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Welcome to Dominion colony planet Ruusan.
Ruusan has three moons and is the 5th planet from its sun and is an outer rim colony planet.
The planet required minimum Terra-forming since it was already an oxygen nitrogen atmosphere with some high levels of carbon monoxide and lethal levels of arsenic.
Ruusan is mainly a farming world with rich fertile soil but makes the bulk of it’s profited with large Vespene gas fields. Both the large scale farming and the harvesting of gas are kept safe by a small Dominion garrison located on the planet. There is also a dominion Science vessel orbiting the planet researching the next generation of conventional weapons and new armors.
Would you like to know more Citizen?

“If I hear that one more time I’m going to puke. So what do you want to drink?” The bartender asks

You awaken from your little day dream of watching the Ruusan information app on your Data pad. The first thing you do is look around the bar. Mainly all you see is wooden bar stools and chairs around the room you are in. There is a large glass window that is almost as big as the wall, with a small steel barred door which you entered though.

“Well you gonna order something or you going to stay in lala-land?” The large bartender asks with a low growl as he looks at you. He is busy cleaning a beer mug with a rag as he stares at you with cold eyes that only a Dominion Officer could give. You finally Notice the T.V that was behind him

“That is it for sports and now about the strange explosion last night that rocked New Petersburg. Dominion officials are assuring us that this was just a piece of an old confederacy Science vessel that was experimenting on a new nano-steel formula. It appears that -click-.”

“Yeah yeah, I hate the news.” The bartender says “Right I’ll come back to you once you wake up”

“Hey is that Billy on the side walk throwing up?” A random Patron of the bar asks

“Looks like him but he hasn’t drank today I wonder what is wrong… wait that doesn’t look like vomit it looks like…” [Power glitches cutting the patron off] “Wait where did he go what is going on? Who is screaming out there?”

“GET OFF OF ME” A woman screams as a man is on top of her biting at her face. “Help”

“Bill get off her… Bill, Bill what the hell someone get over here and help me get him off of her… how did he even get in here?” A man yells out trying to pull the Bill off a young woman.

Welcome to Day I. This role-play takes place during the events of Starcraft 2 heart of the swarm BUT starts one week before the start of HOTS. On this small frontier planet a rogue Zerg queen has released a new virus on the inhabitants of the planet. The effects so far is that some of the inhabitants of the planet have become ravenous flesh eating zombies and even a few of those have started to mutate into something else. Half of the planet is already infested. You and a few other survivors are currently held up in a small bar.

Character name
Race – Terrans and the Odd Protoss only, you can later become infested if you wish just make a logical argument, also do not want high level psionics
Weapon – pick from the list below
Armor (same as weapons)
Misc. Items- (same as weapons) can have 4 items (Also check the rp for new misc items)
You will be starting off with a Data Pad. (THIS IS NOT A MISC ITEM IT GETS ITS OWN SLOT!!!)
History – (same as weapons)
Abilities (limit to 2 to start off with and please have some idea of a skill tree and stick to your history)
Appearance – Well what does your character look like?
Background – who is your character, where did they come from?
Check later in the prp for new tiers. These T-1 Items are voided now.
Rusty knife, Table leg, Rusty old pistol, Single shot shotgun

Old leather jacket, Street clothes, Miner’s Jacket

Misc. Items – Used Medical kit, Alcohol, Duct-tape, old rags, pack of smokes (cigarettes or cigars), Mining drill battery, lighter/matches, old pocket knife, old rusted pocket watch, small hand held fission cutter, scrap metal or electronics, flash light.

History- Please pick between ex military and civilian if you have question post it on this thread (Pick only things that are in here not make something up. Also no psionics above level 5 index. You will gain psionic powers though out the rp )

Ex military tree- Mechanic, field medic, marine, pilot (either land vehicle or space) firebat, officer, finally you can be ex spec ops

Civilian- Mechanic, nurse, miner, refiner, office worker, scientist, arms maker, smuggler, commercial pilot, finally future farmer
*For accepted applicanions/ example of chars*

Riala 'Ria' Covul
Race: Mozan
Weapon: Rusty Knife and old Pistol
Armor: an old leather jacket and casual clothes
Misc. Items: Duct tape, lighter, old pocket knife, scrap electronics
History: Ex-Military Mechanic
Abilities: Form change,
Appearance: 5'11" tall. Her hair is shoulder length and a strange silver color. Wolf ears sit on top of her head but are usually hidden by a baseball style cap she tends to wear while not in her small apartment or other private place. Her 3' long tail is wrapped around her waist several times and tucked in a special pouch on her armor. Grey and black fur cover her ears and tail.

Character name – James Settles
Race – Terran
Weapon – Rusty Knife, Malfunctioning SMGArmor: Street Clothes
Misc. Items- Flashlight, Alcohol, Used Rags, Hand-held Fission Cutter (Data Pad)
History – Ex Spec-ops
Abilities – Optical Implants
Appearance – 6 foot even. Male (Obviously). Bald head, light blue eyes with what appears to be circuitry in his irises. Thin shoulders and medium build. Broad nose with a well-developed jaw and normal cheekbone height. Looks young despite the battles he went through, and his eyes appear bright and thoughtful.

James Tiberius Kirk(not related in any way to the James T. Kirk from Star Trek)
Race: Terran
Weapon: Single Shot Shotgun
Armor: Old Leather Jacket
Misc. Items: Used Medical Kit, Lighter, old pocket knife, Duct-tapeHistory: Ex Spec Forces
Abilities: Weak Psi Storm, Weak Psi Wall
I'll get a human char up in a bit.

Riala 'Ria' Covul
Race: Mozan
Weapon: Rusty Knife and old Pistol
Armor: an old leather jacket and casual clothes
Misc. Items: Duct tape, lighter, old pocket knife, scrap electronics
History: Ex-Military Mechanic
Abilities: Form change,
Appearance: 5'11" tall. Her hair is shoulder length and a strange silver color. Wolf ears sit on top of her head but are usually hidden by a baseball style cap she tends to wear while not in her small apartment or other private place. Her 3' long tail is wrapped around her waist several times and tucked in a special pouch on her armor. Grey and black fur cover her ears and tail.
Background: A young mozan trained as a combat engineer. She has come to Ruusan to explore a small human settlement. Ria has not been on the planet long but has already gotten a small apartment and a job as a civilian engineer helping just about anything that needs done. No one really knows anything else about her other than she showed up a few weeks ago and is willing to work on or fix anything.
Accepted Morph and thank you
Sure, I'll throw a character at you. It appears you put some effort into this and I hate to see good RP's die.

Also, Steel, make sure you don't let others manipulate you. You said Terran and the occasional Protoss, yet you just accepted a Mozan, TLM's custom race. Stick to your word. If I were you, I'd ask TLM to submit a different character.

Name: Rick Kiddo
Race: Terran
Weapon: None
Armor: Miners Jacket
Misc: Pocket Knife
History: Civilian - Miner
Abilities: In my opinion, abilities do not belong in RP's. I'll survive without them.
Appearance: Rick is tall, standing at 6'2" with brown buzzed hair and brown eyes. He has a toned build due to constant work in the mines.
Background: Rick was born on Moria and lived there most his life. He started joining expeditions to colonize and mine other worlds, but after the numerous wars with aliens, he reconsidered his career choice.

This is a WIP and is not finished.
WIll decide once sheet it finished.. Also about TLM I had agreed a long time ago to let him do a mozan.. Plus he doesn't know this yet but he will be helping to dm when I can't.
MarkusThanethePirate I am planning to do a human character as well.
Character name: Simalix
Race: Protoss
Weapon: Psionic Gauntlets
Discharge Crystals (Psi-Discharge)
Psi-Blade Crystals (Psi-blades)
Armor: Zealot Armor w/ Templar Robes
Misc. Items: Khaydarin Amulet, (Data Pad)
History: Templar
Psi-Storm: Unleashes a psionic storm, ripping everything apart without bias under the bombardment of raw psionic energy.
Hallucination: Creates a psionic clone of a person or object, and plants it into the minds of those weak enough to believe it.
Blade Lash: Extends a single Psi-blade into a long-range blade, slicing anything a few meters in front of her without care of the target.
Telekinesis: Lift and move objects with the mind, tossing anything from pebbles to light vehicles, and using the ground as a barrier should the need arise.
Pyrokinesis: Controls fires, and starts various ones with the mind, also limits the spread of fires to targets only.
Appearance: Zealot upper armor, with the Templar’s robes. Robes cover the Zealot leg-armor. The primary color of the clothing/armor mix is yellow, secondary of blue. She wears a helmet, with a pair of Khalia symbols on the cheeks and two bright-blue optic sensors. Otherwise, the rest of her is fairly normal, with no skin showing. Around 8’ 6” in height.
Background: A Templar that was stranded with the rest of the Protoss on Ruusan as their ship(s) crashed planetside. She has kept with the Protoss groundside, concentrating her efforts on purifying the taint of the Zerg, removing them from the planet, one infested individual at a time. She admires the efforts the Terran are taking to survive, giving her a new-found respect of them.
Accepted will put your char in the list when I am not tired as all get out. Very good background if I read it correctly.
James Tiberius Kirk(not related in any way to the James T. Kirk from Star Trek)
Race: Terran
Weapon: Single Shot Shotgun
Armor: Old Leather Jacket
Misc. Items: Used Medical Kit, Lighter, old pocket knife, Duct-tape
History: Ex Spec Forces
Abilities: Weak Psi Storm, Weak Psi Wall
Appearance: Rough and tumble with a faint scar reaching from the top right of his face down between his eyes then ending at the back of his left jaw. He stands about 6'2" with a sleek but well muscled build. James has four tattoos. The one on his left shoulder being the dominion flag. On his right cheek he has an old Greek Omega symbol. On the backs of both of his hands rest two tattoos that no one really understands. On his left hand he has a golden tattoo in the shape of a flame inside a shuriken with an infinity symbol behind both. On his right hand he has a silver tattoo of a gear with the same shuriken and infinity symbol.
Background: An Ex-Dominion Ghost. He became a ghost shortly after the Dominion toke over from the just disposed Confederacy. His career was mostly uneventful but he served with General Warfield and the Raiders at Char. He got his scar from a Zergling at the end of the battle of char. After his wound healed he returned to Valerian who then retired James from active service with honor but with a standing order to aid any Dominion soldiers that were in deep trouble. Some of the people loyal to Valerian still keep tabs on James due to James being psionic.
Accepted will add when I can
Character name: Saiko Mal
Race – Terran
Weapon – Rusty knife and Old Pistol
Armor - Street clothes.
Misc. Items- Scrap electronics, handheld fusion cutter, and pocket knife
History – Ex military, Spec Ops
Abilities - Hack,
Appearance – Saiko has an average female figure. Age 22, slight hourglass shape, long black hair, normally wears a black cloth mask to cover the lower half of her face, has tinted goggles(if not wearing are on her forehead), wears a black leather jacket with fur interior(normally has hood up).
Background – Saiko is highly intelligent, she was a Dominion Wrangler but worked in the Intelligence Field. Especially in finding defecting Ghosts. With a psi index of 3, she has extremely mild telepathy, but enough to know if someone is trying to sneak up on her, or if anyone is near. But along with her intelligence, she is very shy and defensive. She's always kept mostly to herself, and can get extremely aggressive when someone disturbs her in any way. She grew up in the northern part of Shiloh, an area always cold. She wanted to join the Dominion when she was in her teen years. She saw how the might of the Dominion crushed their enemies (albeit most of it was propaganda and she knew it) but she wanted something more than the life she had. She was immediately made a wrangler when she went into service, and she eventually was able to go to Officer School, where she studied Intelligence. She learned how to work with computers very well, and even learned how to work with raw code and hacking. Her abilities allowed her to track defective Ghosts and gain intelligence on terrorist cells and other enemies. After just helping track down an extremely dangerous Ghost, an escapee from Project Shadowblade. She was given a 30 day vacation to rest and relax before returning to her duties.
To Ruusan...
Still not in love with background and all but will make it work some how.. accept will post your char stuff tomorrow.. Merry Christmas
Name: Jessica Galler
Race: Human
Weapons: Single shot shotgun, Rusty Knife
Armor: Street cloths
Misc: Small hand held fission cutter, scrap metal, lighter, Duct tape
History: ExSpec Ops/ Mechanic.
Abilities:Technopath, telepathy
Appearance: 5'10" blood red hair and hazel eyes.Fair skin color though her hair and some of her face has stains from oil. Wears civilian cloths.
Backstory:Jessica and had a psi rating of 5, afterwards it was about 7, was part of the Ghost program until they moved her into Project Shadow blade. After it was shut down she made an escape from her holders and fled to the fringe worlds and fell off the grid with help of a man who never told her his name. One a fringe colony she met a roaming protoss named Jor-sha. After spending a few months with him the became friends and she had learned to lower her own psi-rating making it harder for her former holders to try to find her, but by doing so it also reduced her powers. They started to travel together and ended up on Ruusan in passing.

Name: Jor-sha
Race: Protoss

History: Mechanic/inventor for the Furinax tribe.
Abilities: Psi-shield (creates a temporary barrier that absorbs attacks), Quick repair (Passive. Repairs machines faster than most people)
History: Civilian Mechanic.
Weapons: Old psi-blade
Armor: Heavily worn light Protoss armor.
Misc: Small hand held fission torch, scrap metal, khaydarin crystal fragments, mining drill battery.
Appearance: 7'9" bluish skin tone. Bright blue eyes wears street cloths most the time over his light armor.
Backstory: As a wandering member of the Furinax tribe Jor-sha tends to like to tinker with device and machines as well as repairing them.
In his wandering he met a terran woman named Jessica quickly deducing that she was a psionic after a few minutes. In time they became friends and started to travel together. Now they are on Russan in passing.
Accepted and thanks for making the odd protoss... I been working on how to use him and the upgrades.
Starting the rp tomorrow if everything goes right... Will be upgrading computer to a 64 bit os so things could go wrong. Feel free to pop in new chars when ever and people can still join the rp.
Jake "Slasher" Hunter
Race- Terran
Weapon- C-14 Impaler Gauss Rifle, Revolver, Twin Kukri knives
Armor- CMC-400
Misc. Items- Data Pad, Flask of Whiskey, various pieces of electronics, Medkit, Flask of Rum
History- Ex-Confederate Marine, currently a Mercenary
Abilities- Room Breach- Breaches a room by kicking in the door from the side and then swinging around the corner, the amount of adrenaline making time seem to slow down briefly(Assault tree), Hamstring- Hamstrings an opponent, slowing them down and wounding them (Hand-to-Hand combat tree)
Appearance– 6’ even, sun-tanned skin, skinny, but muscular, dark brown, almost black, hair, hazel eyes. Has a scar on his right eye from engaging a Hydralisk in hand-to-hand combat.
Background– Initially enlisted with the Confederacy for benefits when he turned eighteen. Three years later he was assigned his own assault unit known as Sparta‘s Ghosts for exceptional leadership skills, an assault marine unit that specialized in quelling rebellions, and promoted Sergeant First Class. During this time, he gained his nickname Slasher for his exceptional combat skills with bladed weapons, bayonets, knives, and similar weapons.

Some years later, his unit was deployed to a derelict mining ship to investigate a suspicious silence rescue any survivors they found. What they found instead was a ship overrun by xenos that later were known as the Zerg. By the time he’d rallied the survivors together, his entire unit was dead, dying or MIA. Leading them back to the hangar, his unit's drop ship was damaged attempting to escape the mining ship.

Forced to crash land on the frozen planet below, he and the other survivors fought off the Zerg until another xeno race, clearly with no love of the Zerg, saved them from almost certain death. During the travel to the xeno's base of operations, the group learned that this race was called the Protoss, an enigmatic race that had all but been confirmed to exist officially. After a brief visit with the leader of the Protoss, they were offered a way off the planet. Discussing their limited options with the other survivors, they all agreed to the offer and asked which way the nearest shuttle was. In the ensuing evacuation, a line of Zerg broke through the Protoss defenses and attacked the stargate where the shuttles were launching from. Gunning down the Zerglings and most of the Hydralisks, he engaged the remaining Hydralisk in CQC, securing a victory but not with out injury. He now bore a scar across his right eye as a painful reminder of the lethality of the Zerg.

Following the evacuation, Jake Hunter vanished from Terran space and knowledge, spending four years learning combat techniques and strategy from the Protoss. When he finally resurfaced in Terran space, it was to become a security guard at New Folsom while helping the Raiders cause a mass break out, allowing the Spectres to walk free. Once the break out began, he vanished once more, giving the Raiders an account to wire the money to and planet hopping for the first year to avoid getting caught by the Dominion for interrogation about the break out or where he'd been for four years before the break out. Recently hopped a ship from Dead Man's port, leaving his standard gear behind in a secret hideout, to Ruusan, both looking for easy work and a bit of a vacation.
Accepted but expect the Commander of the base and the Poltical Officer to both dislike him.
Bout time actually. Bring it on XD
Steel, is the crystal okay? I'd ask on dA but iPhones do not support the chat, and I won't be on for a bit.

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