How do you beat zergling rush?

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And I don't mean like 4 zerglings by the time you get your first zealot. I have a replay of a guy who build 2 drones, then instantly because building his spawning pool, proceeded to build 2 more drones, and then an overlord. By the time the spawning pool was done, I was just starting my gateway. He has 10 zerglings when I had 1 zealot out, and I chrono'd the gateway too.

I'm so confused on how to beat this early rush with protoss, is there any way to stop it, other than just blocking and hoping the zerglings don't kill your building before you can get enough forces out?

There is no way to get stalkers early enough because you have to wait for the Cybernetics core to be built, so you don't have range, so just blocking yourself doesn't help at all from saving your buildings if you do block.

Any tips would be helpful.
Welll, blocking kind of helps. if ur a godd micro playeer, ur zealot is dead and micro your probes to kill the lings. Try to make sure you have alot to kill the rush. Its a good and bad thing for this rush. its good because if they failed its preety much GG. also if they win, you have to gg. if they have speedlings by that time then your done.

hope this helps :)
10 lings? Youre either very very VERY slow or you're over-exaggerating.Make a pylon and gateway on the top of your ramp to bottle-neck it so 1 zealot can block it.BOOM.Instant anti-rush(the zealot can pick of lings one at a time while you make more).BTW Stalkers<Lings

P.S. I usually build my first gateway when I have around 12 probes.
I know how to play... I played in the beta and was in the gold league. I am currently in the gold league, and I know what i am talking about. No I am not slow. Did you not understand, he started building his spawning pool when he had 8 drones. That means that he gets it done by the time he has 12 drones and an overlord. This means by the time I start building a zealot, he has 6-10 on the way.
Here is what I do.

I build a pylon at 9 and send the probe to scout their base. If I see a 6 pool (or a variation of that), I will instantly build a forge and pylon at my choke to block it completely. Follow that up with a cannon and a gateway, and you'll be fine.

Alternatively, if it's a later pool, I'll forgo the cannon and just block the choke with zealots. However, I still find completely blocking the choke with two pylons and a cannon behind will negate any all in the zerg player throws at you. Once you fend off the attack, you can build up your economy, blow up the blocking pylon, and smoke them.
you can block a ramp with 2 probes and a zealot. that should scare any 6 pool away. or hold off unitl zealot number 2 chrono's his way onto the battlefeild.

I play a different style protoss than most people it seems. I like 8 or 9 gating and putting pressure on the other side asap. although I lose occasionally being too aggressive, its much more fun
You should try to build gateways earlier, around 10 probes, especially if you scout early and see that he is going for a rush. Being outnumbered 10 to 1 means that you are building your gateways too late into the game, sounds like you start building gateway around 12-13 probes.
OK im assuming u mean 6 lings........ cuz thats the fastest set u can get... and i can fend off6 lings just by pulling probes........ also if u make your pylon and gatway near you ramp so that 1 zealot can block off pasage you zealot only has to fight 1 ling at a time.... p much making the rush useless
13 gating is awesome economical build time.... 10 gating is rushing this guy is silly ... its all about building placment and pulling probes if u have to
Creating a Narrow choke with your buildings (Gate and Pylons) and keeping a Zealot in the path can stop a 6ling rush. Just Chrono that 2nd Zlot or Stalker out.
you gotta wall off so they can't surround. the problem with a 6 pool (that's what this is) is that they sacrifice econ to do it, if you can kill off that first rush you have a worker advantage which is usually the zerg's primary advantage.
I know how to play... I played in the beta and was in the gold league. I am currently in the gold league, and I know what i am talking about. No I am not slow.

Haha, ok man if you say so. A fast ling rush is when the guy builds NO drones and goes right to pool. 8 drones and then pool is hardly a fast rush, and if you can't counter it you are indeed slow.
Gold league = cheeser heaven..... its rly the highest league u can get to from doing cheese strats.... so players in gold are in 2 categorys.... cheesers or people that cant beat cheesers..... if you can consistently beat cheese builds you quickly get promoted to plat
the most important thing is scouting
if you know he's going for an early pool, just block off your ramp with buildings, go cannons, or get ready to micro your probes
Exactly what drumhead just said........

redsilence upload one of your replays, let's watch it and see what you're doing wrong.
Try doing a zealot rush, but keep them back instead of sending them out. Even if you aren't attacked, you're off to a good start. For practice, try getting the rush achievements; "Zealot Push," build 5 zealots in the first 250 seconds. "Training Day," build 10 marines in the first 320 seconds. "Zergling Rush," build 20 zerglings in the first 255 seconds. If you can move that quickly, you can pump out enough zealots to be in good shape...and you'll have an idea of what's possible on the zerg side of the field.
Good luck stopping this. By the time you're looking for the choke point, you're going to have lings killing your probes. The only thing you can hope for is that the Zerg player can't find you in time, or they're not in the mood to rush.
Scouting is the counter to a 6/8 pool. If you see it coming, the Zerg player is dead in 3 minutes.
One zealot at a choke point at the top of your ramp can hold off 10 lings easy. He may not survive but the zealot you build after him will.

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