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Didn't need her whole history just needed to know how she got on Ruusan. Chances are she will be wanted by the dominion and they will know who she is. You can change the armor to something else if you want. For the most part accepted. I will leave how she joins the group up to you.
I wanted to do a roleplay but what is this about $20? Is that just if we want to join in the middle, or if we want to play at all?

Also, please define these for me.
PRP -Paid Role Play?
OOC -Out Of Context?
IC -In Context?
I have no clue what this is about $20. Though that might be to buy the full version of SC2 ... not sure.

PRP= Pre RolePlay
OOC= Out of Character
IC= In Character
DM= Dungeon Master(Person Runing the RP)
Ok thank you a ton. I want to play, and I was pretty mad when I read through what's happened so far, as my character/avatar would have been perfect for at least two situations so far. If I'm allowed to join in the middle, I might, if it is at a good point for my character.

Also, time for an error police moment.
I already stated that Riala's Tail is 3 feet long. it WAS WRAPPED AROUND her waist several times. and I never made any mention about what her waist is actually like because I didn't see a reason to at the time. but the pouch is larger on the inside than the outside so her tail could fit inside easily without requiring a completely impossibly slender waist and fur will fold down anyway.
Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. Also enough with your BS. Just because it wraps around her waist doesn't mean it is insanely slender. Also I would like to point out that others likely will not be as ... lenient with such nitpicking.
Maverick you have just managed to piss off the Maker of this rp and the co-dm. One Fusion reactors can melt down if the heat levels get too high or the process gets out of control IE The sun. Two Morph char looks is none of your business. Now if you want to apologize and create a character then go ahead but you will not be accepted without an apology to Morph. Before you call and BS I have been studying nuclear reactors for awhile and working on my minor in Nuclear engineering/ Physics
I did not say they could not melt down, I said that they would not melt down NORMALLY. Also my source is somewhat old, it may be outdated.
I accept that I may be wrong.
I tried to make this as low-offense as possible, said 'no offense' at least once, and gave my reasons for saying what I did.
I came here and said what I did because others have not been as lenient (IRL), and I supposed I assumed that because this was a fictional online pastime, I could say a few things without causing offense, and it seems I was wrong. Sorry.
Time and Relative Dimensions in Space? What???? Does this mean that because this is fictional, geometry has no affect? I will accept this being fictional as a valid point. Physical items only alter their time/space presence when approaching light-speed, or in other conditions I may not know of.
Lastly, I'm sorry if I come across as rather blunt, I am not very good as phrasing things non-confrontationally.

P.S. I know that another's character is not my business, but I am the type that has a hard time keeping things to myself. Then again, it was my brother who accidentally called me by my real name in chat the other day...
Also note that this is the first thing I have ever done that resembles social media, so everyone on every forum I post on is sort of my social guinea pig.

To make myself perfectly clear, as clarity is not one of my strong points, I apologize for any offense I caused.
You've never seen Doctor Who have you? The TARDIS(Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) is a Police box on the outside maybe 5'x5'x10' ish. but on the inside it is a infinitely large Time traveling space ship.
The TARDIS has nothing to do with simple math. The fact is, the circumference of a circle (or waist) is greater than the diameter. Always.

If the char's tail is three feet long, it simply would be unable to wrap around her body multiple times like that. Trust me, I've had to put on a belt for Karate before. It might look that long, but it's not even close.

Reminds me of that wagerscam people do in bars... take a really tall, narrow glass and bet people that the circumference of the rim is greater than the height. People always bet you're wrong.

Needless to say, the person making the bet knows beforehand he's right.
*grabs maul and brings it down on KO's face. Proceeds to then punt KO back to the bar* and stay out.
Can we please not have this argument... Now unless you are making a character please (with all due respect) do not post on the PRP, take it some where else.
Let us now say three things:
One, if you had said TARDIS I would have known what you were referring to.
Two, I know about the C>D. My maths this year is Geometry. I was simply playing off of that it is easier to visualize diameter than circumference. If you think about it, a 3x4 waist is still insanely thin.
Three, I think I will leave off entering for a while, until at least they get back to base.

I will say no more on this subject, in order to please the DM.

EDIT: "With all due respect"? Thank you sincerely for the courtesy, but this being the internet, I don't demand respect. I just want to let us all get along and have a little R+R on this site.
I will also edit away the posts.

William 'Bill' Errangess. (Ehrr-an-GESS)

Race – Terran.

Weapon – C-11 rifle, neosteel knife.

Armor--Black jumpsuit with rubber padding at the knees, elbows, and shoulders. Not significant in the way of protection, mainly just to steady his aim by absorbing shock/vibration. Grey rubber boots. Wide-spectrum light amplification goggles.

Misc. Items- Flashlight and fusion cutter. Data pad. Small Khaydarin crystal. (On of the items you said they could have earlier)

History – Ex- Spec-Ops, with some piloting skill.

Abilities-Trained martial artist, especially with bladed weapons. Some empathy. Sniper specialist.

Appearance – 5' 9", spiky black hair, mesomorph, solidly built but appears shorter than he is because of his proportional width. Think a buffer Swann, but taller. Scar on his right hand, runs up past his wrist into the sleeve. An experienced soldier could recognize psi-blade marks.

Background- Grew up on Ornakra, an out-of-the-way farm world, but was taken to be trained in psionics by the Confederacy at an early age. When the Ghost Academy was hit by the Sons of Korhal, he joined up and proceeded to further split off with Raynor's Raiders. During this time he built up a number of underworld contacts, useful for getting messages around that are sensitive. Was an operative during the lead-up to the Media Blitz mission, but then split off again to freelance. Wound up in orbit of Ruusan in a ship with depleted power cells and was taken to the surface by salvagers. Met one of several groups of survivors making their way to your base.
To get the last bit of his background, you probably need to read some Christie Golden SC books.

EDIT: No longer relevant.
Might I point out that a canon psi-storm melts the target's brain.
Denied need more information on the custom race also not liking the background and no history mark. You need to add history and no custom weapons or armors at the moment.

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