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Back in SC1 my handle had a zero in it, so I was kind of disappointed I couldn't have that name again. Decided to go with the nickname I got from my first 60 in WoW. Means "shadow" in Greek.
This is the nick of my level 80 elemental shaman from Spinebreaker server. I wanted my friends to recognize me so I kept the same name :)
The name BlaZe came from sc1. I have used accounts such as Blaze[cMk] lil-Blaze and King.l3laZe. I jus think it suits me since I smoke alot of weeed, and enjoy blazin up the competition ;)
mine dates back to early AOL (97-98) when they only allowed 10 characters. I wanted Baseballguy...had to axe a letter, so i chose the "e".
Harry Dresden is the main character from Jim Butchers novels "The Dresden Files". If anyone has read the series they know exactly what a bad @$$ Dresden is.
iolanthe is a character in the book "Dragons of the Highlord Skies" for those of you who have ever been into the Dragonlance series.

I simply enjoyed the character and started using the name around the gaming world.

It's also a comical opera of some sort as Wikipedia says, but that's definitely not where I found the name.
Harry Dresden is the main character from Jim Butchers novels "The Dresden Files". If anyone has read the series they know exactly what a bad @$$ Dresden is.

I had an alt mage named Leanansidhe.
"DirtyWater" was/is a reference to the charles river in Ma, where i lived as a kid.

Xodos because I bring change on a cataclysmic level.
1998 was 12 years ago there bud. 22 years ago it was 1988.

MagicPrime is the username that's followed me around since Jr. High on all my online games.

hahaha LOL you're right, I knew I wasnt that old :>

Your name rocks!
my favorite character from Tales of Symphonia!
I've been Vacuity (or WistfulVacuity) on every game I've played since Ultima Online back in 1995-ish when I built an account of charachters whose names are synonymous with "void"


75 Don't tase me?"
^ Best so far, IMO.
Pronounced Zemini (like Gemini) is the name I have had for many games. It was originally the name of a planet in some fiction I wrote back in 4th grade. It just stuck with me all of these years.
Cypher, I like encryption, I do it for a living.
So so so so glad I chose a tag for my profile because I thought I was just picking a name for the campaign......

I got lucky this time but perhaps they should give a very dire warning that your name is permanent when you enter it.
AHA. No story behind mine. At all.
Alyosha is my favorite character in the Dostoevsky novel The Brother's Karamazov. Over the past couple years it has replaced my other alias' mainly due to WoW and the fact that I like that most people cannot pronounce it and just end up calling me Aly.
Short, sweet and a commonly used antibiotic. How could I go wrong with it.
Luckily I remembered from beta that the "name" was what you were stuck with. My beta name was actually CoitusChops but I decided against it just because. This name is nothing more than "cyanide" rearranged to form my name.

And despite what people think in most games, I'm not Asian just because it says "yen" -_-
I'm that awesome that my name is from a poem by lewis carrol

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