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You know, something just occurred to me, that maybe we are going at this the wrong way. After all, Protoss are fictional aliens, maybe they are a third 'grade'...

I looked at your art, and I think that that conclusion to draw is as above: they are a third 'grade'. As you said, their legs are digitigrade form, but their feet are plantigrade. I'll look into it.

EDIT: I looked it up, and there are only three grades, none of which are similar to Protoss. (Digitigrade, Unguligrade, and plantigrade.) Note, however, that in my original post, I specified Protoss type legs, which is really the part we agree to be digitigrade.
I re-re-re-edited my character, btw.
Maverick I just said to drop this topic and yet you posted about it. I have read your char sheet still thinking about it. Also with that said, if you continue on this path you will not last long in the rp forums. I will have a yay or nay on your char tonight.

Tier 2 weapons- You can have one main and one pistol and one melee
C-11 rifle Mk IV – This is a light weight low recoil semi-auto rifle that fires smaller slugs then the C-10 but with sharpened tips to pierce though weaker Zerg armor
T10 Pistol- check sc2 wiki
Torrent SR-8 Shotgun – check sc2 wiki
C-14 rifle (requires CMC armor or something like that.) Check wiki
Devil’s Tongue flame thrower – Seeming more like an oversized welding torch with a single tank strapped to the back of the user this weapon fires a large spread of hot napalm that can cook a zergling like a pig on the roast. The nozzle can be adjusted for different spreads and even can be turned into a welding torch for metal. The drawback of this weapon is the fact it is heavy and doesn’t last long with only one tank.
I am willing to use other weapons found in the wiki just run it by me first
Combat Nano-steel Knife
Stun baton- with an extra battery this can be overcharged to produce deadly voltage
Heavy gauntlets

Tier 2 armors
CMC Light Armor - See wiki
CMC 400 – see wiki requires Ex-military background
HEV suit reinforced Miner edition – civilian suit
Again I am willing to look at other armors just run it by me first and do not get angry if I deny it
I was trying to cut off the topic smoothly.

As for armors, I was just doing something a little different, consider it identical except for appearance to the miner suit.

Secondly, I thought that one of characters had a sniper rifle, that's why I gave mine one. Since I appear to be incorrect, I'll go with the C-11, as it is closest to what I had in mind. I might take a knife too. I'll drop the pistol.

Hang on a second, you said you were thinking about my character sheet, yet you reposted a list of armors and weapons-- does this mean you want me to repick those, or just if I need to change again?
Those are the T2 weapons and armors. So yeah, most likely he wants you to repick.
Well, then consider me to have repicked. C-11 and knife. I'll forgo the pistol.

As I mentioned several posts above this, this is the first time I have ever done something like this, so I beg a little leniency. Sorry if I am causing too much trouble, I am trying to adjust here.
Remove the psi stuff add a few more misc items and sure... You will be waking up in a blister pod from being wounded while on a mission. And the combine had scavaged your ship.
OK, thanks a ton. I have never done a social thing like this so this is a new thing for me. Thanks again!
Maverick, you should consider getting a DA account. Some of us hang out in a chatroom there.
No, thank you.

P.S. What's a DA?


SW, am I in? I just want to be clear.
Yes you are in. You will be waking up instead of one of the pods the team is studying.
Is it to late to join?
Not at all.
OK thanks!
My pleasure.
Can we take tier two weapons and armor at the start?

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