: Experiment
Personality: Zerg.
History: Experimental zerg breed created by an unknown broodmother. Found and captured intact during an engagement against said unknown brood. No further data currently available.
Name: "Slow"
Age: Unknown, the strain as a whole was created at an unknown point during Kerrigan's Crusade for Vengeance, so likely less than a year, Earth-Time.
Gender: Male
Race: Zerg
Occupation: Sitting around, not doing much, gaining nourishment...
Description: A Strain that looks a lot like a roach
Personality: Lethargic, although can be excited easily and will turn from Lazy to Vengeful if harmed enough.
History: Not much is known about this strain, but what is known is from a Dominion Data Log. The entry:

-Dominion Outpost 124JG365-
We've encountered some new kind of Zerg that is deadly to infantry and our tanks. Keep an eye out for it. We call it the Slowling. Well, the Scientists call it some kind of Miasmalisk or something like that, but at the Barracks we call it the Slowling. We got the Zerg attack and saw their ick all over the field, and some kind a gas in the air. We sent some parties out to investigate, but only one game back. He said something about roaches spewing ick and gas... We all told him it was nonsense, but he insisted we send out some more groups. We sent out more Marines and a few tanks. We got a comm from them that they were stuck... So we sent a Hellbat Team out there. Turns out, Hellbats burn them all to hell. Never have to worry about them again...
-End Data Log-

Breed: Miasmalisk
Description of Breed: An extremely rare Zerg strain that appears to be a specialized type of Roach, although the one key difference is the size and 4 strange holes on it's back, as well as the missing of the large front claws. It's role in the Swarm would be to burrow and slow down enemies using either a sticky strain of Creep or a very potent toxic gas to choke enemies, but this proved to be ineffective, as most were slaughtered during the first test.
Razor Claws - The Miasmalisk can scale cliffs, and can deal quite a bit of damage while clawing at enemies.
Resilience - It is known for Roaches and the like to be very tough, and able to take a lot of damage. However, this Miasmalisk (Once a few tests are completed) shows signs of Cell Mitosis Faster than most Roaches and the Carapace is hard enough to resist most bullet designs, although Flame Weaponry and Laser Weaponry and heavy attacks (Ultralisk Blades, Concentrated Psi Blasts, Scarabs from Reavers, ETC) can deal large enough damage to the creature to negate the healing for about a minute.

What do you guys think?
Glad to see you guys applying~! These look really good, I'll review these in the morning...I'm dead tired right now.

Well Zark, we'll see...I'm still deciding~You can expect my own applications to be added on here as well sometime tomorrow, might help with ideas and such.

Depending on how many applications we get tomorrow, we may be able to start up the roleplay thread too~ :3
Jay, I feel like we should talk on skype.
I remember in GoH we had some interesting discussion on things, and perhaps we could try some of that again?
Assuming you have a skype, even... >.>
If not then, I suppose we could go via notes on DeviantArt, though those tend to be lost and forgotten at times... ^^;
She has a skype. I have her on mine. Xer, you realize the CMC armor is rated full NBC, nuclear, biological, and chemical, protection, right? Meaning your gas would be detected, marked as a biological threat and visors lowered.
Skype? <:
Yay for skype! We should exchange usernames in dA or via notes. *pokes my head around the top as a rock is shifting out of place*

Also, Jay, I have a question. How does one obtain an internship ship for this place?
Skypes are wonderful.
We should all have a communal skype call, just to screw around. ^^
SB, by call do you mean an actual call or texting. If it's call I can't talk. *ponders*
Dammit CR.
Nonetheless, If I may, I might as well be a Cooperative Queen of a Hive inside the M.E.S.S.
12/23/2013 10:22 AMPosted by SlnderBurito
Dammit CR
I'm sorry. :/ Also, if I could talk, it would be weird as my computer is in the living room and anyone could hear me talk. Let's just say, they might not approve. But I could always listen and type my responses in the group.
12/23/2013 10:25 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Also, if I could talk, it would be weird as my computer is in the living room and anyone could hear me talk. Let's just say, they might not approve. But I could always listen and type my responses in the group.
My feelings are pretty much the same. Except my computer is in my room, but people could still hear me talk.
Room on the second floor. |D plus the family's always in the basement, so I have free reign over what I say, which is good. C:
And listening is a wonderful skill to always have.
Either way, you guys should totally all just send Requests over on skype. |D
Name: "Yor"
Age: unknown
Race: Zerg
Occupation (If any): Specimen
Description: Gold color markings, Normally looks like an oversized zergling, Deep and intelligent gold eyes,
Personality: Mischievous but oddly helpful to the Terrans from time to time. also somewhat curious.
History: He has been seen around the perimeter of the compound and expeditions repeatedly. He sometimes sneaks through the perimeter of the compound but has so far never injured or killed anyone.
Breed: Aspiritaling
Description of Breed: About twice as large as a zergling, with wings similar to those of a Viper, that fold up to look like an enlarged version of a Raptorling. Has the ability to control the pigments in its carapace similar to a chameleon, is capable of limited flight, similar to a Viper, and shooting spikes similar to Hydralisks but usually found on the ground mixed into groups of zerglings or as guardians of hives. Often capable of minor telekinesis at a maximum range of about 20 meters and some Terran speech.
Mutations: (Might try to come up with some later)
Morph, you just listed a bunch of mutations in the description XD
When you said it can speak the terran language a bit, is this telepathically or actual garbles which are amazingly understood?
Yay, no edit required! Anyways, if you'd like, Jay, I can note you my idea for if there's a daughter again. I've a wonderful sneaky idea.
Oh, by the way, Jay, ye still need to answer me question. *cheeks*
I need to figure out why he would be given an internship is given to such a place.
Zarkun: that is ALL part of the breed of zerg ...

CR: actual speech. likely going to do a bit of a Dehaka impression with Yor.
But it's a mutation strain of the Zergling. Essentially.

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