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That I agree with.

The Bar could arguably be called that, but topics change too fast to get good input.
We're only human beings. Topic change on a rapid note is normal.
The bar is also for all topics.
Someone could be posting about their idea for an RP while others could be discussing the validity of genetically mutated domestic cats being commonplace.
Careful about cats...we do have a psycho cat lady...
I can hear it calling me.

The faded red armor of the marines gave the appearance of fatigue, yet they seemed tireless in their march. Small clouds of dirt formed around their feet and they made their way through the rubble of what was left of a settlement. The only light came from their suits and the three moons overhead.
It cries out my name. Longing as much for me as I for it.

An unstable structure collapsed about fifty meters from the squad. Few of the marines paid it any mind, they could tell it was going to give any minute.
What they didn't expect was the crossfire.
The collapse sent a wave of dirt into the surrounding area, obscuring anything beyond twenty meters. As soon as the wave hit them, shot were fired. The sergeant was the first to go down, a well-aimed explosive round through the visor.
They weren't dealing with the amateur guerrilla they had set out to engage.
PFC Deverin started shouting orders over the com "Return fire!" quickly turned into "Fall back!"
I hear my name in each shot fired, the beautiful roar of fury. Truly man has made no such greater thing.

The retreating marines found they could not go back the way the came.
"We're being routed!" cried out a soldier
"The bastards! Jakard, Wilson, hold that flank!"
"Where's my covering fire!?"
"Drive them back, damnit!"
Gerru was immune to the confusion the rest of his squad was experiencing. While they fled, he climbed to the highest vantage point near him and let loose with his gauss rifle. He almost didn't care if he hit anything at all, to feel the pounding of the weapon as it thundered away countless rounds of compact death was enough to quicken the pace of his heart. He stood upon a pile of rubble, invincible, fearsome.
Shots blazed past the crazed marine, some connected, only a few did any actual damage, but Gerru was so lost in his bloodlust he didn't take notice.
I hear the call of war, and it calls my name!

Deverin called out on the com system "Gerru, fall into position! Do you read me?!"
Gerru had disabled his communicator.
The dirt had settled somewhat, enough to see their attackers without aide from their equipment. Their armor was light gray, small splotches of red visible beneath the coating. The rebels were using looted Dominion equipment. That put them on almost equal footing with the marines, but they lacked the military training and discipline of the Dominion.
They also lacked the bloodthirsty killers who were either resocialized or purposely set loose upon the enemies of mankind.
This is a good fight. I am outnumbered. They hope to break my spirit. I cannot be broken. Blood calls to me. They cannot stop me.

With his prey now visible, Gerru was picking them off, almost haplessly. Their aim lacked focus, they were too anxious for revenge on their oppressors, too clouded by their emotions. Gerru had learned by now to separate the exhilaration he experienced during battle.
At least to some extent.
After gunning down several rebels, the crazed marine charged his ambushers, never releasing his finger from the trigger.
His ammo count was running low, but he was almost upon his victims.
The rebels shots began to hit home more often, several penetrating his armor and straight through his chest.
However, due to his suits "safety" mechanics, combat drugs spilled into the berzerker's body, further increasing his pain tolerance and rage.
As he bared down on the makeshift trench the rebels had prepared, he released the blade from the tip of his gauss rifle. He leaped into the air, smashing his armored boot into the nearest rebel's visor, smashing it to bits and cracking the man's skull.
The other man in the trench had slower reflexes than a marine, and was untrained in the finer points of CMC armor operation, he had barely turned to fire upon the red menace when Gerru slammed his bayonet into the man's chest, straight through the heart.
Gerru's suit had decided the maniac had taken too much of a beating and lost enough blood, shutting down on him, preventing him from moving while it attempted to minimize the damage to his body.
But he was not finished, how dare he be denied his kills? He had counted only six kills.
He could not move or utilize his suit in any way. He screamed out of anger, but with his communicator disabled, no one heard him.
Politics don't work simply because nobody will let down their "I'm a badass and I have to let you know it every second. Oh, and by the way, hellnotoanythingyouhavetosay."

If RPers could humble themselves, politics would work.

So no. A RP where every RPer is a god would not work.

On the contrary, I think that a clever DM could make it a really great RP for those exact reasons... after all, what would you expect a council of the gods to look like?
And since KO brought this up, I feel a need to point out that that's how a council of nations works. No one is willing to admit they're weaker nor are they super willing to compromise.

"Compromise is death in international politics."

In my perspective, political rps aren't the kind where you have to humble yourself and make friends. In fact, political RP promote the "jackass" behavior, since you want things done your way, and you believe that everyone else have the wrong ideas.You're not part of it to make friends, you're there to do things your way.

I can see why people don't like those types of RP all that much, since it's kinda taboo in a sense due to the rude behavior you have to put out.
"Kinda why I chose Vax for SS, aside from needing to use them for the first time. Same goes with a lot of political RPs that may come."
I seriously like this council of the gods RP idea.
I've got an idea for an RP... I wouldn't be able to get it out and ready anytime soon, but I'd like to know if people would be interested (ie, is it worth my time to throw it all together...)

Custom Sci-Fi universe. Roughly 2300 by our calendar. 200 something years previously humanity discovered the interstellar community and vice versa. Within a couple of years Earth was labeled a protectorate by the galactic council. Scientists and teachers were sent to earth in order to bring humanity into the galactic community in a controlled and stable fashion.

"Present" day: The integration process is about halfway done. Human's can get 10 year galactic visas and then be judged for a citizenship. Humans are slowly becoming part of the interstellar community.

Where the RP takes place: A currently nameless planet (Planet X until a proper name can be made). Planet X has no rotation, so the sunward side of the planet is devoted entirely to agriculture and solar power. The dark side of X is one massive city; Night Haven, the City of Light.

Arguably the biggest interstellar nightlife hotspot, Night Haven is the hub for everything illegal and socially taboo. All the most powerful gangs and criminal syndicates are based out of here. As the city is too massive and corrupt for a traditional police force to function, an interesting solution was put in place long ago; Marshals, deputies and enforcers.

The Marshals are the head of the 'police' on X, each one responsible for a swath of the planet. Chosen for their dedication and reliability, corrupt Marshals are a rare thing. Deputies are the direct underlings of the Marshals, and help them keep the peace. Should a Marshal be killed, one of their deputy's are usually promoted to fill the position. Enforcers are nothing more that licensed bounty hunters. As X has an official bounty system, Whenever a crime is reported, all IDed perpetrators have a government bounty placed on their heads, leaving it to the enforcers to catch (or kill, depending on the severity of the crime) the felon.

The RP:
RPers would play a fresh batch of deputies, new to the City of Light. This would be a great place of custom races, as I would need various species to populate this universe. Players could be human (visa or naturalized) or one of the various alien races.


So... Thoughts?... Yes?... No?...

My inspiration, in case anyone was curious:
Hmmmmm.....It's interesting...actually sounds like a game that came out, though I can't think of the name. If I were to join though, I'd probably have to ask to be a Blood Letter. Can't have a good universe without some kind of cult, which is what they essentially are, can we?
Heh... check out the vid link. The game was unfortunately dropped into the all-consuming abyss of limbo, but hey, now someone can make it for a next-gen console.

As for a cultist... I'm not sure any Marshal would want them in their team... ex-cultist would be fine, and the cult itself would make a great addition to everything in general.
I didn't mean as a Marshal *evil grin* But he wouldn't cause unnecessary trouble either.
Well... I've got a semi-linear plot in mind, with a slowly unfolding mystery. Part of the reason I want everyone to be a newly recruited deputy, who's never been to Planet X before. That way it keeps everyone on the same level and more or less in one group.

Depending on what the cult is like, there may or may not be a problem.

Nobody gets to RP a Marshal. Marshals have an in-depth knowledge of the world, something which the RPers won't have.
I just used the word you did /shrug. Anyways, putting everyone in the same role...while easier to keep track of, it would also take away from how in depth you could go. Sure, multiple viewpoints, but it's all the same story essentially.
A fair point. That's definitely something I'll keep in mind.

I'm totally open to suggestions, esp from people like you who've run many a RP.
In fact, (heh heh) I've got another idea for a role to be played... An undercover Justice Branch Inspector sent to investigate rumors of a corrupt Marshal, the very same one who's taking in the newly recruited deputies...

Anyway... Right now, I'm just seeing if people are interested...
Like I said, it's interesting.
I feel that you should just wait for a little while as their are too many RPs starting up right now, wait until the herd has thinned a bit to ensure your RP does not die upon starting.
Oh no, this wouldn't be starting anytime soon... like maybe after May.

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